Paper Craft Toon Link

Chelsea G.November 15th, 2012 by Chelsea G.

Throughout the Zelda community, there has been a fair amount of fan art depicting Link and other notable characters in some of the most creative ways. These creations range from paintings to plush figurines, and now one talented fan has brought Link to life in an outstanding style. Follow the jump to read more about this.

A Zelda fan known as Dragonflyz has recently posted images on her blog of a completed paper craft Toon Link. This piece of art measures 43 cm tall, and exhibits almost exact details from the character’s hair color to the shield and sword. Dragonflyz documents the construction of this project through blog posts with pictures and comments on her progress. She references a website called PaperCraft Museum as the source for her templates she used for this creation. In many of her blog posts, she indicates that this project was a bit of a challenge, but can be easily accomplished with focus and persistence. Personally, I found this to be an incredible piece of Zelda art. It shows how dedicated Zelda fans are through the attention to detail and the time-consuming task itself.

How do you feel about this fan art? Was it well done? Would you attempt a project like this? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Tumblr

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    • Casanova

      I hope your mother is proud.

      • WolfLink11

        *Bark.* (Agreed.)

  • Aaron hill

    nice the designs are amazing and this is deffinetly toon link in every way

  • linkasourous

    0_0 Omigosh that is so amazing. (HE IS SO ADORABLE)

  • richa

    I made a ocarina once, now its somewhere crushed under some books.

  • the wolfess

    Papaercraft is fun! I didthe fierce deity one and am working on dark link now. I want to do christmas zelda and link before christmas. :) The bigger ones are tough! there’s a lot of pieces.

  • Demise

    I love PaperCraft Museum. If you have good paper and a printer, definitely check it out, it has LOTS of amazing Zelda papercraft, including a life-sized Link!

  • Lexi Z

    this is really good, I just wish, when I make papercrafts, that you couldn’t see the seams, cause then it would be a nice cheap alternative to buying figurines

  • toonlinkuser

    This is about 4 years old. It’s from the same guy who made the Life Size Link
    I have made both of them, toon link is 26 pages and Life Size Link is about 200 pages.

  • Twilight_Prince

    Dragonflyz??? he or she likes dragon ball Z

  • zombie_eat_flesh

    Looks like the model used for Toon Link in brawl.

    • Demise

      It is exactly that.

      • zombie_eat_flesh

        That was my point.

  • Waker of Winds

    that is….. FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  • baileygirl99

    That’s cool!! It must have taken a long time to make!

  • Medley13

    Actual size Toon Link :3

  • Phosphorus

    That is not life size.