Curiosity Shop #104: Zelda Dungeon Mailbag

Hey everyone! Got a new mailbag for you! (On time? Sorcery!) This one has a fair number of questions about Skyward Sword, with the rest being a bunch of other questions about different aspects of the series. The Skyward Sword focus this time wasn’t planned, though it’s pretty convenient since Skyward Sword’s birthday was just recently. Anyway, I actually had to rush to get this mailbag ready, so I haven’t gone through all of the submitted questions yet. Rest assured, I will be reading all the ones I skipped over for next week! Anyway, 11 questions in all. Enjoy! You can watch the video here or check out the embed after the jump.

Questions and timestamps:

(00:21) – Who is your favorite Zelda girl?
(00:56) – Do you think the Master Quest add-on to Ocarina of Time was a good idea of a hard mode in a Zelda game or would you want something else?
(02:14) – What’s your opinion on the Zelda manga and cartoon series?
(03:12) – If you had to guess, what do you think will be the setting for the new 3DS and Wii U games, and where will they be on the timeline?
(04:20) – Do you think Skull Kids will make an appearance in the next Zelda title?
(05:14) – Would you like to see a Zelda game produced outside of EAD, and if so, by which developer?
(06:50) – I read somewhere that in A Link to the Past, Link’s Uncle was the King of Hyrule. Is this true?
(06:59) – Are Link and Zelda related, as brother and sister? And is this only in Ocarina of Time?
(08:04) – Did Skyward Sword disappoint you? Why or why not?
(09:06) – Would you like to see a darker Zelda game in Skyward Sword’s artstyle?
(09:40) – How likely is it that Ghirahim will make a future appearance in the Zelda series?
(10:57) – Does Impa die at the end of Skyward Sword?

Be sure to submit your name/username and questions to our contact page, or if that page doesn’t work then email them to for next week’s mailbag! You can also use my Twitter or Facebook, or use the Mailbag Thread on the forums!

Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? Include them with your question and you might guarantee it gets answered! How about your thoughts about the questions? Who is your favorite Zelda girl? Tell me your thoughts on that and any other questions you want in the comments!

  • Derp.

    “No-one has commented yet”. Derp, I came here to read the comments

    • Demise

      This has to be the best and most original way of saying “first” I’ve ever seen.

      • Tehlul

        No, this is;

  • Allen Ryals

    I don’t think Link and Zelda in OoT are brother and sister. If you follow the timeline in As they were close friends. I believe the families stayed close through time. In MC they are childhood friends as well as four swords which are the next two games in the series according to the timeline. So I believe they would have been childhood friends again if not for the war. Links mom was probably aware of the heroes blood on their lineage and knew her child would be very important.

    • hot apple Fi

      Their is no way they are brother and sister. Link was handed to the Deku tree to protect by his mother, who was killed in a war before the games story. When you meet Zelda, she tells that Ganondorf has come to meet with her parents, so they are both alive.

    • npatoray24

      NO way they are related, for proof watch the zelda rap by smosh hahaha (she loves link’s master sword)

  • Derp.

    1. Midna, but not at the beginning. Or Fi, or SS Zelda/OoT Adult Zelda.

    2. I think it’s great. Somehow I don’t want to be able to choose at the begnning, it removes the feeling that you’ve completed it and unlocked something new.

    3. Never read/watched them. I know they’re not core canon and therefore they are crap :P I really can’t judge, without reading.

    4. I’m of Axle’s opinion on this.

    5. Really no idea.

    6. As I said before, it’s the game that’s omportant, not the developer, and if some comletely random thing had made TP or SS they wouldn’t be any worse. Now the question is, would another studio make such a game? In cooperation with Nintendo, maybe. Though I don’t see why shouldn’t Nintendo do it…

    7. Dunno, probably no because Axle is probably more knowledgable than me.

    8. Maybe… that’s kinda crazy IMO…

    9. I’m really of Axle’s opinio here (again). The separate areas are great, but the overall construction sucks, and the sky is WAY too empty and underdeveloped.

    10. My fav style so far is TP’s; the only problem is, that things blend together too much, and I even missed the Dungeon Map chest in the Forest Temple. So maybe a SS-like style, but Tp-like darker, would be nice.

    11. Maybe. I find it strange that ganondorf rarely dies, yet Demise dies completely the first time; maybe, one day, we will se his hatred reincarnate, not as a random ganon/villain, but as his true form. Then he’ll probably revive Ghirahim, if this happens.

