Skulltula Poster

We all know how creepy and odd Skulltulas are. But why not have a poster of one above your bed staring at you making it harder for you to fall asleep?  Well a man who goes by Jofiel, and his REDBUBBLE page can make your wish come true. Jofiel explains that he remembers the first time he had ever faced a Skulltula, and what his first initial reaction was to his foe. He wanted to capture the emotions he felt that day onto his canvas. Jump in to see his work!

This poster is very dark and ominous, and has a lot of mystery behind it, just like a skulltula itself. The dark colors and lighting choices really give the the canvas its built character. The posters vary in size, they only have a small and medium sizes, but trust me the medium is going to be large enough!

For only $22.80 USD you can get yourself a nice small sized poster of this chilling art. Or maybe you are one of those extreme people where the small sized is not enough and “Bigger is better”! Well you’re in luck because there is a 19.1” x 33.1”  size poster  which is more than big enough for only $39.90 USD! The only problem with a poster this big for this cheap is what are you going to have to move to fit it on your wall?! If you are interested in buying the masterpiece, then I would advise buying it soon, you never know when a private artist can run out of inventory, you can buy the poster here.

If you are going to buy this or are thinking about buying a poster, let us know in the comments below!


  • James Kensel

    That thing reminds me of the skullman.

  • Lexi Z

    Why not? I can probably come up with a few ideas;)
    If it didn’t scare the bejeezes out of me, I would be all for it;) It well done…a little too so..

  • Milou

    Hm, the only thing I really see when looking at this poster is my favourite temple :-). Cool picture though!

  • itsameluigi1290

    Scary? Puh-lease, it’s not… that… scary….. *Faints*

  • Demise

    So that’s why Nintendo stayed away from a realistic art style for the next HD Zelda…

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

      We actually have no idea. We know it’s not SS style, and they aren’t going to do WW with HD graphics (as much as I hope they do). Realistic is the only thing left. Sad, really, since WW and SS art styles are the ones I like the most, respectively.

      • Demise

        How do we know they won’t go with SS? Last thing I heard, they were going with exactly that. Unless my news is outdated, of course.

        • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

          One of ours is, and I’m pretty sure it’s yours, but don’t quote me on that.

  • Jean

    Ahh I need 23 bucks >__< I hope he doesn't run out too fast.

  • Goldenblade

    It’s odd that I suffer from arachnophobia, yet Skulltulas don’t creep me out at all. Although, I know I’m far stronger, (And on the other side of the screen.)

    • Demise

      Same here.

      (BTW, have you ever seen a Demon King with arachnophobia before?)

      • Waker of Winds

        that explains why ghiraham didn’t summon any skultulas in the final battle

  • TwilightMirror11

    Skulltula! Skulltula! Does whatever a skulltula does. Can he drop-from nowhere? Yes he can, he’s skulltula! Look ooooooouuut! It’s Skulltula!

  • nicholasgbarbera

    I hate those things!When I was little and first played OoT I couldn’t get past the deku tree because of those things!

  • nicholasgbarbera

    but still great poster. :)

  • Mr. Resetti

    Epic, just epic.

  • Zeldatrek

    I would like that on a black or navy blue t-shirt

  • Mastersword

    Thanks for haunting my dreams with the creepy thing. xD

  • The Hylian Monolith

    Ohh. Thaat’s the scariest skulltula I’ve ever seen in my life…ahh…

    And the cubus sisters scream. They were faking it, though…

    “Says the girl who just got back from Macbeth.” The voices in my brain are a HUGE help. “You’re welcome” Sigh… I have 23 bucks now, I just need teh all space adn to never see a spider again. Which is impossible, I see at least one spider in my room(or in the bathroom…) adn kill it mercilessly every time. If I had this, I’d probably call all the Reaplings in under half a second if I saw one.