Demise’s Speech Re-Translated By a Fan

Axle the BeastNovember 8th, 2012 by Axle the Beast

Demise’s speech at the end of Skyward Sword was a significant moment for Zelda theorists and timeline enthusiasts, giving us a lot of insight into other aspects of the series (for better or for worse). However, as some fans have shown recently, what we read in the game might not have been entirely accurate. When games are localized, lots of statements are changed for various reasons, often just so they’ll sound better or be more identifiable. Sometimes, however, interesting details are lost in translation.

User Masky on the Zelda Universe forums posted user Yamikawa’s re-translation of the speech Demise gave after his defeat, and there’s some really interesting stuff here. You can read the post here, but I’ve included some excerpts and my own thoughts after the jump. Obviously, there are many spoilers here for Skyward Sword.

I do not care if you value your life and run away. Go ahead and weep like a human during the little time left before I rule the world… But if you claim of having the courage to step into the Demon Tribe’s world, then… Come after me. I shall wait for a little while.

First off, “Demon Tribe” can now be considered their official name, and the actual Japanese term used for them — “mazoku” — as shown in the full translation, is the same one that was used for the “Tribe of Evil” from A Link to the Past, finally proving my Dark Tribe theory for certain (or really close to it). Calling it the tribe’s world is interesting, and could also imply a correlation between the Dark Realm of Spirit Tracks and the space where Demise is fought, because they have a very similar appearance.

The name of the targeted object is “Tyrannical Being”.

As elaborated on by the translator, there was no actual name given for Demise. He’s basically called either “Demon King” or “Tyrannical Being”, which is very interesting.

My hatred… The curse of the Demon Tribe… They shall continously go on reincarnating until the end of all times.

Do not forget it! I shall repeat it!!

You people shall… You people who possess the blood of the Goddess and the soul of hero shall… forever be unable to escape from this curse!

This hatred and grude… Its evolution shall forever painfully wander across this blood-stained “Dark Sea” along with you lowlifes forever!!

And here, Demise’s infamous curse, which is supposed to lead to his reincarnation of sorts as Ganondorf, is instead found to reference the Demon Tribe as a whole, not him alone. Whether this is significant or not is unclear (especially since it uses the actual word “reincarnating” and he still says “my hatred”), but it’s still a really fascinating new angle. As Masky said, it almost sounds like the entire Demon Tribe has declared war on the Gods. The “blood-stained Dark Sea” is also really interesting, although what it means is unclear. Is it referring to the Demon Tribe’s world itself? Perhaps this is the plane from which all the monsters come from.

I think this is great news. It’s always cool to get new insight on a game from sources like this, and I really appreciate the guys who brought this translation to us because it changes a lot of things. I think this has some really cool impact on the story of Skyward Sword and the series as a whole. I wish more of this made it into the English translation, but at the same time I can really, really see why it didn’t (who seriously talks like Demise does in this translation?). Major thanks to Zelda Universe users Masky and Yamikawa for bringing this to the Zelda community!

So what do you guys think? Cool news? Stuff you already expected? Or disappointing and boring? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Zelda Universe (tipped by Djinn)

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      • Roth

        Obviously not to begin with.

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  • Zora_Mask

    I never really thought about it like that.

  • Hylian Historian

    That’s very interesting, more insight into the history of the Hylian universe.

  • Ganon’s Baker

    Yay! now i dont feel like ganon is just a demide recycle. he is his own brand of evil badass again!! :P

    • baileygirl99

      You should know that he’s his own evil, you’re his baker! ;-)

  • Emma Mix

    Wow… Well, at first I thought of the Twili, but I honestly think it’s something bigger than that… Perhaps Demise’s “tribe” was the tribe from MM that used it for hexing rituals, and brought Link into their “world”… Then again, that sounds radical even to me. Perhaps the Zelda Wiiu will someday be called “The Legend of Zelda: Demon World”, in which Link becomes the attacker instead of Zelda’s savior, and maybe they actually bring other characters in and create an entire war of worlds, not just Link all by his lonesome. I think it would be a great way to bring together all of the theories of Demons, Dark Interlopers, Twili, Sheikah, etc together at last.

