A Link to the Past Enemy Artwork Update

Mases HagopianNovember 13th, 2012 by Mases Hagopian

It has been six days since we initially posted about our artwork competition for the A Link to the Past Enemies. I’m happy to report that in those six days we’ve had 45 submissions from 26 different artists! The piece you see to the left is of a Poe and it was illustrated by Josh Stobbs. You can go ahead and make the jump to check out a larger version of the image, along with some of my personal favorite submissions that we’ve gotten thus far.

There is no deadline as of yet for this competition, so if you are working on a piece or want to create a few, you have plenty of time. The process is rather simple. Just pick any enemy from our A Link to the Past Enemy Gallery and create your own fan artwork for it. Feel free to use as much liberty in imagining the enemy in a 3d world. The art can be just of the actual enemy, it can have a background, or it can even have Link in the art as well. We will feature all of the submissions at the Facebook Album that we created and they are all eligible to be winners for the competition. However, only the plain ones without Link and without a background will be featured within the site guides and wiki content. For full details about the contest, awards, and how you can potentially get a position here at Zelda Dungeon, check out the initial post. All artwork submissions can be sent to me directly at [email protected]

Poe by Josh Stobbs


Anti-Fairy by Betsy Lee


Deadrock by Hachi


Hoarder by Kayumi Soshi


Helmasaur King by Megan Coffey


Hardhat Beetle by Michael Butler


Rat by Shadsie

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  • http://twitter.com/Popje667 Sean Gaffney

    I like the Anti-Fairy, Helmasour King, and the Rat. The Rat looks GIANT compared to Links hat…

  • http://twitter.com/Popje667 Sean Gaffney

    Oh, yeah. I also like the Dreadrock

  • Link

    That rat took my hat! THAT’S IT! NOBODY touches the hat!

    • WolfLink11

      *Bark! Whine!* (Must… Chase… Rat!)

    • The Dark Lord Demise

      I could take it too! HaHaHaHaHaHa Mahabharata

    • Linkfan99

      Good thing you’re not Mario, or you’d be dead!

      (Super Mario 64, that is)

  • http://wii4everybody.com/ Oziel

    nice, love this game!!

  • Ninty

    Hardhat BEETLE? That has to be a mistranslation. It’s totes a squid or something.

  • Aaron hill

    poe was my favorite

    • Rob

      Same here

  • Flaming Lemons

    Is it me or do some of these look like Pokemon?!

    • Hyourinmaru

      Defenitaly. I saw Paris and charmander.

      • Donutwizard

        Same here. They were good though!

  • Crazyskulltula

    my drawing has been submitted!

  • Waker of Winds

    oh, definitely the po

  • Medley13

    Deadrock looks like Charmander with wings…

  • Kayumi Soshi

    Yay! The Hoarder is mine. Thank you for liking it!

  • itsameluigi1290

    WOW my Cukeman is garbage compared to these things! But that’s okay, I’ll get better at art soon.

  • Pizzaman

    Oh, that’s his HAT. I thought it was poison or something.

  • baileygirl99

    The deadrock looks like a pokemon :-P

  • IMFWeirdo

    The look like Pokemon ^^

  • HachiNuu

    ): Come on guys, Charmander?

    I was thinking more of a Cubone…

  • Linkfan99

    I……. could have sworn I saw a charmander (I think that’s what they’re called…) in there.

  • Dionysian

    Is the artwork limited to any particular medium? Are artisan crafts accepted, for example?

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