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JordanNovember 4th, 2012 by Jordan

While in Paris recently, the great man himself Shigeru Miyamoto sat down for an interview with French game journalists Gamekult to talk shop about Nintendo franchises. As always the topic turned to The Legend of Zelda; during their interview, Miyamoto gave some insight to the creation of Link’s character and the development team’s inspirations for his design. What he revealed is something many people have debated over in the past, and Did You Know Gaming even summarized the revelation in another of their signature images. Jump inside to see!

So, how about that? The comparisons and confusion have been going on for two and a half decades now, and it turns out they were all true: Link really is based on Peter Pan! Honestly, it does not surprise me too much to find that Miyamoto is such a fan of Disney; it really shows in how light-hearted yet powerful many of his games are.

The correlations between the pair are incredibly uncanny, too. You have the Lost Boys versus the Kokiri, Pan’s shadow and Dark Link, Tinkerbell and Navi, and of course the green clothing… it really is not a terribly difficult comparison to make. Again, I don’t find this revelation terribly surprising, though it is interesting to think that one of my favorite characters of all time was so strongly influenced by Peter Pan himself. I actually had a rough time convincing people I wasn’t Pan when I dressed as Link for Halloween one year…

How about you guys? Do any of you find this surprising, or did you expect something like this? Which shared feature of the characters do you think Link improves on the most? Are there other features about Peter Pan that you would like to see reflected in Link? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Did You Know Gaming

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  • OcarinaLink

    Really. Really!! Everyone that I saw while I was trick of treating thought I was Peter Pan. Of course that unleashed my video game nerd instincts and that didn’t end well…

    • Demise

      Yo should have told me. I could have helped you. You know, I still love my arch-nemesis more than some kind of random fairy boy!

  • Techyahndea

    This is amazing. I never considered this

  • James Kensel

    Herp-a-derp alert! Welcome to Duh-Land!

    Yes, I believe it’s fairly obvious, but I love DYKG, so It’s fine.

    • Linkfan99

      You sure you don’t mean FAIRY obvious?

      • H37I

        oh, great! just what we need, another itsameluigi1290! by all means, make more puns!

        • Linkfan99

          What are you talking about?

          • H37I

            wouldn’t that count as a pun? “fairy obvious”

  • JuicieJ

    Somehow… I am not surprised.

  • Twilight Gale

    It’s oh so obvious. Navi’s inspiration was Tinkerbell and Link’s was Peter Pan. Duh.

    • The Hylian Monolith

      And yet…I’ve always wanted to put Navi and Tinkerbell in a room together(that’s classic Tinkerbell, mind you) adn see whether Tink killed Navi before she exploded.

      For the record, I like Link’s personalty a lot better. But it’s still fun to know. It’s a good time to be a Zelda fan–which I wasn’t unti I found this site around September. Thank you, ZeldaDungeon.

      • superspecialawesome

        Good Lord, I hate the new Tinkerbell… She has NO attitude like in the Peter Pan movie!
        Also I totally saw this coming. XD

        • The Hylian Monolith

          I did too. And I hate the new TInk, not only is she bland and obnoxious, but everything works out just fine, which it didn’t quite in the original movie. She got captured, remember? Although she did live to see tomorrow…But on top of that, Disney is taking her “adventures” way, way too far. Sheesh. Someone give me Skyward Sword already!

          • Zeldatrek

            Hello, Hey, Link, Hey listen you silly @#%

      • Midna’s Sister

        Navi would kill Tink, then Tatl would come and Navi, then Ceilia would come and get killed by Tael, so it’s a fairy-killing fest. =D

        • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

          Navi is the original story important fairy so she would kill them all! No one says “Hey! Listen! Look! Watch out!” like she does!

          • Midna’s Sister

            Murr, I just left all the non-annoying fairies alive.

  • Rose

    We all knew Link was Peter Pans bad ass twin!!

  • BlackRaven6695

    Look at Twilight Princess Link and it’s amazing how far he’s come from his ‘inspiration’.

    • Darkstar

      TP Link (and all Adult Links) was inspired by Robin Hood. They both have the green tunic, both live in a forest outside the main kingdom/city/town and they both are great archers. I guess Zelda can be related to Marian since they’re both nobles.

      • Midna’s Sister

        Yes, they seem very Robin-Y. Except maybe for the “Sheriff”, who is nowhere to be seen at that time in the game.

  • blueocarina

    Shhhh, don’t tell Disney! After buying Marvel and Lucasfilms, they might try to take Nintendo in ten years time….

    • Link Hyrule

      They may buy Sony for Spider-Man, Square Enix for Kingdom Hearts, which they are incorporated, and Nintendo for The Legend of Zelda. Scary…

      • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

        AAAAWWWWWW HELL NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/66Syxx Nick Jones

      Nintendo has been independent for 123 years. I doubt they’d be willing to throw that away for money. But if Disney pays enough…

  • Hello I am the ChuChu

    Really? So does that mean that, since I ate Navi already, I can eat Tinkerbell, too?