    12. I always though that when the Gate of Time got destroyed, the connection between the Past and the rPresent got destroyed also, and if Impa could be in both places at the same time before, she couldn’t anymore, so her “present” form dissapeared. While she lived on, “guarding the triforce” (as she said she would in her goodbye speech), in the Past.

    The quote if Fi’s description of the Guay (or whatever). I dunno the sound, and I didn’t really listen to the music but there was Fi’s theme about 3:33.

  • Tatl Tale

    1. Probably Skyward Sword Zelda. Or maybe Karane.

    2. Well, Nintendo probably finished OOT3D before the 3DS came out, so they just wanted a little add on to pass on time. I personally didn’t do it. A slight change in dungeon is not worth the whole game again.

    3. Err, I don’t completely mind them. I don’t read them, because they modify the games storyline a bit, but they’re okay.

    4. Well, with the Wii U out, I think the only 3DS Zelda game nintendo will have may well be another remake. But I reckon they got a good Wii U Zelda game in stall. I have no idea about settings or timeline though.

    5. It would depend. If it was a game like twilight princess, on the ground in hyrule, then yes. But if it was like skyward sword, in somewhere else, then it is unlikely.

    6.I’m sorry. I’m a real nooby dumb bum. What’s EAD?

    7. Axle would know more about this then me, cuz I haven’t played ALTTP. But I personally doubt it. Maybe just that Link was.

    8. No, I doubt it. Altough, they could be very distantly related in Skyward Sword, given that they all live on a floating rock.

    9. NO! I thought skyward sword was the best so far! I’m currently playing twilight princess, and I’ve played OOT, MM, and FS, and, I actually think it was the best, though the dungeons were a little short.

    10. Nahhh. Shyward Sword’s characters were a little cartoony, and i don’t think that’d work in a dark game like TP.

    11. Sorta unlikely. The only enemy who does that is Ganon. Although, I would like Ganon getting the Triforce, then Demise somehow controls him and wishes for the return of the Demon race, so he and Ghirahim with a bunch of hardish Demons would return. That’d be cool.


    Well, she does, doesn’t she? Maybe what Derp said is correct. But either way she disappears from time.

  • U and Mii

    My theory is that the old lady Impa died but the young one kept living, and then when she started to get older went through the Gate of Time and became OoT Zelda’s guardian.

    • StillwantMidna

      Now THIS is a cool theory!! Yeah, if after the event of Impa’s goodbye
      in the past, if Impa found another way to go to the future thats even
      further from the preset SS time, it might cause the old Impa to
      disappear since an older counterpart cannot exist before a younger
      counterpart. This can lead to the Impa of OoT, but also to a different
      Impa in a whole new game of Zelda!! Wow, never thought of it that way,
      very cool!

  • Dusk76

    1. Fi! For sure!

    2. Totally great idea lol

    3. Zelda cartoons weren’t my favorite, considering it doesn’t really expess the raw awesomeness of The Legend of Zelda.. but I love the funny little comics, like the one you had about a week ago.

    4.I personally think the timeline will be forwarded and the graffics are totally gonna be amazing xD I’m so excited!

    5. Very good possibility, I soo hope so.

    6. No! It wouldn’t be the same! EAD have been making The Legend of Zelda for years, I’d be really disappointed if some other developer robbed EAD of it’s rights to continue making the series.

    7. I really don’t think it is. Considering when Zelda and Link meet in EVERY GAME, they always “put off” like it’s the first time they’ve ever met. If they were so called “cousins” and especially that close of cousins, I think they should have already met by now. – just my opinion.

    8. They being brother and sister makes alot of sense. In the Ocarina of Time, Link originates from the kingdom and The Great Tree proclaims that link’s mother died or something, but in a general sense she no longer has any contacting with him and is LONG gone. And Mrs.Queen of Hydule never was around, so conidering the circumstances.. It’s a really good chance.

    9. LOVED IT! If anything it made me fangirl more about the series! The story line was great but alittle to short for me.. I wish they would have made it a tad longer.

    10. Heck yea! Dark link was great in the Ocarina of Time and was a badass to fight, personally it was my favorite fight in the whole series. The last art piece I saw of Dark Link was AWESOME! The more the better!

    11. I hope he doesn’t make another appearance. He wasn’t really my favorite.

    12. Impa having turned into some form of spirit or essinse.. You really can’t come back from something like that.

  • Turtles!

