Breathtaking “Ballad of the Goddess” Cover

JohnNovember 7th, 2012 by John

Skyward Sword had its faults. One of its strong points however was most definitely its music. From the sweeping orchestral elegance of the “Romance Theme” to the dark and unsettling atmosphere of the “Lanayru Mining Facility”, the latest installment of our beloved series brought with it a veritable treasure trove of brilliant musical themes. The Audire Soundtrack Choir is a group of students based in Boston who have taken it upon themselves to produce a stunning rendition of Skyward Sword’s title theme, “The Ballad of the Goddess.” Hit the jump to see the video!

Audire have certainly showcased their amazing talents effectively in their first video. The music is complex and multi-layered without being overwhelming and the lyrics are sung with enough emotion and feeling that the entire piece sounds like a proper re-interpretation of the music as opposed to being just a plain cover. The lead vocal especially is quite haunting and slightly mysterious in its quality, in my opinion. The inclusion of “Zelda’s Lullaby” also adds another dimension to the music and prevents an otherwise repetitive tune from stagnating. You can tell from the quality of the singing and the production that a lot of thought went into putting the voices and melodies together to make an excellent piece of music.

No half-measures were taken with the visuals either. The video itself has been tastefully edited to show both the choir performing and a Zelda cos-player traversing through the forest of Hyrule along with her guardian, Impa. I think this aspect of the video is especially intriguing because it portrays a part of the game which is relatively obscure and is seldom talked about in the fandom. Although the details of her journey aren’t shown in detail of course, it’s nice to see Zelda’s quest being acknowledged in this small way. It is evident through the video that Link wasn’t the only one to face hardships and tribulations in his adventure through Hyrule.

But what did you think of the video? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: YouTube

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  • Alchire Shikoni

    The performance is pretty darn good!

    One thing. ‘Zelda cos-player traversing through the forest of Hyrule along with her guardian, Sheik…’ The Sheikah in Skyward Sword named -Impa-, not Sheik.

    • linkypete

      Great performance. Horrible cosplay.

      • baileygirl99

        I must agree. You could see some of the brown hair behind the blonde wig. It was too obvious. Well, to me, at least

  • Demise

    “Breathtaking” is the right word. I almost pity Zelda for being chased by Ghirahim all the time after this. It is certainly emotional.

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

      Then why did you tell Ghirahim to chase her? That was kinda mean of you, really, especially what with trying to steal her soul and all. And since when do demons breath?

      • Demise

        1. Being stuck in a body of a giant whale with marshmallow toes is not very pleasant. And “almost pitying” someone is not enough to try to get revived by using that someone’s soul.

        2. Demons do breath. You should see some cutscenes.

        • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

          They might in cutscenes, but that doesn’t mean they do. Demons aren’t physical; they aren’t dependent on something from our realm like air. You of all people should know this. Then again, they don’t feel pity at all…

          • baileygirl99

            Heh….I think you might be taking this a bit too far…
            By the way, I wanted to ask you what a chronomancer is. I know what a necromancer is, but I was just wondering…

          • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

            Chrono is the root for time, like Necro is the root for death. “Mancer” loosely translated is “Master.” Chronomancer? Time Master. My picture is a chronomancer.

          • baileygirl99

            Coooooooool. Thanks!
            *the more you know*

          • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

            *The more you Khols!*
            most annoying slogan, ever

          • baileygirl99

            Hahaha made my day…..or evening… :-D

          • Demise

            Yes, I of all people should know this, and I DO know that they DO breath. At least for the sake of appearance. Why do you argue with a Demon King whether demons breath or not? Surely I know better?

          • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

            Actually, I don’t think you do. You got completely eradicated at the end of SS; you aren’t the real Demise. Maybe when they take on physical appearance they also breath for sake of appearance like you said, but why? I mean, if I didn’t have to breath and I was superior in (almost) every way to the human, 1. I would show how much of a boss I was not needing one of the most basic sustainers of life, and 2. Why would I care what some primitive human thought of my breathing? Why should I do what the human expects? Especially if not breathing would invoke more fear. You aren’t very smart. No wonder you wanted the to take soul of a helpless little girl instead of someone harder to take on (but letting Link fight you when you were at your weakest really was stupid).

          • Demise

            Well, the fact that I was eradicated at the end of SS is a valid argument… Or is it? How do you know that I have? Maybe I WILL be. Maybe I am being right now (although this is improbable, because writing a comment and fighting at the same time is REALLY stupid and I wouldn’t do that). The official timeline (or any other timeline for that matter) doesn’t specify the relationship between Hyrule and our universe. So it may well be that the battle between me and Hylia still hasn’t happened. And given the fact that I am sitting at my desk writing this right now, it is very probable that this is the case. So, I AM the real Demise. Therefore, I DO know whether demons breath or not. I don’t want to look stupid before those that I will conquer, do I?

