Ultimate Fan Fights: Link Vs. Peter Pan

JordanOctober 4th, 2012 by Jordan

Fan match-ups happen all the time, be it in a discussion with friends, a comment battle on YouTube, or… well, an actual battle on YouTube. These imaginary fights pit our favorite characters against each other and have seen many variations, but most often match-ups like to pit warrior against warrior – like Link vs. Cloud, for instance. Such is not the case today. As part of their Ultimate Fan Fights series, YouTube users James Mark and Yung Lee of START brought us a battle between two popular… fairy boys. Take the jump to see!

Now, there’s a certain cheesiness factor that tends to slip into most lower-budget fan videos, and that holds true here, but for the most part I felt this was a pretty well-made video. They did a good job of capturing the characters, especially Peter Pan’s playfully childish demeanor (though Link seems a bit… angrier than usual). On top of that, the fighting wasn’t bad, and Link’s finisher was pretty sweet.

How did you like the battle? What do you think of this match-up? Can you think of other possibilities for mixing these worlds? I personally would like to see Tinkerbell and Navi duke it out… I mean, seriously; the mute, stubborn Tink versus our favorite nag ever? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: START on YouTube

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  • Randomness

    I’m gonna be immature here for a sec: FIRST.

    Moving on, Navi would finish Tinkerbell with a sonic blast capable of blowing the fairy dust right off her wings.

  • VikzeLink

    Why is there even an option to let Peter Pan win?

    • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.dipalma Jordan DiPalma

      So Peter Pan fans (they exist!) can have their way. I’m personally wondering why that Link vs. Cloud video a few months ago didn’t have an option for fans to choose their ending; the uproar has been terrible :P

      • VikzeLink

        I was being sarcastic….

      • Link

        I think that was an actual deathmatch.They matched up stats and wanted to see who would win once an for all.It’s kinda silly ayway.I usually watch the othr video as well so my vote doesn’t count unless I watch the one I wanted to win again

    • BlackOwlDog

      The choreography is good, but I don’t really like how they portrayed Link’s fighting style. I’m really tempted to vote for Peter…

      • Demise (aka Name)

        I think that if Ganon would fight against peter pan – or even better, demise, or rather ghirahim, since he isn’t worth a battle with demise – he’d be dead in 15 seconds. And link defeats those prety easily, he fight like no man or demon the world has known, so I don’t get it.

        • BlackOwlDog

          I’m not saying Peter Pan is stronger, I’m just saying I don’t like the way they portrayed Link so I’m cheering for PP since they made him a more likable character in this video. Ever heard of sports? You don’t cheer for the strongest team, but for the one you like the most.

          • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

            No way Jose peter pan seemed REALLY gay in this video!!!

  • Me

    Surprisingly good.

  • OcarinaLink

    For once in history, Navi is useful. =o

  • http://twitter.com/koen12345678 koen

    peter pan sucks. link can’s lose to that jack ass. all i have is FUCK YOU PETER PAN LINK IS THE BEST!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.dipalma Jordan DiPalma

      “this is well made”
      one minute later…
      “peter pan sucks. Link can’t lose to that ********. all i have is **** YOU PETER PAN LINK IS THE BEST!!”
      Well, that escalated quickly.

      • linkasourous

        I know right?

      • Guest

        I’m dying of laughter right now after reading your comment nice job :D

        • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.dipalma Jordan DiPalma

          Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

          • guest

            Your welcome :)

      • Rob

        Very quickly

    • Anonymous

      Uh, Peter Pan only won if you WANTED him to…
      If it helps, imagine that he’s SS Link, his Energy meter ran out, and he mistimed a Shield Bash.

  • http://twitter.com/koen12345678 koen

    this is well made

  • Anonymous

    Peter Pan was derezzed.

    • baileygirl99

      Haha yeah!

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.j.kopp Adam Junichi Kopp

    Now that I recall, twilight princess sword techniques was just awesome. Who didn’t see that holy sh*t moment when link did the roll, spin, upper cut slash (Back slice)? Although, I rather had link do the ending blow instead of the triforce slice(?) for the finisher… AND why Peter Pan??

    • wafflegoat

      I LOVED the back slice. It’s so under rated

      • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

        Its awesome 4 fighting Ganondorf!