    If the game was placed before the events of SS, then Ghirahim could possibly make an appearance. But it’s sort of unlikely if it’s after SS, cuz of what happens in the end. Not trying to spoil anything.

  • Kirb Stomp

    1. Saria! All the way!
    2. It was okay, but really they should of done a combination of skyward sword’s hero mode and the master quest they added in
    3. Cartoon sucked. Manga was great! They should of expanded it a little bit though.
    4. I think their next zelda game will first be a remake. If they do make a new game they should keep it in hyrule.
    5. No. Unless they make a remake of MM. Skull kids probably wont appear in any new zelda releases.
    6. No
    7. No
    8. What? No! they are most certainly not related!
    9. NO! It was a great game that I personally have to rank as the second best zelda title. It was not disapointing. There were things that could of made it better, but overall it was a great game and the best for the wii.
    10. eh, it would of been nice, but it was fine without it
    11. He probably will not make another apprence considering that demise was killed FOR SURE at the end of skyward sword
    12. She died or disappeared in nothing considering the time line was changed, but then again that wouldn’t make sense comparing it to ocarina of time and that none of the times disappear

  • Dart

    Axle made another video without his hat!!
    About Impa’s death, one theroy I have is that she did what Ajean did at the end of Spirit Tracks and became the other Impa in OoT (then became any other Impas I forgot) then became Ajean herself later on. Seven spirits floated away at the end of Spirit Tracks, and the sages of OoT float away in some ghostly orbs, so they could be reincarnations. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that Impa is the sage of darkness, so she would become Byrne and Ajean would have been Rauru? This theory made sense up until the element mix-up.

  • ChuckNorrisLoZ

    I think the sound at the beginning was Groose, but I don’t think i’ve played the game that the quote on the paper is from.

    • ChuckNorrisLoZ

      Never mind, that quote is from Skyward Sword, my bad.

  • Peter Brinkmann

    The quote was from Fi in Skyward Sword.
    Question: What do you think of Puppet Ganon from Wind Waker?

  • baileygirl99

    I want to see Ghirahim again. He was fun to fight with, but a little creepy at times…especially his tongue. It was so long and disturbing!

    • DA LAWLZ >:3

      >:33333 im not even gonna say anything………. XD

    • Dylan Mandalore Prouty

      Disturbing? Haha, try homosexual. At least, I thought he was.

  • Dark Majora

    anyone else think Axle the beast looks like Tobuscus

    • myras

      a bit

      • Dark Majora

        yeah and im suprised you are the only one that replied

  • Alan Da Cruz Nascimento

    I read somewhere that in A Link to the Past , Link’s Uncle was the King of Hyrule.


  • Twilight_Prince

    Midna at the end of TP hee hee hee

  • DA LAWLZ >:3

    i would like to see a darker Zelda game with a deeper storyline, but not in Skyward Sword’s artstyle….. maybe the Wind Waker’s! :D but yea a darker Zelda might be interesting

  • triwizard


  • erikingvoldsen

    1. Midna

    2. Neither. I’d rather have more monsters, harder
    monsters, or greater AI. Heavier damage doesn’t make a game harder to
    me. They still don’t hit me. And while being able to start on “hard”
    would be nice, I just don’t expect it from Nintendo. Anything to prevent
    a newbie from accidentally over challenging themselves. That’s just how
    they work.

    3. Cartoons were awful. The manga was OK, but they need more length in some cases to add more…story. MM was too rushed.

    Hyrule. Either the beginning or end of TP timeline. It’ll probably
    screw FSA’s place, but Nintendo won’t care. And fans need to realize
    that Zelda games aren’t going to relate to each other. Had fans just
    accepted this, they might have gotten to enjoy Skyward Sword for what it
    was. I didn’t expect connection and that’s why I wasn’t disappointed.

    I doubt Tingle will appear for awhile due to his vast unpopularity.
    Skullkid isn’t too much of a stretch. Has appeared in 3 out of 5 3D

    6. Hell no.

    8. I used to think they were brother
    and sister too…but I shunned it with all the romance going on. We
    don’t need another Star Wars.

    9. I wasn’t disappointed myself, primarily because I didn’t give myself any hope that Nintendo was gonna make it connect to anything. Actually, I was a little taken aback how much it did show us. I wasn’t expecting any connection at all. I also wasn’t looking forward to the Motion + (Miyamoto didn’t leave me brimming with confidence), but mostly worked out. Only disappointment was the lack of story and Fi.

