Curiosity Shop #102: Zelda Dungeon Mailbag (Halloween!)

Axle the BeastNovember 1st, 2012 by Axle the Beast

Well hey there guys! Might be a day late, but it’s the usual day for the mailbag, so I’ve brought you a Halloween-themed mailbag for today! I feel like something strange is about to happen though… Well, anyway, this mailbag has 16 questions, about a bunch of spooky and or villain-related topics in the Zelda series. I also talk about Majora’s Mask a fair bit. Sorry if it’s a bit long, guys. Anyway, enjoy! You can watch the video here or check out the embed after the jump.

Questions and timestamps:

(01:22) – Of all the different races in Zelda, which one would you like to see reappear?
(01:48) – What’s your favorite mask from Majora’s Mask?
(02:21) – If there were a Zelda movie, who would you want to write it, and who to direct it?
(02:59) – Do you think Dark Link should be the main antagonist of a game? And why wasn’t he a bigger character in the old games?
(03:52) – Do you think that Fierce Deity Link could be used more in Majora’s Mask? Do you want to see it again?
(04:30) – What do you think of future Zelda games blurring the line between good and evil and making things more gray?
(05:09) – Which would you prefer, fighting bosses again or 50-100 floor dungeons?
(05:45) – Do you like the idea of the Gold Skulltulas? Would you like to see something like them again?
(06:19) – Why didn’t Ganondorf just climb through the window in the Temple of Time?
(06:53) – Why is there a random dead tree in Dark Link’s room in the Water Temple?
(07:26) – Why do you think the Gerudo are generally depicted as evil?
(08:40) – Would you have liked if the Gibdo Mask had been a transformation mask?
(09:15) – Do you think the Death Sword will come back in a future game and be more prominent in the story?
(10:03) – Would it be awesome if a villain brought Ghirahim back?
(10:49) – Do you think Demise will ever return in another Zelda game?
(11:13) – Why do they avoid saying “kill” or “murder” in Zelda games when you spend the games killing things?

Be sure to submit your name/username and questions to our contact page, or if that page doesn’t work then email them to [email protected] for next week’s mailbag! You can also use my Twitter or Facebook, or use the Mailbag Thread on the forums!

Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? Include them with your question and you might guarantee it gets answered! How about your thoughts about the questions? Of all the different races in the Zelda series, which one would you like to see reappear? What’s your favorite mask in Majora’s Mask? Tell me your thoughts on those and any other questions you want in the comments!

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  • Clemens909

    Even possesed, Axle’s favourite game is still skyward sword.

    • Axle the Beast

      Well what do you expect? Demise IS the source of all evil in the series.=P

      • baileygirl99

        That’s true…! *the more you know*

  • Zervah


    You should get more costumes, btw.

  • Rob

    I will answer your Zelda questions for darkness… death… and evil…

  • Minhagaza

    Thanks for answering! I would like Peter Jackson, look at the Lord of the Rings!

  • Kirsten

    The ‘poe’ mask totally looks like Zant, hahaha.

  • Kirsten

    XD OMG Axle, ‘Ever get that feeling that you’re about to turn into gold?’ Pfft! Perfect!

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    Poes… AAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    Someone thats looks like you would like the Majora’s Mask. DUH!

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    6:52 O_o

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    Death Sword actually turns into locusts.

  • joshcv11

    if they made zelda a movie. peter jackson all the way

    • Zelda Lover

      Dude yes!!!

  • pokemario24

    Hey!!! You didn’t answer my damn question!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      He doesn’t answer 99% of the questions asked of him.

  • Anonymous

    Booyah for Poe’s entry! I thought, at first, it was a Garo…

    1. The Rito!

    2. Giant’s Mask, Fierce Deity, or Bunny Hood.
    Called it! You do look like Garo!

    3. I don’t pay attention to that. Nintendo should write it. I think the Avatar or LotR guys would do very well.

    4. Uh, Adventures of Link anybody? That’s an old game where he’s the main antagonist. How about Four Swords Adventures? From what I’ve seen, he’s a main character for the storyline, from what I’ve seen. And in most of the old games that feature him, he’s one of the harder battles.

    5. I’d like to see the Fierce Deity and Majora’s history, but we saw, in my opinion, enough of him in MM.

    6. I like that. That’s what makes Princess Mononoke so good, that Eboshi and San saw themselves as at least having good, and the other as being the opposition.

    7. Mix the two!

    8. They were ok in MM, but OoT? By the time you could get all of them, the prize isn’t worth it. If we see something like them again, I want a better prize.