    • Dirty Dan

      i doubt that they would do that. it was stated at one point that the franchise didn’t want to have a perfect story line but allow the fans to make their own interpretations and theories and discuss them among themselves.

      • Emma Mix

        Yeah, I suppose you’re right. After all, if they clarified everything, there wouldn’t be much more to talk about… Sometimes I wonder if THEY’RE even 110% clear on the storyline, maybe they just wing it!

    • Linksmahomie

      It would but remember, the theories on the Demons, Dark Interlopers, Twil, Shiekah, and etc. are fanbased theories. So Nintendo probably has no intensions on concluding these theories since they’re not official theories. Just about every article in Zelda Dungeon is a fanbased belief.
      Not hating im just saying. I rather enjoy reading these articles, They give me a new view of the Zelda world.

    • EyeOfSheikah

      It has actually been confirmed by Nintendo that the Twili are the tribe from MM.

      • Aden Rung

        since when

        • EyeOfSheikah

          I don’t remember. Maybe Hyrule Historia. Or maybe I was just going crazy. Keep in mind this comment is from over a year ago

  • Sarah Zeigler

    The “Blood-stained Dark Sea” sounds like Tartarus in Percy Jackson, it would explain how the monsters keep reappearing

    • anonymous

      woah…what if the entire LoZ series is supposed to be some sort of ripoff of the Greek mythology!? that would be kind of cool!

      • Sage of Winds

        Different kinds of Mythology always have some things in common.

      • Aden Rung

        sorry they mostly rip off japaneese legends

  • Foxdive

    Not to put a damper on things, but I don’t think the official translation was as far off as everyone seems to make it out to be.

    “Mazoku” seems to be a much more elementary concept in Japanese tales than in the US, which is why the word was used in the Japanese versions of Skyward Sword and A Link to the Past, but not in the US releases. It’s probably a part of traditional Japanese culture, just like princesses and knights and magic swords are parts of traditional Western culture.

    The important thing is that Demise will leave behind a legacy. If NoA had translated “Demon Tribe”, we would be– scratch that, we are– misinterpreting it to mean that the tribe is the legacy, not whoever leads the tribe.

    “Army of monsters” may not sound as epic as “Demon Tribe”, but it seems to be referring to Demise’s (later Ganon’s) army, not some mass conspiracy secret society. They’re pawns. It wouldn’t an tribe of villains, it’d be a tribe of minions. And we did know the army existed.

    Even in the Japanese translation, the army seems rather trivial. Demise seems to refer to himself in the plural repeatedly; “we” may refer to himself, not the Demon Tribe. In other words, the thing that “shall continously go on reincarnating until the end of all times” is Demise’s hatred. Which again, we already knew.

    The “Dark Sea” is probably another reference to a Japanese mythological concept.

    If it means anything more than an army, “Demon Tribe” would at most be a metaphor for Demise’s descendants. Parallel sentence structuring. Demise’s descendant follows Zelda’s descendants and Link’s descendants.

    • DA LAWLZ >:3

      it happens it happens

  • Feanen

    This makes sense. My best guess is that Ganon, instead of being Demise’s reincarnation (figuratively or literally) is instead his replacement as head of the Demon Tribe (which I’d guess includes most monsters). It would explain some of his underlings, especially Onox and Veran, as well as the minions of Ganon that come from the Dark World (probably Demise’s World rather than the Sacred Realm) in AoL.

  • Tuba of time

    An entire tribe of demons. Well that secures it, Zelda now has enough final bosses to last them another 25 years plus. (On top of the occational Ganondorf appearance.

