GenGAME: Battle Quest Time Attack Footage

Our sister site, GenGAME, has managed to find a smaller feature on IGN, some footage of the time attack mode in Battle Quest. As many of you have probably seen from our post when Battle Quest was featured during E3, we got a look at what could be considered the “normal mode” of the Nintendo Land mini-game. Now though we get a first look at the time attack mode, as any self respecting mini-game should have.

Hit the jump for the clip!

The cloth pattern art style and the music both look and sound great, which is something Nintendo always excels at. As the GenGAME post touched on, something about the charm of the Celtic influence just works. And I’m sure many of us would look forward to this music being in a main Zelda title.

Though it may seem like the person in the video is struggling a little bit, I can assure any of you that are concerned with the Wii U GamePad that the controls are actually very smooth. Though this will not be a fully-featured game in itself, when I tried the Wii U, Battle Quest was a fantastic representation of the motion gaming experience the Wii U will contain.

And of course, for GenGAME’s opinion, head on over to their post.

What did you think of the footage? Will you get Nintendo Land? Tell us in the comments!

Source: IGN

  • James Best

    Yeah, that music’s pretty good. It matches the feel of Nintendo Land.

    • itsameluigi1290

      Speaking of music, is that Zelda music, or original music for Nintendo Land?

  • Demise

    Wow! I’ll definitely get the Wii U DX! And it doesn’t look like he’s struggling in the least IMO.

    • Aaron hill

      hes not

  • EponasRider

    nintedoland is on my wish list

    • baileygirl99

      The Wii U is on my wish list!

  • Aaron hill

    ive wanted a wii u since they announced it and it looks great

  • koen

    i want a wiiU i only want i wiiU 1.i have already a wii 2.there is zelda on it

  • Anonymous

    Dodge Roll!

  • richa

    music sounds a bit lik the wind waker intro =D

  • itsameluigi1290

    The dodging looks very similar to Kid Icarus: Uprising. The controls seem very fluid, whilst the graphics have a charming yet robust feel to them. The music is like a symphonic harmony filled with joyous elements, something Zelda should not have any less of.

    My GOSH I hate trying to sound professional!

    • Clemens909

      You did well.

      • itsameluigi1290


  • Captain Falcon

    I like how there are Triforces all over the place!

  • jimmy.f27

    I have also had the chance to play it, the controlls are quite smooth and the GamePad is much lighter than I thought it would be.

  • baileygirl99

    I really like how the screen of the game pad is really useful to the gameplay and it will make archery easier.

  • Darkgreyfire

    Please tell me this Celtic style music will be in the next Zelda. That would be a great fresh feel to the music of the next game, while still keeping a classic old feel to it.

  • Me

    I want a real Zelda already :(

  • WolfLink11

    Eh… Still not appealing to me…Yet… It was the 40+ man cosplaying as Link badly, 3D sculpture, that ruined it for me. I’m still recovering from that. But… It is so much fun to shoot arrows at the baddies when they least expect it. Lol.

  • Legend of Zelda

    I enjoy the music.

  • Oni Link

    Perhaps it’s just me, but I feel the game pad isn’t really adding much here. When will players really need to use it in this game?

  • Neutopia

    Well that definitely looks like it’s going to be fun, if I manage to get the money together by the time it releases I will definitely get the bundle with Nintendoland! :P