Symphony of the Goddesses: My Experience

JosephNovember 2nd, 2012 by Joseph

On October 25th I was fortunate enough to attend the Symphony of the Goddesses concert at the Chicago Theater. Mases, my roommate Mike, and I made the trek to the theater through pouring rain. When we turned onto State Street we saw the light of the giant marquee that was illuminating the block. It read “The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses”. It was quite overwhelming to see that written on such a beautiful marquee. I never thought I would see something quite like that.

To add to my list of things I would never see, huddled underneath the light of the banner was a large group of Zelda fans trying to escape the rain. We walked around the crowd trying to see who had come to the show. The crowd was a mix of well dressed people, fans wearing Zelda merchandise, and some very interesting and awesome cosplayers. I saw a very well done Groose, which was awesome because it was probably the first time I had seen Skyward Sword cosplay. There was even a great costume of Ganon from the Legend of Zelda cartoon. The fans were showing their true colors.

It was incredible to see the gorgeous theater taken over by Zelda fans. At coat check someone had checked a giant replica of the Rod of Seasons. In the lobby a young person was playing Zelda songs on their ocarina. Parents were walking around with their children dressed as Link, Zelda, and other characters. As we took our seats, music from Majora’s Mask was playing over the speakers before the show. It was a truly strange feeling.

The Show began with an overture with many familiar themes from the series. Afterwards we were introduced to our host for the night. He gave an introduction and the orchestra continued to play. We were given a song featuring themes from many dungeons in early 2D games, then Kakariko Village, and a compilation of songs that Link plays on the ocarina in Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time. Then the actual symphony began. The first two movements were based on Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker. An intermission was given after the first two movements. When we returned from the intermission the orchestra performed the Fairy Fountain theme and continued on with the symphony. The next two movements were centered around Twilight Princess and A Link to the Past. Afterwards we were treated with three encores, “Ballad of the Wind Fish”, “Gerudo Valley”, and a medley of songs from Majora’s Mask.

During the concert, I found myself being quite moved by the songs. Hearing these melodies that I’ve treasured for years being played so beautifully by a real orchestra in person was extremely powerful. Roaring applause from the audience showed that everyone felt the same. Another strange yet incredible feeling that i felt was being in a room with hundreds of other Zelda fans. We were all on the same wavelength. The host was making jokes relating to Zelda (including timeline and water temple jokes), the conductor conducted a song with The Wind Waker, and everyone understood every single reference. I never could have imagined that happening to me.

The overall mood of the concert was total reverence for Zelda. Every concert attendee knew why everyone was there, and we understood each other. We knew who everyone was dressed as and got all of the little jokes that each other made in passing. This may have been the only time I will experience something like that. I left the theater with my poster, protecting it from the rain, extremely satisfied.

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  • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

    First comment.

  • Nardar

    I bet it was awesome!

  • GhirahimsWeapon

    I’m jealous. I still haven’t been able to go yet since I live in the UK. I doubt it will come back hear again. *cries*

    • Chris Mortti

      so sad…

  • Max Summers

    Were people loud and obnoxious during the performance? I heard that because these are people that do not generally attend these types of concerts that they would cheer during the symphony while the music was playing. I have at ticket for the NYC show at MSG and while I’m still going i just want to know if the people are going to be respectful listeners or they’re going to be making noise every time they identify a song from a particular game.

    • Chris Mortti

      For mine in PA, everyone was pretty quite. Sure, they cheered fo the greatest moments (like zelda 2 dungeon theme or gurudo vally) but only for like 15 and occasionally 30 seconds. have no fear

      • Max Summers


        • Zeldatrek

          There wasn’t a problem at Chicago either. And you’re going in NYC so people there (think broadway) generally have been brought up with theater edict.

          • Midna’s Sister

            Hmm, theater edicute. I don’t know theater edicute but…. I can be quiet in a concert o-O sometimes.

  • Demise

    You are too lucky… Every time you post something about this Symphony, I have a mixed feeling: glad that such a thing exists and that hundreds of fans can go there and also sad and jealous that Europe is being repeatedly, obnoxiously left out.

    • Mr. Resetti

      Be patient and we will get it, I’m sure. so far they’ve done North America and I believe Australia (correct me if I’m wrong or have missed somewhere out) so not long before it comes to Europe surely!

  • MiniJen

    I’m so excited! I’m going to see this in New York in about a month! I can’t wait!!!

    • Chris Mortti

      I got to see it in Pennsylvanian, and get ready for one of the high points of your life. But I’m only thirteen so…

  • Midna’s Sister

    I wish it came to California!

