GenGAME: Wii U Was Designed For Zelda

TimothyNovember 14th, 2012 by Timothy

Our sister site GenGAME has posted an article stating why they think Nintendo has taken the Legend of Zelda series into consideration when designing its upcoming home console, Wii U. GenGAME heads into detail about how the Wii U GamePad could be implemented, whether Zelda Wii U should be like Battle Quest, the idea of an in-built notebook, different types of controller options, graphic design, and plenty more!

Would you like to know more about GenGAME’s thoughts for Zelda on Wii U? If so, hit the jump for more info!

GenGAME believes the Wii U GamePad would be well placed as a standard controller for a Zelda title on Wii U and should have the inventory system on the GamePad’s screen much like how Nintendo utilized the 3DS’ touch screen for Ocarina of Time 3D. They also think the gyroscope function should be transferred over to Zelda Wii U as long as it remains as an option only and the traditional analog controls are created to perform faster unlike Ocarina of Time 3D’s. GenGAME also thinks implementing Wii motion plus when a compatible controller is in use would be great as an alternative with motion-only features which may be disabled when using a non-compatible control method.

GenGAME also discusses the topic of an in-built notebook for scribbling down important info needing to be remembered for later on in the game just as was possible with Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. Beacons, as in Skyward Sword, are also necessary for Wii U according to the article.

Another interesting topic is the idea of whether Zelda Wii U should allow for more than one gamer playing at a time like Battle Quest from Nintendo Land allows. GenGAME thinks this should be an option so the whole family may get together with one person having a first-person view with the GamePad and the others using Wii remotes with a third-person view.

GenGAME have plenty more to say and you can check out their article via this link.

What do you think of the ideas GenGAME have kindly shared with us? Do you have any other ideas for how Zelda Wii U could be awesome? Should Zelda Wii U have a multiplayer option? Please be sure to let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below!

Source: GenGAME

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  • JuicieJ

    I’ve thought the same sorts of things. The Wii U is just the perfect system for Zelda. The Wii MotionPlus can be used for it as a main control scheme, which can be adapted to the GamePad with the dual analog sticks — as well as have its own unique features, like inventory and an intereactive map on the touch screen — and make use of the Pro Controller for those wanting to use a more standard style of play. It’s definitely the system where Zelda can flourish like never before.

    • H37I

      my mind is blown by your comment, good sir.

      • crb

        I think that the trailer for the wii u’s graphics should be a real game

        • WiiZeldaFan the second

          They were so real, like an improved TP which was awesome…

          • zurginator

            The graphics of TP (and by extension this demo) were not even remotely realistic.

            They were highly stylized…. and beautiful.

          • The Blade of Evil’s Bane

            I stand corrected, that was just my opinion…

      • Jaypike

        In a good way or a bad way?

        • H37I

          good, obviously! did you read it? it makes perfect sense!

          • Jaypike

            That makes me glad. Some people hate on anything that goes forward, others hate anything that goes back. This suggestion kinda does both.

    • Jaypike

      …You are awesome.

  • koen

    now i have to buy a WII U and between you and me have you seen the proto type of the wii U it sucks but the new version is way awesome!!

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

      Except by the time Zelda U comes out, the U will be cheaper and better.

      • Arkanite Kae

        yeah I’m not buying a Wii U until Zelda is on it

        • WiiZeldaFan the second

          Hear hear!

  • Mike Sauer

    Zelda Wii U should not cater to mainstream. The end. Give us something challenging!

    Oh, and on a track like the Nintendoland attraction? No. Thanks.

  • Kevin Schaffner

    I wanna be able to relax and play zelda. that’s what games are for. skyward sword was all about motion controls and not enough puzzle solving. there was no moment in skyward sword where i was lost for hours at a time like the others. i like when zeldas puzzles are extremely hard. not the other way around.

    • Mike Sauer

      You don’t like when extremely hards are zelda puzzles? :p

    • Twilight_Prince

      What about the puzzles in Sky Keep???

      • o0o

        Too bad that’s one of the only tough puzzles in Skyward Sword.

    • hinke marinus

      Totally agree! Some times i just have to do things 10 times over, just because the stupifd motion didn’t reacted well:(

      • hinke marinus

        and you are right about being lost for hours. I had that with ocarina of time.. I played it like 15 times, and every time i was addicted and found new stuff in the world of hyrule.. And the whole family was watching! My mom, dad, sister and brother hahaha.. My dad and brother were addicted to! But with skyword not:(

  • Ganon’s Baker

    Agree with everything but the multiplayer. Zelda is suposed to be an adventure for you, not a cheep way to attract casual gamers.I hope i didnt sound mean but the only time multi-zelda was good was in the 4sword sub-series where everyone hadTHEIR OWN SCREEN not three people on one screen then one on the gamepad.

  • Ironicnot

    Nice idea about multiplayer. I have an idea of my own too. How about an extra feature (like coin rush in Mario) where link, using a wii remote is trying to get through a dungeon and the player on the game pad is trying to stop him. He. Would be able to control monsters, set off traps, even change the dungeon to make it harder. You might be able to create your own dungeons so that you can have even more fun

  • blabla

    As long as the new Zelda doesn’t use motion controls. That is to me, an ended chapter


    People argued Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask were made for the N64. I very well see how the Wii U is tailored to Zelda. Bring on the revolution!