    9. It could draw attention to himself. The windows might be connected to the doors protective barrier. Maybe the only person who could pull out the Master Sword, the last obstacle before the Triforce, was the one who collected all 3 Spiritual Stones.

    Good response! Defend your master!

    10. Deku Tree shadow?

    11. They’re Frollo’s Gypsies, the Sheriff of Nottingham’s band of merry men. They are a culture that doesn’t live by Hylian Law, so they are mistrusted.
    Good answer!

    12. Not really. Wasn’t there the Giant’s Mask?

    13. I hope so!

    14. Depends on how they do it. I don’t want to see Girahim without either Demise or Fi.
    If I knew, I’d GLADELY tell you!

    15. Maybe not. Possibly if they did a prequel to SS.

    16. Purity for little kids.

    I know where Evil belongs: in either politics or Spring Cleaning when everybody else votes you onto Toilet duty.

  • Jack Lepien

    The Poster is CROOKED!!! Dun Dun Duuuun

  • Sir Quaffler

    pfffffftttttttt hahahahahahahahahaha that was freakin’ hilarious!!!

  • JeredenDonnar

    1. The Rito or Deku.
    2. Bunny Hood or Stone Mask
    3. If Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg were hired…
    4. I think Dark Link would be a very interesting antagonist, in a game where Link must conqeur himself…
    5. I think Fierce Diety Link’s appearence in MM was where it needed to be, but I’d love to see him again in a game.
    6. If you blur the lines, you would lose the uniqueness of Zelda and just get another anime with an antihero of sorts.
    7. 50-100 room dungeons.
    8. The gold skulltulas were too long, it took forever to get enough of them to get any good rewards, it really wasn’t at all worth it. I like the treasures from the DS games instead.
    9. Well, under that logic, why didn’t he just break the walls down? It was sealed with the door.
    10. The tree could be a reflection of where real Link came from contrasting where shadow Link came from. ( A lush, living forest vs. a misty, dead desolation)
    11. Because they are? Because they’re a different human tribe? Cause evil has come from their ranks everytime they’re around?
    12. The gibdo as a transformation mask would have been really cool, perhaps the Garo mask would have worked too…Garo Link…
    13. Yes, the death sword would be awesome, he could work on par with the dead hand as Zelda’s well-known darkness villains (non-boss)
    14.I hope not, Ghirahim was one of those characters seemingly designed to supercede the decades of build up before him (from decades of Ganon to a strategically-timeline-placed new runner-up evil villain to (by virtue of his appeal and placement) replace him.)
    15. apparently, EVery villain has been the almighty Demise, since they (Nintendo) arbitraily decided to make HIM the actual evil and everyone else a mere power user. (would that include Majora? Did Demise create him, too?)
    16. Because it would be redundant. And probably cause they don’t want the games to sink to that level,; your words become your actions.
    The mask was sincerely creepy, Axle.

  • Enwoload

    Another special mailbag where he does’nt answer the questions like he would normaly, he has said before that the stonemask is his favorit but now he is just silly… :/

  • Twilight Gale

    Where I live, this is before Halloween. Hurricane Sandy postponed it to November 5th. The begining of the Poe thing made me laugh. And the dead people thing made me laugh, too. And I’m guessing the quote on the paper is what Skull Keeta said when you killed him??

  • Guest

    You’re a great actor :-)

  • Olamarr

    Nice costume, I like the flash lights in your face.

  • baileygirl99

    X-D I loved this mailbag so much! I think Nintendo avoided using the words “kill” and “murder” because the game is supposed to be the least bit kid-friendly, so those words probably wouldn’t be approved by parents or critics. I cracked up at the end.

    • hyourinmaru

      actually ghirihim used the word murder during his and links first encounter.

      • baileygirl99

        Oh yeeeeaaaaahhh…I remember now!

