GameTrailers is Starting “Timeline” with a Legend

DaveyNovember 22nd, 2012 by Davey

A new series at GameTrailers is brewing and it is unlike anything we’re used to. In “Timeline”, GameTrailers will be examining various video game series and how the stories in-game all come together, and what franchise better to start with than The Legend of Zelda, whose timeline has been more debated and theorized over than any other video game? If you’re interested in more about this legendary first episode of what should be a great series, hit the jump!

This is the trailer for the first episode, which features the Legend of Zelda series. Different from what the rest of the episodes will contain, the Zelda episode will be in two parts; the first part is the in-game narrative and will be precisely what the players are able to experience, the second part is unique to Zelda because we have an official timeline and GameTrailers will be examining why the official timeline is put together as it is.

What makes this episode even more special is that the producers of this series reached out to the Zelda community, where timeline theorists are plentiful, to verify information. Maybe some of you even helped out on this!

Though episodes in this this GameTrailers series will be released longer apart than their usual series, we’ve been assured that the production quality will be higher than their usual content. This first episode on Zelda should be no exception, and fortunately for us is coming very soon, on November 29th! If you’re curious for more information about this project, you can watch an earlier teaser video and a GameTrailers article with more details.

Overall, I’m excited for this to launch because I can’t wait to see GameTrailers’ take on the Zelda franchise–all of the narratives conglomerated and made sense of. If you’re excited for this, or if you actually helped on this, tell us in the comments below!

Source: GameTrailers

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  • Bryan21

    teasing me. I don’t want to wait until the 29th.

  • M

    I’ve been waiting for this for so long. They teased it a long time ago already, and now it’s still a week left :(

  • BEn


  • pickleslkw

    Oh my, let it be the 29th now please!

  • Tehlul

    I like how the Zelda timelines never mention links sidekick
    Robin boy wonder

  • baileygirl99

    It’s coming out on my birthday! Yay! Anyway, I think this will be interesting. I hope you’ll post it on ZD so I will remember to watch it!

    • Midnafan

      alot of people have birthdays in November. My two best friends’ birthdays are a week apart, both in November. o.O

      • Joe Schmoe

        Valentines Day…

        • Groose

          One of my friends has her birthday one day before mine, and another friend has her birthday one day after mine! Coincidence?

          • baileygirl99

            That’s cool! You could have one big party!

          • Midnafan

            most people i know that have birthdays around holidays don’t get crap for their birthday. they just get a little extra for the holiday and that’s it. What sucks, is (forgetting gifts) its harder to acknowledge a birthday when you have, for example, Christmas to deal with.

          • wafflegoat

            8 days before Christmas. Story of my life.

          • baileygirl99

            Awww. :-( that kinda sucks.

          • wafflegoat

            Nah, its ok really. I get some pretty good things for my birthday, especially having it so close to a holiday.

          • baileygirl99

            Yay! Well, happy early birthday!

          • wafflegoat

            Aww thanks!

      • Levian VII

        My birthdays on the 17th.

  • richa

    “One day a strange mark, exactly the crest of the kingdom appeared”

    …..damn no easter egg >.>”

  • Link Hyrule

    I wonder, if they will tweak the “Death Timeline” to “Sages kill Ganon timeline”.
    Should have been that way and besides Zelda is just a alternate timeline, not an actual straight forward timeline. So, in the “Death timeline”. The sages should have killed Ganon and then Link helped Hyrule prosper and then his reincarnation leads to the games the reincarnation is in.

    • Midnafan

      i sorta understood you and then you lost me. wut? :/

  • Phantom_Roxas

    Interesting. At a con, someone from GameTrailers collaborated with hosting a panel where I won a copy of the Hyrule Historia (In Japanese, of course), so I wonder if this will be similar to how they talked about it there.

    • Midnafan

      just wondering, do you understand Japanese? if not, that would really suck :P

      • Heroine of Time

        It wouldn’t suck! I’d personally love to have a Japanese copy of Hyrule Historia even if I can’t understand it, just to look at the pictures. Of course, now that it’s being translated I don’t have nearly as much motivation to get one in a language I don’t understand, but if it was free…

        • Phantom_Roxas

          This. I want it not so I could read it, but so I could have it. I’ll be getting the English version as well.

        • Midnafan

          but, you couldn’t read it… It may be cool to have, but it’s not exactly practical. if i had something like that, it’d be a cool for max of a week and then end up in the closet. :/ at least with the english one, it’ll last a month or two, then go to the closet :P

  • Midnafan

    looks interesting. you know, when i first looked at the official timeline, i found it really made a lot of sense. especially considering it filled in info where no game occurred or put the specific event from that game that gave it that place on the timeline. I really like it, and i can’t wait for Hyrule Historia :D

  • zeldamaster321

    lol at the end of this artical Davey put this this 2 times lol

  • Scott Reika Ripberger

    If this lives up to the trailer, I am ever so excited for this. This looks INSANELY well put together. Anxiously awaiting, GT. Don’t screw up. :P

  • Sinjon Chauvin

    That would be awesome there really was a Legend of Zelda muesum!

  • demonlord

    whats the songs name in the trailer and what zelda game was it in? i cant remember