  • ZoraWarrior

    Player One can be Link using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck while Player Two has his/her own screen on the gamepad and play’s as Tingle (or another assistant, perhaps a fairy) who can help out the player fight. I’m imagining it something like Ni No Kuni where Player One is the protagonist and Player Two a minor-version of the Main Player.

  • Greenthunder01


  • Jaypike

    I think that what would be an awesome idea would be if there was a Beetle-type item, except this crawls, and you see through it’s eyes on the Game Pad whilst maintaining Link’s view on the TV.

  • The Wanderer

    I wholeheartedly agree with Alex Plant (GenGAME article poster) that the Wii MotionPlus controls should not simply be ditched; Miyamoto himself claimed it was inconceivable to return to button controls after Skyward Sword. That said, not everyone enjoyed the motion controls, so they should return as an option in Zelda Wii U and enemies should probably be designed to allow for both standard and motion controls.

    I would also take the interactive map feature a step further. If you were going on an adventure with a map of a complex place in real life (like a dungeon) and you needed to solve puzzles to advance, you’d want to mark important areas. Things like treasure chests and boss doors should come with the map/compass, but you could place icons in a similar manner to beacons to pinpoint where stairs, switches, special enemies, contraptions, and the like are found. This would lend a personal and more immersing touch to dungeons, and it would still be a step up from past Zelda convenience: most maps haven’t marked things like stairs or switches anyway. Perhaps mini-dungeons or optional dungeons could even require you to draw a map yourself as you explore, rather than providing you with a map near the beginning.

    I like the idea of using the GamePad to write down notes. It’s only natural for adventurers to carry journals with them, and you could use the GamePad to write notes for later use (“A slab of rock near the tree on Death Mountain is colored lighter than the rest…maybe return with bombs?”). It would increase immersion and give you plenty of incentive to explore and observe your surroundings. A similar function would hopefully be available without use of the GamePad, but it’s an idea.

    The Wii U is a brilliant console for Zelda in almost every way imaginable, and I look forward to seeing how Nintendo capitalizes on the series from here on out. Now we just wait for a developer quote or trailer…still waiting….

  • Guest

    I love that idea! I love the idea of creating your own dungeons… I’d make so many.

    • baileygirl99

      I reminds me of minecraft for some reason…

  • IMFWeirdo

    I think there are a lot of really creative things the Wii U gamepad could do with a Zelda game…can’t think of specifics but I’m sure Nintendo will :)

  • Roth

    You know, the only thing that would have made WW’s exploration more perfect is if it was on the Wii U, so you could use the sea chart on the touch pad, jotting your own notes and everything. The Tingle Tuner sort of allowed this, but not practically; and PH did it via the DS touchscreen, but nowhere near the scale of WW with its charts and sectors. I’d have loved to sail about with my very own, customizable chart right in my hands at all times.

  • Noah

    I don’t know. The WiiU Game Pad can’t be used as a sword anymore like the Wiimote, so either you’ll have to use stylus swipes as swinging commands or just button combinations in battle, which would be a regression compared to SS. The only motion control would be a shield bash, but it just wouldn’t feel as good with the Game Pad. And a multiplayer option? Yes, the Miiverse might be tempting, but how do you want to integrate it without it being just a gimmick? A multiplayer mode is all about cooperative gameplay. There would be no difficulty in slashing at an enemy from both sides. And boss battles would require the enemy to have multiple weaknesses. All that just drifts away from the unique Zelda gameplay experience.

  • LinkInMyHead

    I liked the note pad function of the DS Zelda’s, made it easy to back track to an area and carry on with whatever needed doing.

  • WolfLink11

    *Howl, bark, howl. Whine.* (MULTIPLAYER?! I’ve been trying to get my family to play Zelda, and I’ve wanted them to do it with me, but Zelda doesn’t have multiplayer!!! If this gets Multiplayer, I’m asking for it for my birthday.)

  • Aaron hill

    this looks like a good idea and i cant wait to see what they come up with.

  • TwilightOcarina

    I am so excited for Wii u, I came in just after Skyward Sword so it will be my first release, you can bet that I”ll be camping out all night waiting for it… Or else getting up very early. I can’t help but wonder how you could put Wii u and motion controls together… A wiimote that plugs into the wii u, like a nunchuck??? Also, where will I put this new wii, because I’m not getting rid of my Wii… I love my skyward sword. I also really like the idea of a notebook in-game, for all the things you KNOW you’re going to forget… “Goddess cube @ Forest, on Ledge.” “Eldin bridge broken, no warp.” “Dekus prefer Pikachu Mask”, etc.

  • djumbreon

    The zelda stuff for the wiiU looks awesome but I’m really just hoping nintendo works on their other franchises like : metroid , star fox , and maybe f-zero just to have a racing game with online play other than mario kart.

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  • Dylan Mandalore Prouty

    He he he heh.
    “Via this Link.”
    There should be a picture of Link there.
    He he he heh.

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