  • Dart

    I am surprised Axle managed to keep his “poe voice” as long as he did. I can mess with my voice in some crazy ways, but maintaining it for a long time is hard.
    About halfway through the video I was planning to ask Axle how he made the eyes, but he answered me anyways.
    If Axle happens to look at this, I would like to know which of your answers were different because of halloween and what the real answers to these questions were.( like if you really wanted to see demons again or if that was just to be poe-like)

  • Zora_Mask

    00:39-00:44 sounds like “i am the ho”

  • Kirb Stomp

    1. zoras
    2. firece deity
    3. Stephen Stelburg :)
    4. I don’t know.
    5. He could of definately been used more other then just at the end of MM. I dont think he should reappear in any other games though unless Majora is in it with him.
    6. I think it will make the story line a bit more interesting
    7. Why not both?
    8. They were fun to hunt at first but got very annoying to find
    9. Well, my best guess is that they were just sealed windows but looking in to Twilight Princess behind the mirrors there’s apparetenly a whole temple. Which questions the whether or not they are real windows at all…
    10. Why not there be a random dead tree?
    11. the Gerudos are theives, plus the main antagonist of a lot of zelda games is a Gerudo.
    12. eh, it’d be okay. but what could you really do as a Gibdo?
    13. I have no idea!
    14. Yes, but the problem with being Girahim back would be the fact that, not only does his sword dissolve at the end of Skyward Sword, but Demise has been vanquished therefore, there’s not point to him.
    15. No. He was killed in Skyward Sword. Ganadorf is the from his hatred takes now because of the curse he laid on Link.
    16. They can’t make it too violent

  • Goddess of Time

    1. probably the Mogmas from SS. they r just so cute!

    2.DUH! Majora’s Mask. its kinda y nintendo named the game that in the 1st place!

    3.Steven Speilberg. the man’s a genious.
    4. YES!!!!! Dark Link NEEDS 2 b a main antagonist!!! i pray it b soon.
    i only wanted 2 answer the 1st 4. good nite erbody. ## WAFFLES 4 ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Hylian Monolith

    Nice with the Poe possesion, Axle. I thougt your defenses were better. Guess who needs the Hylian Shield! Ah…moving along…

    1) THe Zora. THey weren’t in Skyward Sword or the DS games, but I loved tehm in TP, so I guess I think they should appar in Zelda WiiU…although I don’t think I’ll play that one. Sads…

    2) Fierce Deity! Partially because ot the great lengths you must go to retrieve it, partially because of the kick-butt Fierce Deity! But I also liked the Stone Mask, for its appearance adn usage. It looks like abstract art, and makes you invisible! Two moblins with one arrow!

    3) Whoever, as long as it’s amazing! Although I never remember names, so I’m useless.

    4) Maybe to put it a bit less darkly, Dark Link would make an interesting ally… hm…but having him as a major antagonist would also be cool. Maybe as a sequel, you’d need to recover him, because he’s your shadow? Coax him into rejoining you, but fight him when he gets violent?

    5) Not sure, and I’d love too see it again. As previously stated, it is my favorite mask.

    6) Sure. If the hero can’t decide at one point or another who’s side he’s on, it can make for som extra plot intensity. This goes right along with the idea of recovering Dark Link, because after defeating so much darkness in his past, he must accept the shadows as a part of him. It could be a deep game phychologically, ebcause tehe player tehmselves will realize that good and evil ar not definite thigns, and that ther is evil wihtin everyone… And Fierce Deity could make a comeback, but as a villain alongside Dark Link that Link must recover to restore his spirit. Perhaps Dark Link could represent darkness, Fierce Deity could be power, and a different form could be Wisdom. Link is the courage, of course.

    7) Would you rather have the OPTION of eating your favorite pie agin, or HAVE to eat more tofu(say you don’t like tofu, okay? Although I do)? The key word here is “option”, friend.

    8) To the questioner: Yes, that was fun, but with better rewards. Golden bugs were like that. To Poe Axle: My gaem idea Shadow Plague is all abotu a curse covering Hyrule, even posessing spirits of Light, in the form of an epidemic.

    9) Great reaction, Poe Axle. Uh…maybe he couldn’t see it…? I dunno. He doesn’t exactly have the Triforce of Wisdom, you know.

    10) Why is ther a window in teh Temple of Time? Why do Gerudo women dress like Arabs? How do bean plans get taht much more popular in 10 seconds? It’s Zelda, chillax.

    11) Uh…They’re not evil, they’re just mad because you’re a guy and so is Ganondorf.

    12) A Gibdo Mask would have been cool, but not ideal because the Gibdoes aren’t as fully developed as the Gorons, Deku Scrubs, and Zoras. But I would’ve loved it nonetheless–for some reason, the Gibdoes are aewsome in my book. Or bandages. It also would’ve amse sense, because teh Song of Healing typically makes tranforamton mastks. But Ikana did have a tranformation mask-the Giant’s Mask, if you got it.

    13) Too soon for me to tell, I can’t acess Moldorm’s boss room in the Lakebed Temple.

