Link Trick-or-Treater Plays the Song of Time

BastianNovember 1st, 2012 by Bastian

Halloween came and went, and while many of you likely dressed up as the Hero of Time or some other Legend of Zelda character for the holiday, just how many of you did so while while being able to play Zelda tunes on your Ocarina of Time? Okay, probably quite a few. We are Zelda fans, after all.

One such Zelda fan showing their love for the Legend of Zelda series by dressing up as the courageous Link is Zakkery, the nephew of a friend of mine. And thankfully my friend caught Zakkery’s ocarina playing on video.

Make the jump to watch the ocarina-playing Link!

Coincidentally, I almost dressed up as Link last night for Halloween as well! This would have been my third time. The first time was when I was about ten, I think. The second time was only two or three years ago. And then I planned on giving it another shot last night. But things didn’t go as planned, so I ended up dressing up as a generic/boring cowboy. Ah well, there’s always next year. Did any of you dress up as a Zelda character for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Erik

    Video didn’t work :O

  • Nimrod97

    Video Unavailable
    This video has either been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings.

  • David

    Video didn’t work me either. However, I did dress up as Link last night, complete with Ocarina and played multiple songs on it throughout the night. It was great!

  • Hero_of_Skyloft

    I can play Lost Woods on tin whistle!

  • Kravik

    Broken link.. :p

  • GigglingGamerGirl

    I planned to go as a casual variation to my Tetra cosplay (I live in Minnesota, I didn’t wnat to be freezing my ass off. o.O), but the shirt didn’t dry in time, so I tied my sweater together, looked in the mirror, and realized I looked more like a genderbended Ask That Guy With The Glasses wearing a Tetra wig, so I took off the wig, made a pipe out of paper and went with it. xD

  • Linkfan99

    it says the video has been removed from facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings.

  • Demise

    It’s no use posting a video that is protected by privacy settings. IMO.

  • Twilight Gale

    Where I live there was this stupid hurricane so now Halloween’s on November 5th! >:( And I have to log into facebook to see if I have permission to watch this video! I’m nine! I don’t have a face book account! Oh and I’m being Goddess Zelda for Halloween. Second time being Zelda. So excited! :D

  • Rob

    Wow…that was… disappointing…

  • WolfLink11

    … :'( I wanted to see the video, because I dressed up as Link, and 9 people recognized me and one asked to take a picture of me.

    • ET34

      only one person recognised me… WHYYZZZZZ??

    • Rob

      A trick-or-treater came to my house in a link costume, but i think most people thought he was Peter Pan or Elf.

    • Rob

      A trick-or-treater came to my house in a link costume, but i think most people thought he was Peter Pan or Elf.

  • baileygirl99

    I was Link! 2 people called me Zelda, but at least one person called me Link! I was happy :-)

  • The Hylian Monolith

    I went as Zelda…specifically(because I can be specific wiht you fellow Zelda fans) ST Ghost Zelda. It looked great, and the three people who recognized my costume said that it was AMAZING. One woman as Mary Poppins said to me, “Your Zelda costume is perfect!”. No joke. I can’t believe how awesome it came out!

    But not everybody gets so ridiculously lucky, so I’ll shut up now.

  • JuicieJ

    Despite the fact that I couldn’t watch the video, I still have this to say.

    Silly boy. You just prevented yourself from getting candy for 3 more days.

  • Heroine of Time

    Well, hey, I dressed up as Skyward Sword Zelda and played Ballad of the Goddess on the harp. Not even kidding. Does that count for something? :P

    • Legend of Zelda

      Yes, yes it does. :)

  • Neutopia

    I didn’t dress up as anything this year because I suck lol, but as a kid I definitely would have loved to have a Link costume, the video doesn’t work either btw. xD