Mas’ Zelda Collection 036 – Ocarina of Time Link First 4 Figures Statue

Mases HagopianNovember 12th, 2012 by Mases Hagopian

This weeks Mas’ Zelda Collection video takes a look at the Ocarina of Time Link First 4 Figures Statue, released back in Quarter 2 of 2007. Initially retailing for $109.99, this was the 3rd statue in the First 4 Figures series of Zelda statues. The statue had a limited run of 2500 statues, but has long since sold out, making it a sought out Zelda collectible nowadays.

Every so often this statue will pop up on auction websites such as eBay, usually selling somewhere in the range of $500-$700. That is roughly 5x-6x the amount it initially sold for. With more and more collectors locking these statues up, they are becoming harder to get your hands on, which will inevitably cause the price to rise even further. In any case, you can go ahead and check out the collection video after the jump. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, where you can catch collection videos every Sunday immediately when they are uploaded.

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  • linkypete

    Why so expensive? first 4 figures should make plastic ones for much cheaper.

    • Mich

      get a job or shut up

      • linkypete

        I’m only 14.

      • Mases Hagopian

        Yikes… Let’s be nice.

        I’m 26 and I think these are really expensive. Perhaps not initially at $109.99… but the $700 for a single statue… I mean, that’s quite a lot of money for a heck of a lot of people. Most people wouldn’t ever be able to spend that type of cash on such an item.

        • linkypete

          listen to Mases and don’t be mean to me.I am only 14 so I can’t get a job anyways.

  • Demise

    It’s nice to see both Zelda fans who are ready to sell their super-rare collectible if they get $700, and Zelda fans who are ready to pay $700 for it.

  • Majoras_Wrath

    The only thing I hate about F4F is they can’t make faces look that great. For something so expensive they could have done a way better job on it. The Good Smile/Max Factory SS Link is cheaper and looks amazingly better. I know it’s a statue but that’s why they should have done better on the face. Other than that everything else is quality.

  • The Hylian Monolith

    Well. That’s quite a nifty statue. I like the detail on the stones, and the way everything interacts with everything else. The angle of Link’s feet suuggest that the grund is uneven(which it is c(: ) and the rocks are being pulled up by the stump. Very nifty. Zelda statues aren’t really my thing, but as I stated above…Nifty. Quite nifty.

  • Midna’s Sister

    I commented like this on the Skull Kid, but I would never pay so much for something like that.

  • Rishian

    I got Din the exclusive version of the Dark Link Statue. Thats even harder to find! And more expensive.

    • linkypete

      Great. Can you talk about it next podcast, whenever it may come out?

  • npatoray24

    this particular statue goes for $1000+ now, trust me i know………..i have been waiting for awhile now to add this one and fierce deity link to my collection

  • ppTakashi

    I have all 4 of the first 4 figures statues. (Fierce Deity Link, Skull Kid, Sheik, Ocarina of Time Link).
    They have never been opened.
    It almost tears me apart, I really would love to put them in my shelf. But on the other hand, they are worth alot.
    What do? ;)