    14) Bigfoot whatever-ever(sorry for forgetting your username), please don’t ressurect Girahim. Nintendo should, though. Great idea. A bit like Beedle was in WW, PH, ST, and SS.

    15) Uh…Not Demise directly, no, but little bits, results of his curse. Like Ganondorf.

    16) For children, and to keep the rating T and E 10+.

  • James Best

    My favorite mask would be the Bunny Hood, not counting the transformation masks.
    A Zelda Hitchcock would be awesome.

    Nice costume, by the way. Next time, maybe you might like to try a ski mask to keep the light from illuminating your face behind the mask.

  • BlackRaven6695

    This was the most ridiculously hilarious Mailbag I’ve ever seen. I loved it!

    (01:48) My favorite mask is the Stone Mask. So useful!

    (03:52) I don’t know how the Fierce Deity Mask could have been used in Majora’s Mask but I do know that I’d love to see something similar in another game. Remember in Twilight Princess when Midna used the Fused Shadow to destroy the barrier to Hyrule castle but then you don’t get to use it in the actual dungeon? I want to see a game where you get some sort of incredible power before the Final Boss’s lair and can use it to drive the minions into the ground effortlessly. It would feel so cool to use. Of course, the villain would need to have similar levels of power.

    (04:30) I would argue that Link’s Awakening, Wind Waker and Twilight Princess all blurred the line quite well.

    (11:13) I don’t think they’re deliberately avoiding it. Ganondorf says “Kill” in Wind Waker and Ghirahim says “murder”.

    • cams

      I think getting incredible power near the end already happened once. When you get the light arrows at Wind Waker.

      • BlackRaven6695

        You’re right I forgot about that one! Duh, I’m so stupid -_-

  • GOROHUG!!!!!!!!!!

    Even if Ganondorf had climbed in through the window, he couldn’t have entered the Sacred Realm, because he’d have had to withdraw the Master Sword from its pedestal.
    Typically, he cannot do that.

  • Demise

    2. I haven’t played it.

    3. I don’t want a Zelda movie. If I did, I never ever remember any names so I wouldn’t be of much use either.

    4. Well, main antagonist… Maybe not. But secondary antagonist (kinda like Zant or Ghirahim) – sure. And maybe he’d have been a previous link (i.e. Link from a previous game) that was cursed, and at the end you break the curse and save him just before fighting the main villain.

    5.I haven’t played MM, but he sure looks cool. I have always thought it unfair that most villains have soem powered-up state (Ganondorf transforms into Ganon in OoT, Ghirahim resurects Demise… Well that’s not exactly a power up, but he’s almost dead and he makes a much dangerous foe with his last breath), while Link didn’t have anything of the kind. Fierce Diety solves the problem.

    6. Well, having it as the center of the plot is not in my preferences. (It would draw attention from the main villain!) However, otherwise it would be great. Like, a guy who’s your friend but turns otu to be a minion of the villain. (Kinda like Chancellor Cole but more lfeshed out, and not so obvious) Also, something Ghirahimish, but more gentelmany, i.e. not openly killing people and pretending to be polite, but actually acting semi-kind. I don’t know what he would turn out to be in the end.

    7. Refighting bosses is a must. DEFINITELY. I would even go further and allow you to refight some of the “rare” enemies/minibosses (e.g. SS stallords). As for 100 floor dungeons, if they’re well made and aren’t a bore and a pain (like the Temple of the Ocean king, which had only 12 floors but was annoying as heck to do without the shortcut and without the Phantom Sword) it can be nice.

    8. (I haven’t played MM, so all coments for OoT) The prize sucks. However, the ability to collect some all the time and know you’re a step closer to 100% is nice (but make sure you knwo the reward before trying to get them all!!!). With better rewards and stuff it would be nice.

    9. Because he’s and ass. He was supposed to be my descendant but has dissapointed me in every way.

    10. Technically, it was probably to have a point where Dark Link could appear, not to have him just standing on a random spot in the middle of nowhere. It’s also cool to turn around and see some mysterious fidure standing by the tree that wasn’t there the minute before.

    11. Thieves! That says it all. As to why they are thieves… That’s another question.

    12. Again, I haven’t played MM, but I like the idea of transforming into a Gibdo. Soit’s a yes.

    13. I also haven’t played TP (although I’m buying it within the nest couple of days!!), but it certainly looks cool and all. So yes.