    • Anonymous

      [Opens the scroll of comparisons. It rolls below this post, below the bottom of this screen, over the related sights, out of the screen, and into my lap. Starts reading.]Both wear brown boots, funny tights, green shirt/tunic, brown belt, and a green hat. Both are boys that are outside of time, and both live with their personal fairy among kids that never grow up. Both said fairies are annoying at times and helpful at others. Both had an adult Thief/Pirate (same thing, different terrain right?) antagonist. Both live in a land where those who leave will die. Both are great with the sword.
      Need I go on?

      • to be exact

        both fight against their shadow at one point

        • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

          Er no Peter never does. All he does is kidnap little girls and their siblings and sing stuff like “You can Fly” Didnt u see the movie

      • Demise (aka Name)

        Yes. I mean, OoT link is moe like peter pan – and you described him here – but take SS link, or TP link, and you get: one lives among kids, the other is a 17 year old grim-face teen set fight the darkest evils (Like, a link to the past with it’s dark world… Peter Pan just couldn’t handle that). One has a pirate is an antagonist, the other first a Demon Lord, and then the Demon King in person. One is great with the sword, th other fights like no man or demon the world has ever known (well, that Demise has ever know, but Demise id the Demon King so I’m pretty sure he knows all the most powerful demons). Need I go on?

      • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

        No Peter has dagger not a sword. But in this vid he DOES have gladius a short sword invented by then Romans, perfect for close combat in the crush of battle. Its very good for those who like stabbing techniques

    • Fang_Ariatus

      Actually, Link’ finisher in the video was the Pegasus Boots charge attack. You can see him shaking (charging), and then dashing out at Peter Pan (for some reason he moves a lot slower, though)

      • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

        That wasnt his finisher idiot! Didnt u click one of the links at the end? One is where Link wins and the Peter wins watch the Peter one first because its not as good so u can get it over with.

    • Amber Evans

      I completely agree, I was like XD, total fan girl squeal moment, once he did that.

  • wafflegoat

    that was just…awkward. I mean, Peter Pan was laughing weirdly and had mascara on?

  • WolfLink11

    Link finisher was sooooo much better then Peter’s. Granted I like- no. Love both but I am still going whoot-whoot for Link! His was sooo much better and more awesome!

  • Rob

    Wait, link won by using the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Final Smash, not the ending blow, or head stab from TP and OoT.


    Well, Navi’s useless advice and constant calls for attention would eventually drive Tinker Bell to stab herself in the ears just to stop listening. Now, as to what Tinker Bell could do to Navi… Well I guess she could pull on Navi’s wings, since she doesn’t have hair… We all know Navi would winn

  • Hylia (aka HEY!)

    Link’s only mad because they gave him a wooden replica of the Master Sword. (I think)

  • baileygirl99

    Haha that was cool. I like how Peter Pan said “ha ha ha” all cheesy-like like 3 times. Navi was actually helpful for once?!?! Coolness! I loved this video. Very well done; bravo brava

  • http://twitter.com/sammyyken Sammyy Kendrick ♫

    Link, all the way!!! xD

  • Amber Evans

    Completely freakin AWESOME!!!
    I was giggling the whole time.
    But Link all the way, Peter Pan only wishes he had something on Link.

  • TwilightMirror11

    Peter Pan sucks. On other men.

  • pickleslkw

    Well that was entertaining… To say the least… Can I just say that Peter’s laugh freaked me out… oO

  • pokemarikirbzelda451

    link versus each of the avengers( I told my friends link could pwn them all)

    • zelda fan

      it depends on witch style link is using if its his adult version of OoT he could use some magic and kill the avengers quickly

    • Link

      I’m Link and I’m scared of Thor.For that fight I think Oni Link will be necessary.

    • Anonymous

      1 flyer with long-range blasts and armor.
      1 super strong man with tornado and electric abilities, as well as super jumps and throws. Weapon: heavy hammer.
      1 Archer with various arrowheads.
      1 martial artist that can fight a group while tied to a chair.
      1 Hulk. Incredible strength that grows as he gets angrier. He may or may not be in full control of himself.
      ALL vs 1 Hylian with assorted Weapons. We’ll assume he’s a composite Link. Odds are not good.
      Farore’s Wind can be a quick escape, but is only a 1 or 2 time use.
      Din’s Fire and Deku Nuts might catch Black Widow off guard.
      If the Hulk is sufficiently angry, Link can fire an arrow at him and have Hawkeye take the blame. (I’m evil… heheheheHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
      The Skyward Sword can use the lightning against Thor, and the Iron Boots will counter the twisters.
      The Clawshots and Iron Boots can help against Iron Man.
      All in all, he may handle 2 or 3 at a time. All 5 is another story.

      • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

        Ur right… He would just use the Great Spin from TP and cut EVERYONE IN HALF AND THEYD ALL DIE!!!!!! HAHAHA!

  • Pokalink

    Im pretty sure Link would have defeated him within 5 seclonds…

  • Hello I am the ChuChu

    Thank you for being helpful for once, Navi. For once. Can I eat you now?
    Despite not being able to eat Navi(sniff), I sorta enjoyed it. But it was a bit cheesy(still seriously impressive) Link was a bit less graceful(the ChuChus live on!), and the ending was a tad… strangely thought out. I mean, I just have to wonder: Why did it go all Smash Bros. at the One more thing: why isn’t there a Chuchu vs. Deku Baba thing anywhere? And don’t just tell me that the Baba would eat the Chuchu. That’d be pretty difficult if it was a blue or yellow Chuchu-one of the electric ones. Ha!
    dfhkljkljkjknjkmnjkjkjkjkj FUN! Try jumping on your keys the next time you watch this!

  • Zelda Obsessed

    Link uses his final smash from brawl to finish off peter pan….. one word….. EPIC!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bs88145 bs8814

    Brilliant choreography

  • Ganadorf


  • zombie_eat_flesh

    I like ScrewAttack’s fights better…even if they did let Sonic win when they pitted him against Mario.

    • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

      And Peach agaisnt Zelda, even though only has the blood of goddess flowing through her vains and the Triforce of Wisdom!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dylan.m.prouty Dylan Mandalore Prouty

    Only one thing that I noticed was innacurate: the parrying. When fighting an opponent with a sword, you would parry(block) an attack with the flat side of the sword, not with the edge. This was done to keep the sword sharp.
    Other than that, it was an awesome video. I hope Peter Pan loses.

  • shadowink13

    that laugh is mad annoyng

  • faror

    tune in next week to see Tinker bell vs. Navi!!!!

  • Legend of Zelda

    My friend went as Link on halloween, and everyone thought they were peter pan! :(

    • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

      UGH!!!!!!!!!! This proves we Americans are mostly a really sad bunch!!!! D;

  • En_annan_Martin

    Hookshot his ass!

  • zeldafan

    how about link versus metroid. I’m personally fans of both gaming series and would love to see that fight

    • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

      Well Link would just deflect the blasts with the Master Sword. Duh!

  • MegustaZelda

    Link, Hero of Hyrule, Slayer of Ganon, who has embarked on many quests, and fought thousands of enemies, has met his match…
    Peter Pan.
    HAHAHAHA wait seriously?

  • Linkfan99

    Ugh, I am remembering back to that moment when i was playing zelda and my dad walked into the room, looked at the screen, and he said, “who’s that, peter pan?” and i’m all like, wow. just wow.

    • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

      O_O Link is not peter pan and never will be Link is better than peter pan and always will be.

      • Linkfan99

        I know, but my dad thought they looked alike and he thought that link was peter pan. I never said peter pan was better or that they were the same. And plus my comment is three days old.

  • EponasRider

    link does’nt wear pants he wears a tunic slihtly to big 4 him

  • soulofstorms

    you can see the back slice at 0:37

  • soulofstorms

    it would have been better if they showed the jump strike at 1:24

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    Um Link would totally kick Peter Pan’s @$5!!! I mean sure Peter can fly but Link has a Loftwing. Plus Peter Pan gots only a dagger while Link has a legendary, powerful, magical sword. Plus Navi is better than Tinkerbell who causes Peter a few problems thanks to her jelousness Navi is NEVER jelous of ANYONE shes nothing but awesome and helpful

    • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

      Well in movie Peter Pan has a dagger. In this hes got a gladius a Roman sword perfect for close combat.

  • Omega


  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    Peter Pan finish is… er…

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    o so every time but on Peter doesnt knock the Master Sword outta Link’s hand. VERY realistic

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    Besides Link blocked the attacks with the Hylian Shield which is INVINCIBLE!!!!!!

  • Darklink16

    peter pan sucks there should not have been an option for him to win!

  • Neutopia

    That is so awesome aha, I love both of them, don’t know who to choose for aha, great video! :P