ShirtPunch: Link’s Krispies and Ganon Grahams

DaveyNovember 29th, 2012 by Davey

Quick! Act fast! For fewer than 24 hours, two Zelda inspired shirts are available on ShirtPunch, each only $10, and available in a great variety of sizes and non-shirt mediums. Both T-Shirts are designed by the same artist, and they’re a Zelda spin on our daily breakfast cereal.

The first cereal, Link’s Krispies, is made in Hyrule and features tasty triforce marshmallows. The second cereal, Ganon Grahams, is of Gerudo thief origin and contains a healthy Gerudose of octorok marshmallows. ┬áBoth shirts are in the same art style, with the art superimposed over a “sports grey” T-shirt. The colorful artwork over the grey background really makes the graphic pop, even if the grey background is a tad unusual for Zelda shirts.

Hit the jump for more about this short-time sale!

If you didn’t know, Hyrule’s Link’s Krispies is inspired by Kellogg’s Rice Krispies; Gerudo’s Ganon Grahams are inspired by General Mills’ Golden Grahams. Both are excellent designs, though they’ll be unavailable soon. If you’re interested in Link’s Krispies, head on over to the page here. If you’re more inclined to side with the Gerudos, you can get your graham flavored cereal here. Hurry though, fewer than 24 hours remain!

Both shirts are available in a size-spectrum of unisex sizes, and a range of youth sizes. But it doesn’t end there. The design is also available on hoodies, fitted shirts, phone covers, posters, stickers, and more! You’ll have to head over to the designs’ respective pages to see all the options, though. A T-Shirt would make the perfect $10 present for a Zelda fan you might know! The other options may be a bit more expensive, however they’d still make great gifts!

What do you think of the shirts? Did any of you already get one or even both? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Shirt Punch (Link | Ganon)

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  • Mike Sauer

    I like it. :p

  • The Hylian Monolith

    Goofy. I likeit, though. Fun, nonstalgic, and creative. ShirtPunch does that a lot… Ha, remember the “Like a Boss” thing, anyone? Unfortunately, I was like a week late for that one. And I don’t have the cash for this one, nor would my parents let me buy it. :(

    • Heroine of Time

      Yes, I really loved the “Like a Boss” shirt! That’s probably my favorite out of the ones I can remember. I really wish I’d gotten it, but I missed it by a day.

      • The Hylian Monolith

        Yeah…people can’t play everything “like a boss”. LOL, really bad joke there.

  • iZelda

    Need. To. Get. Those. SHIRTS!

  • Silver Arrowz

    “Ganonflakes? You’d better have enough rupees, kid.”

  • Tehlul

    You and your guy’s ads are ridiculous.
    I guess it wasn’t enough to have them plastered all over your site that you now have them scroll up from the bottom of the screen.

  • Chris Farley

    Nothing beats the Nintendo Cereal System — — oh the memories, fruity and berry! “If you can’t beat’em, eat’em.”

  • Michael Philliber

    no one yet…really? “ganonflakes, im so hungry i could eat an octorok!”

  • Valoo

    I’d eat those – And by the way, I’ve always said Toon Link reminded me of snap/crackle/pop (I forget which one’s which)

  • itsameluigi1290

    Link looks hilarious.

  • Sean Gaffney

    Ganon is like, “CRAP!!! Link has all the pieces of the Triforce!” And Link is like, “IN YO FACE YOU UGLY SUGARY GREEN POOP! I AM GOING TO EAT YO OCTOROCS!”

  • rtlozfan

    seems legits

  • MSspirit

    Sweet! Just ordered the Link Krispies one!

    • npatoray24

      i couldnt resist either… 13 bucks, cant beat it

  • marill

    Thanks for posting! I got the Link one! :D

  • Turtles!

    I wonder how they can keep the Triforce marshmallows from just splitting into triangles

  • Mariobros618

    The master swords wings where the blade and hilt connect are going the wrong direction. Otherwise, they’re ggrrrrrreat

  • npatoray24

    i had to buy the link krispies one lol, its worth it.