    14. The question goes, “would it be awesome if a villain found the Dark Master Sword and bought Ghirahim back to life”. Well that’s impossible, because stupid Nintendo made it so that I was very easy to kill in thet game, and when I do die, the DMS vanishes and dissapears. (Although the two word mean the exact same thing…) However, if Ghirahim WAS brought back to life, it would be awesome (I’m saying this not because of my username but because he was really cool and had nice battles).

    15. Currently he is commenting on ZD – there are even two of us, me and Dark Lord Demise – and he will definitely play Zelda Wuu I. I don’t know if this counts as returning in it…

    16. Hey, look here, this is the SIXTEENTH question and I’m tired. So lemme just say, nice going, and at first when I was you I though, “The Jawas are coming!!!” and then I realised it was just a Poe.

  • Chris Mortti

    They should do a plot like pokemon black and white. I kinda though N was right. Antiheroes are needed

  • zelda-valkyrie

    I’m a little late for responding, but oh well!

    1. I like the Rito! Come on, only one game? I also really like the Gerudo.

    2. I know it’s pretty useless other than getting a heart piece, but I ALWAYS wore the Keaton Mask throughout the entire game! It’s really cute!

    3. I’d really like a Zelda movie, but I was never concerned with who wrote or directed a movie. I think Nintendo should write it, and someone should adapt it into english. The Lord of the Rings directors should be good at making a fantasy film like Zelda.

    4. He was already the main antagonist once, but I think that would be cool to have him appear as the main villain again!

    5. I wish the Fierce Deity Link could be used in more places than battle. I don’t really care about it appearing again, though.

    6. That’d be cool, and I’d love to see even more of Ganondorf’s past; what makes him think his motives are the right way to go.

    7. I like both, but if I had to pick one, then re-fighting bosses.

    8. I don’t have anything against them, er, I mean, in the case of appearing in the game…, of course!

    9. I figured there’s more to it than just a window. I think that there is a barrier or something.

    10. It makes it even creepier. I like how you have a reflection in the water in the room, and then, upon passing the tree, your reflection disappears, thus creating Dark Link. At least that’s how I see it.

    11. Gerudo simply must follow their king, born every 100 years. Ganondorf is their king, and he is evil. However, Nabooru was against Ganondorf. If the Gerudo are evil, then they would probably try to kill you in Ocarina of Time rather than throw you in prison and then let you join them.

    12. Heck yeah! I hated how Ikana was the only place that didn’t give you a transformation mask ( I don’t count the Giant’s Mask). When I first got the Gibdo mask, I was so sure that I’d get to become one. Then again, what more could you do as a Gibdo…?

    13. It was a really cool mini boss, but I don’t think it will appear again, unfortunately. I’d be happy just to fight him again in another game.

    14. I would love to see Ghirahim again, but ONLY if Fi returned in that same game.

    15. It would really work out. His evil is reborn into Ganon, or even the other villains.

    16.The Legend of Zelda is a pure game, and the killing, stabbing, and stuff, is more cartoon violence.

    Whew, that was fun! Anything for my beloved Zelda games!!!

  • pickleslkw

    Axel you are awesome. Good costume dedication!!!!!

  • shmuga9

    lol this was great… didn’t even realize your poster was crooked

  • shadowlink13

    it would have been funny if after he became himself again he would say lets start and redo all the questions as i he had no idea what happened

  • Neutopia

    I would definitely hope to see the Koroks again, they were cute. :P
    And I definitely liked the Bunny ears for the best mask aha, they made you go a lot faster, I know it’s a lame excuse ha. xD

  • Phosphorus

    His eyes are to cl—I mean far apart……Or too small…….Too short?

  • Phosphorus

    Too thin?……they should be longer……Poes have weird eyes!

  • Michael Heide

    I would like to write the script to a Zelda movie myself. If that is not an option, Eiji Aonuma.
    As for directors, I imagine Gore Verbinski (Mouse Hunt, Ring, The Mexican, Pirates of the Caribbean) would be a great choice. As would Edgar Wright (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim).

  • rulerofyourface

    Love the Edgar Allen Poe joke :)

  • Mr. Resetti

    What the hell is that window question about (6:19)??? why would Ganondorf have needed to go through it? I hope it was a joke question : )

  • crypticskizzhrs

    good acting

  • Dart

    I just found the hood he used in the video!!! No lie, I found the same exact hood in a box in my attic! Now I just need another red flashlight for the eyes.

  • Vink

    Nice costume, I thought you were a garo XD.

  • npatoray24

    jovani is gold