            Random guy 1: RUN!!! Demise is coming!!! Where is the Goddess?
            Random guy 2: Don’t know!! She told us to stay here…. but now RUN!!!
            Random guy 3: Too late! ARGHHHH!!!!
            Random guy 2: What? This… thing is the Great Demon King? It doesn’t even breath! Ahahahaha!!
            Random guy 1: Oh yeah! XD XD XD!!! How can he want to conquer the world when he can’t even breath? He looks so lame!
            Random guy 3: Wahahahaha!!! Wahahahaha! Does he seriously want to rule the world? Wahahahaha!!

            Me: ……………..

          • Aaron hill

            impressive story telling and your argument is a good one

  • Guest

    “Ballad of the Goddess” is the best track from Skyward Sword. In terms of overall music, the game did not have as many memorable tracks as previous entries in the series.

    • Gaseous Snake

      Less memorable, but equally spectacular

    • Forest

      Totally agree, I only hope Nintendo be aware of that… maybe I’m weird hehe but I listen Zelda music a lot! and if I listen almost every song of Wind Waker or Ocarina of Time or A Link to the Past; I feel motivated and excited and… and… I wanna cry! (in the good way) hahaha, but not with Skyward Sword songs, only Ballad of the Goddess is remarkable IMHO. I only hope next Zelda back to the old music style.

      • The Hylian Monolith

        You’re not weird, you just have good taste. The SS songs weren’t quite so memoreable, but I loved the songs in ST. The final Malladus battle, and really all of the ending songs(no spoilers) were amazing. But it’s the older tunes taht everyone remembers–I myself am overly fond of AoL’s Temple Theme.

    • Arshad Mawla

      Well, it is background music. They made it more complex so it would fit into the background. Making it less memorable. I, personally, thought it was a grat soundtrack.

    • aelic7

      Agreed. I thought Ballad of the Goddess was beautifully orchestrated, but the melody wasn’t as captivating as it could have been. I mean, it IS a song played backwards, and they did a fantastic job making it sound good, but I feel like it would have been better if the main theme was an original meldoy.

  • Krukmeister

    Pronunciation is off, which bugs me. I’m picky like that, I’m sorry.

  • Jean

    This performance was amazing!!! I also really appreciated the creative effort to cosplay…although it lacked a bit of refinement in appearance, it added to the sincerity of their performance. I can’t wait till Symphony of the Goddess at the end of the month!!! <3

  • Lucius Optimus

    That was good!

  • Twilight Gale

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ballad of the Goddess is NOT meant to be sung. And waht language was she singing in?! It wasn’t Hylian, nor any toher language. Ballad of the Goddess is meant to be hummed or played on an intrument, not sung.

    • Linkfan99

      Well, Zelda sings it in the game, in this EXACT LANGUAGE, so I’m pretty sure it IS meant to be sung. DISLIKE!

    • Marcelo Blum

      french , looks like french, i understood some words from it.

  • Amber Evans

    The music was pretty good, the choir went flat in acouple of places, but were overall amazing.
    I wish that they had spent more time on the customes, hair and makeup. Can it be any more obvious that “Zelda” is wearing a wig? And what is with Impa? When I first saw her it took me a moment to figure out, Oh, that’s suppose to be Impa!!
    If they had paid more attention to the hair and makeup part, I bet this film would be twice as good.

  • Kjetil Berthling

    loved it, the music just penetrated me!

  • Kablamogroup

    That’s probably my favorite rendition of a Zelda song yet. I love a cappella music, and this was an especially wonderful example of great music being performed by nothing more than a chorus of voices. Zelda’s my favorite game franchise (otherwise why would I be here?), and a cappella is possibly my favorite method of performing music, so that makes this particular song extra spectacular in my book.

  • thelinkmaster001

    i’m officially impressed

  • Marcelo Blum

    breathtaking, beatifull , zelda you are so hot hehehehe

  • iKhan

    This is giving me chills

  • Zelda4Life

    That was spectacular, breathtaking, and truly stunning. Great job.

  • baileygirl99

    That was cool. The Zelda wig could have been better, but it was still good. The Impa cosplay was really good! These people are very good singers. Quite a stunning performance

  • Ryan

    LOVE IT!!! Definitely the best track from Skyward Sword and sung beautifully. It always amazes me how Zelda reaches out to people in so many different ways. The good comes with the bad unfortunately. The cosplay is not the best. There are others out there that can do amazing cosplay. Also, two minutes of credits with no background music? Surely they could have put something in there.

  • anonymous

    Where did they get the lyrics???

  • Emma Mix

    Pretty good…

  • nivi_formula1

    im in love
    with the song of course