    This is very cool, somehow I never saw this coming. I wonder what MY kind’s inspiration was…

    • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.dipalma Jordan DiPalma

      ChuChu’s inspiration may or may not have been indirectly inspired by Miyamoto sneezing and looking at what came out.

      Also, you know you can just register with Discus so you don’t have to keep entering your name, right? It’ll also help you keep track of when people reply to your comments.

  • The Hylian Monolith

    I can just imagine the converstions…

    “These things are almost useless. The problems upend teh benefits by at least three, nobody will use them.”
    “Link is our Peter Pan. We can’t just let him succumb to gravity all the time.”
    “Well, it’s not like he’s going to fly…”
    “Aha, but it counts. It’d just be too unfair if we let them fly outright, even for a few seconds.”
    ” Unfair?”
    “To the difficulty level. I want Link to float a bit, at the very least. Okay?”

    I hoep you can figure ot what they were talkign about, beacuase I can.

    • H37I

      hover boots?

      • The Hylian Monolith

        Thank you for being a genius. Or just having played Ocrina of Time. Yes.

        • Lifeoflink

          Apparently there is a glitch in OoT that allows the effect of the hover boots to last forever. Don’t forget though that Link can now fly any time in SS.

  • Fairly Peeved at this Point

    Yo guys, I appreciate that we’re a little slow on news these days and you want to have something to post, but if I wanted updates from Did You Know Gaming, I’D READ DID YOU KNOW GAMING.

    • http://medlismessages.blogspot.com/ Heroine of Time

      Just because you’re not interested doesn’t mean other people aren’t. I’m too lazy to actually go read Did You Know Gaming, and I only care about the Zelda stuff anyway, so I appreciate ZD posting this.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.dipalma Jordan DiPalma

        Most people who complain in the comments tend to be the ones who think they’re the only people who come here.

  • Zeldarules3

    I saw it coming. Me and my sister ague all the time about it.
    It’s weird though because I was like, the biggest peter pan fan up untill I was about eight, and now I love Link!

  • linkasourous

    I knew that they had alot of similarities, but I didn’t know that Link was 100% based off of Peter Pan, I thought it was just a theory!

  • Cucco Link

    So that’s why everyone thought I was Peter Pan… However, it seems to me like Mido looks more like Peter Pan.

    • Alexlgamer

      your right he does

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Best/100003863840372 James Best

    The resemblance is uncanny.

  • Zora_Mask

    Only 11 people out of all the trick-or treaters knew who I was. One guy who gave out milky-ways every year also said I was Link,that makes 12. I’m pretty satisfied because only people thought I was Peter Pan. But at one house they thought I was Robin Hood. :(

    • Zora_Mask

      *only 2

    • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

      At leats Robin Hood is somewhat threatining unlike Peter Pan.

  • pokemario24

    R.I.P NormalBoots

  • cracklemask

    this is obvious i doubt if even one person was suprised by this.

  • Amber Evans

    Link could beat Peter Pan’s butt ten fold. Let’s not forget, Peter Pan wants to be a boy-child for the rest of his life, while Link can’t wait to grow up.

  • pickleslkw


  • Xaragon

    “I actually had a rough time convincing people I wasn’t Pan when I dressed as Link for Halloween one year…”Same here

  • frenchguy

    france is so awesome!

  • baileygirl99

    This makes a surprisingly large amount of sense!

  • Midna’s Sister

    I always thought that Navi was as annoying and hot-headed as Tinker Bell….

  • Link Hyrule

    Its like Kingdom Hearts all over again, and my sister plays Kingdom Hearts!
    O_O why?……..I like Link alot I just really like Disney’s Peter Pan!….Why…..Why?

  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.losh.5 Sam Losh

    i live in a town where no one knows about Link. So I trick or treated somewhere else and every one knew i was link.

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  • triforce of courage

    But this doesn’t make sense! Tinkerbell isn’t annoying in the Disney films but Navi, well, we won’t go there…

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  • Anonymous Waffle

    I’m actually a narrarator in a Peter Pan play my school is doing, and during practice I realized that Link and Peter Pan resemled each other.
    Now I see why.

  • Link

    I am not based on some stupid ginger.

  • BlueLinkEyes11

    Oh no… my friend is never going to let this go… Ever since I became a Zelda fan she always told me that Link was Peter Pan on steriods (She doesn’t like zelda or is annoyed by it) and now she going to be pretty happy. But I’m still pretty happy that Miyamoto also loves Disney and i was a Peter Pan fangirl when i was little XD

  • Neutopia

    That’s so awesome aha, I always thought that, it’s cool to know it’s finally true aha, I love Peter Pan as well. :P