    10. I think I’d rather see TP’s style again and see what the Wii U can do at its peak.

    11. SSBU if we’re lucky. Otherwise, he’ll never show up. I doubt the sword and trident are connected. The connection is too vague for a game series as simple as Zelda.

  • Kabro006

    midna and saria are my favorites :D

  • Wind Fisherman

    My favorite Zelda girl? Marin from Link’s Awakening, hands down.

  • Ness1985

    I laughed when you referred to capcom. Yea, they did good on the Oracles games, but have you been keeping track of them for the past 4 years? lol

  • anonymous

    first sfx was link shooting an arrow i think in ssbm, second one was groose’s surprised exclamation.

  • anonymous

    quote on the paper is from Fi’s Guay observation thing.

  • anonymous

    “should its droppings land on you, i calculate the probability of your intense aggravation at 100%”
    paused at 2:24

  • anonymous

    music in the background at 4:41 is the music played when you meet Fi in the Goddess statue, i believe.

  • anonymous

    lol, bloopers!

  • Locke64

    lol ‘Ghirahim disappeared but it was stylized so we might see him again’ ‘Impa disappeared because she’s dead’

    • Axle the Beast

      Impa’s death followed her as an old woman, and was greeted with sadness. If she /isn’t/ dead, the characters were still clearly meant to think she was. It was conducted like a death sequence.

      Ghirahim’s death or disappearance wasn’t conducted like anything. They stopped treating him like a character at that point. Either way that’s not why I think he’ll show up again. Like I said, the trident. ;)

  • linkasourous

    1. Who is your favorite Zelda girl?
    I’d have to think about that, :/

    2. Do you think the Master Quest add-on to Ocarina of Time was a good idea of a hard mode in a Zelda game or would you want something else?
    I think it was good, a very good idea

    3. What’s your opinion on the Zelda manga and cartoon series?
    The cartoon series was just pitiful, the mangas were very good simple versions of the Zelda stories. The later ones seemed rushed tho.

    4. If you had to guess, what do you think will be the setting for the new 3DS and WII U games, and where will they be in the timeline?
    I’m not really sure, but as for the timeline, I have heard a theory that the Minish Cap Picori blade is the Master Sword. It hasn’t been confirmed and would be impossible since the Picori blade (Master Sword?) gets destroyed and reappears in Ocarina of Time. If it is true, it would be awesome if Nintendo makes the next Zelda game explaining how the Picori Blade became the Master Sword again for it to be found in Ocarina of Time. But the theory of the Master Sword and Picori blade being the same thing is most likely just a theory with no confirmation

    5. Do you think Skull Kids will make an appearance in the next Zelda game?
    Well it depends really if it happens any time near Majora’s Mask or Ocarina of Time, we haven’t had any other appearances of him in any other Zelda game that occurs in a dramatic expansion of years after those games, and Twilight Princess.

    6.Would you like to see a Zelda game produced outside of EAD, and if so by which developer?

    7. I read somewhere that in A Link to the Past, Link’s Uncle was the King of Hyrule. Is this true?

    8. Are Link and Zelda related, as brother and sister? And is this only in Ocarina of Time?
    No. The interview with Miyamoto confirmed that they’re romantically related

    9. Did Skyward Sword disappoint you? Why or why not?
    Well, in alot of ways it surprised me and in alot of ways it disappointed me. I wasn’t too fond about lack of exploration and a bland overworld, I think they could have added in day and night switches without you having to sleep, and maybe even adding in storms in the regular overworld sky without having to go into ThunderHead. Having to fight the Imprisoned multiple times got repetitive for me, and the soundtrack was good, in terms of orchestration, but the themes sometimes got tiring and didn’t seem as good as what we’ve had in previous years. Still, it has a pretty high rating in my mind, despite all that

    10. Would you like to see a darker Zelda game in Skyward Sword’s artstyle?
    I think it would be interesting, but the watercolor-like visuals just doesn’t seem to fit with the feeling of “dark” which is why I think that some of the darker moments in Skyward Sword just didn’t feel as good as they could have been if they had used a more realistic Twilight Princess looking style. But, who knows, it could be total genius.

    11. How likely is it that Ghirahim will make a future appearance in the Zelda series?

    It’s kind of complicated, since he is Demise’s sword….He could have appeared in other Zelda games (as a vaguely referenced sword) but it wasn’t clear or it was one of those little surprised Nintendo puts in. The only time he would reappear is if Demise’s Sword reappears and Ghirahim breaks free.

