Kickstarter: Image Recognition App for Game Walkthroughs

DaveyNovember 24th, 2012 by Davey

A new Android (and possibly iOS) app is planned by the creator of LegendZelda.Net, but it needs some help reaching the funding goal at Kickstarter. The concept of the application is if you’re stuck in a game, you can take a picture of your screen with your phone, and the application will figure out where you are in the game and point you to the right section of a walkthrough. Unfortunately, this project does not have a lot of time to reach its funding goal. If you’re interested or would like to chip in, hit the jump!

As you can see, with less than a fortnight to raise the necessary money, this project is not at a healthy point. Though the modest $4,000 asked to complete the fundraiser is far less than what has been raised for previous Kickstarter projects, as it currently stands this has only raised $270, which is 6% of the goal.

This is especially unfortunate because of the uniqueness of this idea. Though walkthroughs and guides have existed for a long time, (and I’m sure many of you have used our guides here at Zelda Dungeon) never before have we had one based on image recognition. And it may be necessary, because nothing is more frustrating than being stuck in a game, and not knowing where to find the proper help in a guide. If this is successful, we may no longer need to search through walls of text looking for the right guidance!

Also, you need not worry about whether this project will be completed or not. Because the developer is doing this for his capstone as an IT major at the University of Cincinnati, you can be assured that, with the proper funding, this application will be finished next spring.

If you’re curious for a little more information on this Kickstarter, and if you’d like to donate towards the project, head on over to the fundraiser page.

Source: Kickstarter

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  • starman888

    I can’t tell what this is. can someone please clarify?

    • Clemens909

      It will be an app for android to make photos of a zelda game and it will then give you hints for the room.if you dont know what kickstarter is it is a place for people who dont have the money ask for money to make their idea.

    • MattyJ

      Say you’re stuck in Skyward Sword in the Lanayru Mining Facility. You take out your smartphone, turn on this app, and take a picture of the TV screen. The app will then tell you what to do based on where you are in the game. In this case, it’ll recognize that you’re in the Lanayru Mining Facility and find out what you need to do in order to get through the part you’re stuck at.

      • besson3c

        Except it cannot ever really work like that. If the Gust Bellows aren’t equipped and the room you are in is not only available to you once you have acquired them, this app would have no way of knowing whether or not you have them and would just direct you to some generic place in the Mining Facility walkthrough, or perhaps to instructions for acquiring the Gust Bellows. So, there is no way I can see of for its recognition to be foolproof enough to pick up on your specific context, unless you work with it to help it with the cues it would need.

  • zeldafan

    how will it help you if your stuck in a area that you visit alot for exampale in skyloft in ss

    • ralphpotato

      I assume it will bring up a few options for you to choose that are relevant.

  • zombie_eat_flesh

    Couldn’t they just come here to get past what they’re stuck on?

    • ralphpotato

      The idea is that you don’t want to swim through a lot of parts of guides if you don’t know exactly where you’re stuck.

      And it’s a project for this developer to get an IT major in college.

      • zombie_eat_flesh

        Okay, now it makes sense.

  • LnktheWolf

    so i’m guessing after you take the picture that because of the items you may have yet to receive or
    areas you may have revisited/need to revisit, that it may ask you some
    questions (or take some extra pis of like inventory and map) so it can
    better determine where exactly where you are at. with all that where you
    are (whether you’ve been there before) or what you have can completely
    change what you need to do, so just with a picture it would be VERY VERY
    hard to determine what you need to do just by a single picture

  • CronoA7X

    Too bad its from Legend Zelda, otherwise this kind of project would be very interesting and something to invest in!

    • Peace

      Do you always have to be such a gigantic ass?

      • CronoA7X

        Hi Noah. I am entitled to my opinion just as everyone else.

        • hot apple Fi

          You didn’t answer his question.

        • Noah

          Let’s take a look at things. You constantly troll every Zelda site on the web and
          there is a reason that the majority of people in the community hates you. You constantly bash me and my site. You always criticize my work.

          Yet my site that is younger than yours has 9000 YT subs and more than 5000 followers on FB and twitter. Combined for almost 20,000 fans. Then I get more traffic in one day than you probably get in a month.

          I have built up my site doing 99% of the work on my own. I did this while working full-time, going to college full-time, owning my own business, and having a girlfriend the entire time.

          Then to top it off I am working on a very big app project that is taking up a lot of my time. Yet you still feel the need to come on and try to bash my work and my credibility.Even at my absolute worst, I am by far a better person and by far a better worker than you will ever be.

          So why don’t you grow up for once in your life and move on.

          • CronoA7X

            You tell me to grow up yet you make a long and pointless comment bashing me. If I disagree with who is raising money for this, then that is my own opinion. And FYI I have not been bashing or trolling the “community”, actually I have been MIA in the past few months to a year. I am actually quite busy with my job among other things. Frankly, I really do not care. But you keep trying to be proud of that disaster of a site, damn what an eye sore. Find that hidden Triforce!

            And lol@ “The most informative and up to date Legend of zelda site on the net”. Who are you trying to convince? XD

  • Demise

    Only $4000! They can do it! It’s awesome! If everyone reading this would donate $10, it would be almost finished by the time this topic drifts out of ZD’s first page!

  • hollander