GameTrailers Presents the Legend of Zelda Timeline

DjinnNovember 29th, 2012 by Djinn

The folks over on Game Trailers have released an amazing video covering the much talked about and often debated timeline of the Legend of Zelda series. The video begins by covering the first few games in the series in chronological order giving a brief overview of each and explains how the storyline slowly evolved from a simple fantasy game manual backstory to an overarching epic covering several centuries from the creation of Hyrule to the later adventures of Link and Zelda. Then after Ocarina of Time was released fans began debating over what title really came first and ultimately leading to the creation of the timeline theorists among the fan community. Subsequent games only made the timeline more complex and often confusing. It eventually concludes with the release of the official timeline revealed in the Hyrule Historia with an explanation behind all the connections.

I warn you, this video is filled with lots of spoilers for just about every game in the series. So if there is anything you do not wish to have spoiled from the endings of the games please watch with caution.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

I recommend watching this in a larger window as the imagery is worth it.

Just the images alone had me intrigued, I loved the various depictions of Fi, the King or Red Lions, etc and within that Temple of Time. Those coupled with the music made the trailer alone seem incredibly epic. The guys at GameTrailers really went all out in creating this. I believe the narrator has a point, I really don’t think any other series has ever had the fans working nearly as hard at figuring out exactly which sequel comes before which. Overall I think they did a great job with their presentation and explanation on how the series evolved, creating the theorist movement, confusing them with the later sequels, and ultimately revealing everything with Hyrule Historia. I really hope to see some more things like this from GameTrailers in the future.

And I really think that is Tatl flying around to all the different columns with the game symbols on them.

Source: GameTrailers

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  • Ryan

    I don’t get how people can’t understand the Fallen Hero timeline. The Fallen Hero
    timeline is basically a “what if” timeline. The back story to A Link to the Past talks about the knights of Hyrule fighting Ganondorf long enough for the seven sages to seal Ganondorf in the sacred realm. This is called The Imprisoning War and is what happens if OoT Link was defeated. If Link was defeated (Hyrule Historia
    says Link was defeated, not killed) during the final battle, Ganondorf would
    have been able to get the remaining two pieces of the Triforce from
    Link and Zelda. As we saw in Wind Waker, the Triforce parts were extracted from Ganondorf, Link and Zelda without killing them.

    Ganondorf then uses
    the combined might of the Triforce to become the true Demon King Ganon and not the less powerful version we see at the end of OoT where only one part changes him. He uses this power gain access to the temple of time
    and try to enter the sacred realm. The people of Hyrule rise up to delay him and the seven sages (Zelda is still alive) seal Ganondorf inside
    the sacred realm with the completed Triforce where he uses its power to
    bend the world to his will and creates the Dark World.

  • Emma Mix

    I have to agree, Zelda has some of the most die hard fans ever. I mean,
    sure, other games have fans that like the game a whole lot. But Zelda
    has fans that create an entire world, timeline and mythological pantheon
    from it. That’s die hard.

  • Emma Mix

    I literally taught a “class” on Zelda history to this 8 year old Zelda noob last year. Now, I’m proud to call him my Zelda-brother. :P

  • DinNayruFarore

    This video felt like it was a memoir of the games thus far. It also felt like the narrator was pushing a game after Spirit Tracks. I hope the next Zelda game for the Wii U shows a new timeline altogether,

    but still…

    I think there should be a Timeline split for if Demise killed Link in Skyward Sword.

  • Zeldaforlife

    That was amazing seeing the timeline peiced together like that in such detail. Having played all of the games in the series so far and then seeing that makes me wonder how limitless zelda can be. I love this series.

  • Sinjon Chauvin

    I just realized I was supposed to do my homework.

  • Ryan F. Hullstrunk

    That was amazing. So beautiful and well made, The only thing I wish they would have added in would be the details of the Hero’s Shade from Twilight princess and he is the Majora’s Mask Link and the Ancestor of the Twilight Princess link by blood.

  • HHH

    Does anyone know if it´s possible to download this episode?

  • David Wayne Nystrom

    That was awesome. Hat’s off to you, GameTrailers.

  • Adrius

    It is not Tatl flying around to columns, it’s Navi

  • Jacob Tasiemski

    It all makes sense now!!!! I HAVE BEEN ENLIGHTENED!!!

  • itsameluigi1290

    This is a dang good video.

  • Amber

    The stupid video wont load!!
    I’ve tried it multiple times and even went to the Gametrailers website itself, but none of the videos are working.
    I def want to watch it…
    Zedladungeon guys? Can you upload it in a different video format please??

  • Amber

    That explains soo much
    Thank you GameTrailers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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