    12. Does Impa die at the end of Skyward Sword?
    0_0 oh gosh I haven’t gotten to that part yet 0_0

  • Wind waker Link

    NPR (national public radio) just played the LOZ main theme from the skyward sword cd!!

  • Wind waker Link

    NPR (National Public Radio) played Zelda music on morning edition!

    • DFM

      What program did they play the music on? NPR streams most of their stuff online….I’d like to find it in their archives. :)

      • DFM

        *LOL* That tells you how tired I am…you SAID it was on Morning Edition, and I completely forgot as soon as I saw it! (Can’t go to bed and sleep for two more hours because of work…but soooo tiiiiirrreeed…..:( )

      • DFM

        Just heard it on the Morning Edition archive stream! It was a good (short) news segment too. :)

  • DFM

    Favourite Zelda girl? Marin. Followed by Marin, Marin, and Marin. She just has so much personality and variety to her character that many of the other Zelda girls lack. She seems more like a real person (no pun intended) than other characters to me.

    I also leaped on the “Link and Zelda could be separated siblings” thing in Ocarina. Because of that stuff you touched upon about Zelda having a father but no mother, and Link being brought to the Forest by his dying mother, but no father present. Also the part in the graveyard with Link being mistaken for a member of the Royal Family, though there’s more than one way to explain that (I also haven’t played the game in years and have a fuzzy memory over why I thought that). To be specific, I don’t think they’re officially sibs, but I could totally see it.

  • Mseevers95

    So, this is more on the Voice acting issue than anything Axle got into.
    I have always firmly said that I didn’t think voice acting would work in Zelda but I have changed my view.

    Nintendo did a great job with voice actors in Kid Icarus Uprising, especially Pit, Palutena, Hades and Viridi.

    The VAs they got for Kid Icarus were decently well known, and more importantly skilled. Hynden Walch, who voiced Viridi, is also the voice of Princess Bubblegom on Adventure Time.

    If Nintendo is good about choosing who would voice who then I could get behind Voices in Zelda.

  • npatoray24

    what do you think of that one girl on youtube kokiri sword theory? she believes that girahim was made so weak from the battle that he was reduced to that little sword and stored in kokiri forest. it does have the red jewel and does become the guilded sword in MM. i wouldnt completely disregard this theory though….

  • MegaQuack8

    Ghirahim will obviously come back cause after nintendo making such an awesome villain they wouldnt just throw him away …. also they say the kokiri sword has a red jewel on the hilt and in majoras mask it turned into the glided sword which has the diamond shaped texture on Ghirahims clothes(i hope they’re clothes..) anyway i believe that he will be resuructed from his sword form sooner or later. this will happen in the child time line of course cause the kokiri sword was destroyed or lost forever in the adult timeline and the lost hero timeline.

  • triwizard

    the first music is the potion shop from majoras mask!

  • Cram6

    1. Skyward Sword Zelda

    2. It’s a good idea

    3. I agree with Axle.

    4. I think New Hyrule. Probably in The Wind-Waker timeline because there are only 3 games in that timeline

    5. Probably

    6.Nintendo is fine

    7. No

    8. I think they are related in all the games other than Skyward-Sword and Wind-Waker

    9. I was kinda disappointed beacuse I got freaked out in The Imprisoned Battles


    11. He probably will

    12. Probably

  • twilli link

    I agree with Axle when it comes to the Link and Zelda sibling thing…..I’ve always thought that.

  • Dylan Mandalore Prouty

    I’d really like to see a Zelda game from before Skyward Sword’s place in the timeline, where Link encounters Demise in the beginning, who sends Ghirahim against Link, who gets very powerful, but you can’t win the first Ghirahim fight, because he is, again, powerful. Later, when Zelda is missing, we see the Demon War spoken of in Skyward Sword, and Link gets to fight the demons, with other knights from the Knight Academy. Also, right after the start of the Demon War, Hylia lifts the soon-to-be Skyloft into the sky. Hylia does not have a physical embodiement, however. She appears as blue, green, and red flame-like apparitions, to symbolize Din, Farore, and Nayru. When Demise kills her, she splits into the three godesses, who give Link the ability to find the Triforce, or just give it to him up front. Then, Link finds Demise, and Demise takes Ghirahim’s powers away from him, as Ghirahim did not keep Link at bay. Then, Link fights Demise, who is also in a different form. This is because in Skyward Sword, Fi says that Demise comes back as a different form in each epoch, as a different form to each person. Also, we see Fi be created by Hylia somewhere right before the Demon War, to help Link.