  • Roth

    I always preferred to think that Demise’s curse wasn’t a literal “I will reincarnate” but more of an “Evil will always haunt you” message. With this new light, it seems to me that the “mazuko” are the antithesis of the gods, that Hyrule is the mortal plain between opposed gods and devils. It’s pretty traditionally dualistic, which I find disappointing; but it puts an interesting contrast between Zelda and Ganondorf, being not necessarily the divine forces of good and evil come into this world, but sort of carrying their natures, being of their bloodlines. What that says about Link is particularly interesting; he appears to be the representative of humanity, calming the struggles of the divine world so that this world can survive. How this fits in with the threefold creators is unclear… perhaps they’re two different ways of looking at the Hylian cosmology.

  • Mseevers95

    So the reason that monsters re appear after you leave is because they don’t die, they are transported back to their realm.

    • Ninty

      Is that said in the dialogue? That sounds cool for sure, though. Makes sense with how they vanish into a purple cloud instead of just lay there.

    • Roth

      “The moblin disappears in a cloud of greasy black smoke!”


    I find it interesting that Nintendo managed to inject so much backstory into Skyward Sword. It not only serves as an effective origin story but leaves fans yearning for me of what is to come. Has Demise’s prophecy perhaps not been fulfilled and will yet unravel in a future installment?

  • vaatidorf

    With this translation, it seems that SS was actually meant to show the origin of all of the main Zelda villains, not just Ganon, though some emphasis does seem to still exist with him.

    To me, this version of the curse seems to be saying that the demon tribe will forever follow the humans, with his hatred reincarnating as its leader.

  • George Costas

    i think that it refers to all the villians in the games, because they try to kill link and/or zelda

  • pickleslkw

    What if he actually talked like that -_- lol

  • baileygirl99

    Who here thinks that Demise and Malladus are the same person/demon? It just makes SOOO much sense! Does anyone else think this?

    • vaatidorf

      Possible, but not likely since it’s implied that Demise is completely destroyed at the end of SS…unless NOA messed up that one as well. However, I do think they were both leaders of the demon tribe. Maybe Malladus took over when Demise died?

      • baileygirl99

        Hmmm…your explanation makes sense…I must agree with you.

  • Ninty

    I think NoA could’ve translated these without losing the essentials and still sounding natural to English speakers. I mean, they ADDED stuff to the dialogue, some which was cool, but others completely irrelevant.

  • R.G. Player

    His “reincarnation” could be something Nintendo will be using to create stories for future TLoZ games. This is the first game of the timeline, after all. They may be tired of using Ganondorf… Just a thought. ;) (don’t hate on me too much, community)

  • Andrew Roake

    Well this is pretty awesome. So I’ guessing people like Majora, Vatti and The Nightmare thing from Link’s Awakening? Sweeet. Are the Twili connected somehow? Could they even be the same people? Could they be the dark “interlopers” mentioned in MM? Well, anyway this opens up a whole new exciting set of ideas.

    • Dust

      A year late, but the Dark Interlopers were mentioned in Twilight Princess, not Majora’s Mask.

  • April Engelmann

    this is basically what he said in the game, just worded differently

  • BlackRaven6695

    I think it’s really cool how Demise doesn’t have a name in the Japanese version. It fits with his eldritch abomination nature.

    • Axle the Beast

      Yeah I agree. I like that detail a lot.

  • Matthew King

    I’m wondering if the ‘blood stained dark sea’ is supposed to be the Great Sea. Ganondorf did create it… sort of.

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!


  • Sam Pearman

    Adding my 2 cents here, considering I speak Japanese.

    mazoku literally translates as “demon family”, but it implies something like ‘magical demonic inhabitants of the spirit world’, or to put a more western bent on it, ‘devils’ (ie. inhabitants of hell).

    Tribe is as correct a translation as clan. I’d probably read it less literally though, as “the denizens of the underworld”. They’re not really (necessarily) talking about an actual tribe. And actually “the denizens of the underworld” sounds pretty cool by itself.

    On a related note, if anyone can source the complete scripts for all the Zelda games, I’d be keen to go through and translate/annotate them. Although I have to admit the Deku Tree’s way of talking in Japanese makes me wince (It’s REALLY hard to understand! He talks like he’s from the 16th century). I am not keen to try making sense of that haha..

  • Arnik Turne