    • Zeldatrek

      Isn’t LA part of Califoria? It’s been there twice! And it will be in San Jose Dec. 14th and it was in San Francisco. Four times in your state while none in Wisconsin and lots of other states didn’t get it there as well. I considered myself lucky it made it to Chicago however as awesome as the concert was I would have preferred it at the The Milwaukee Symphony building which features one of the largest pipe organs in the mid-west. Imagine the possibilities that that kind of power at Ganon’s finger tips:)

      • Midna’s Sister

        Oh, :P My bad x3

      • Jeron Moore
  • NomadOfShadows

    You know what s creepy?… My name is Joseph and I want to see this symphony!

    • Chris Mortti

      you should. I am so passionate about this series (despite being thirteen) and I got to go. One of the greatest experiences of my life. Just about all my other friends only like Cod and the ps3 and can’t appreciate a good series when they see one

    • Cucco Link

      You know what’s creepier?… My name is Joseph and I wan’t to see this symphony too!

  • Fierce Deity


  • Legend of Zelda

    I WANNA GO!!!!

  • Hylia

    HOW did I not see you guys?

    Brb, dying.
    If you saw me in the background at all somewhere, I was the brunette girl with the Link hat, large elf ears, and a black jacket. I took a picture with the guy dressed as Tingle XD

    • baileygirl99

      A guy dressed up as TINGLE?! I wish I could have seen that.

      • Zeldatrek

        I saw Tingle! He was on the 2nd level while I was getting something to drink (awfully hot in my costume) Too bad I Missed all the Photo opportunities due to the fact I forgot the camera in the car. We had quick put on our costumes so the vallet

    • Wendy

      I was there, I saw that xD
      also, a guy near me cosplayed Groose!

    • Aaron hill

      i think i saw you there from your description of the outfit

  • Cucco Link

    I was THAT close to going to this exact same concert in Chicago! I could have seen you! IN 3D!!!! The amount of rage and jealousy that is enveloping itself inside of me is too much to handle!!!!

  • The Hylian Monolith

    . . .
    The only thing I don’t like about Alaska…

    . . .
    May the Triforce be with you, Euroupe.

  • Rob

    Sounds like fun!

  • Wind Waker Link

    this sounds so cool! I wish that I could go!!!!!

  • Link

    Why won’t it come to Saint Louis! :(

  • Max Summers
  • Amber Evans

    Uhhh, so jealous….

  • Zeldalover93

    I was at the Chicago one too. It was so amazing. Glad I could be part of such an experience. :D

  • baileygirl99

    I want to see this soooooooo bad!!!!! I LOVE symphonies, and a Zelda symphony is a dream come true. :-)

  • BKd12

    I SEE GOOEY. whats up buddy

  • Crazyskulltula

    I went to see it for my birthday! It is so awesome! I got a pic of me and some people dressed as zoras, gorons and Deku.

  • Blakenator

    One of the greatest experiences of my life. I went to the Bob Carr theater in Orlando and the lobby was crammed with Zelda fans! The biggest regret I have of going there is not talking to anybody about Zelda. You will never get a chance like this again to be able to connect with so many people that already share the same passion as you in one place. I hope I can go again, so maybe I should get a ticket to one of the shows in West Palm Beach. I love Zelda!!! :’D

  • Igos du Ikana

    I’ve never been to one but I would have liked to. Does anyone know if they have any dates for 2013?

    • Lifeoflink

      They don’t have any 2013 dates up on their site yet. I hope they continue this every year though. I have yet to go to one and I really want to.

      • Igos du Ikana

        Same here, but every year might be too much to ask for, especially in Nintendos financial position.

  • Zaoron

    I don’t know if it went through, but that Rod of Seasons is mine. Here I am.

  • Jason Boyar

    Oh man, you’re lucky bro. I really wanted to get to hear Ballad of the Wind Fish…I saw the concert in Boston; we didn’t get that song. That’s my favorite Zelda song haha. Besides that, they played everything you mentioned! It was still a fantastic concert and it brought tears to my eyes to see. My entire life as a Zelda fan has brought me to this milestone and I’m so happy I was able to see it. c:

    Again though, I wish I could’ve heard Ballad of the Wind Fish…

  • Zeldarules3

    I was so close to getting tickets for that show…. they were sold out.(sob)
    you are sooooooooo lucky!

  • Ana Maria Romi

    i want to see :””'(…but I’m from brazil :/

  • Neutopia

    That sounds like an extremely great time, I’m happy for you, I was going to go to the one in Calgary but couldn’t afford to blow hundreds of dollars for a crappy seat haha.

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  • Jeron Moore

    Well, the derp was on me. Website has been updated. ;)