The Legend of Zombie T-Shirt

ChristinaNovember 2nd, 2012 by Christina

SPLITREASON has the perfect shirt for all Zelda fans still in the Halloween spirit or just looking for some new clothes. Written on the front is a play off of the title of the game series, but instead of Legend of Zelda, it says Legend of Zombie. It also features a zombie Link eating a heart. To see a full size picture and pricing information, make the jump.

This shirt comes in all sizes from small to XXX-Large. It costs $19.95, but be aware there is an extra charge for any size larger than XL.

Do you like the shirt? Would you buy it? Tell us in the comments!

Source: SPLITREASON via GoNintendo

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  • Demise

    So that’s what Link does when you get a heart container…

    • pokemario24

      true story

    • The Dark Lord Demise

      Yeah u should see the video!

      • Cucco Link

        Demise answering Demise? IMPOSSIBRU!!!

  • H37I

    I would wear that for some hylian metalcore concert. it’s perfect. <3

  • baileygirl99

    Uhhhh… No thank you!

  • Aaron hill

    im staying away from hearts now

  • itsameluigi1290

    Not a bad shirt, it looks really– *Sees small amount of blood* uhhhhh *Faints*

  • Midna’s Sister

    My mom would love it 0-0

  • Legend of ZOMBIE

    I don’t know how many times there’s always been a joke about this is how Link absorbs a heart container. This is just another awesome way of showing it.

  • Legend of ZOMBIE

    Legend of ZOMBIE. Yes.

  • Waker of Winds

    So you mean in twilight princess link is a heart eating werewolf?!?!?!? Thats just…just…kinda cool

  • Waker of Winds

    You know…. now i might just use red potions… though i heard they put fairies in a blender and turn it on high

  • The Hylian Monolith

    I’m notr sure whether to say Booh-yah! or just gag and leave my orange juce on the ground along with my lunch.
    And my recovery hearts… I had to have, like, three after gm. We were doing badminton–the classic out-of-game Monolith vs. Various Opponent volley.

  • Cucco Link

    If you look closely at the background, you will see Navi the fairy. The friend of link, who is running for dear life in hopes that she will not get caught. How. Nice.

    • Dr_Stein

      I honestly didn’t notice that, awesome!!!

  • Neutopia

    It’s alright aha, I definitely know some people who would absolutely love that shirt! :P

  • missy

    its great my son will love it

  • missy

    how do we order one??????

  • TAOZMcKee

    Where does one buy this shirt?