The Windmill Hut #3: Flute-Awesome-Tasticness

Alexander EntrikenOctober 31st, 2012 by Alexander Entriken

The title for this week’s Windmill Hut says it all! I do not think there is a flutist on YouTube who has covered some of the songs that 8-BitBrigadier has. Though it is Halloween, jump in and take a moment to listen to these lighthearted Zelda cover songs!

8-BitBrigadier is by far my favorite flutist on YouTube. And he will be yours as well after you listen to this video:

It kind of leaves you with a full heart, doesn’t it? Well, it is the Romance Theme from Skyward Sword, after all. I seriously melt at 0:16, 0:34, and 1:20 because of how beautiful and empowering his performance is. Not to mention how hard it must have been to play the quicker, more lively parts. 8-BitBrigadier is a talented musician in my eyes.

I have a heightened appreciation for all instruments I myself cannot play, I’ll admit, but I find it great that 8-Bit Brigadier went out of his way to produce covers for lesser known Zelda songs such as the Romance Theme and the Ocean’s King Theme—that is a sign of a true Zelda musician. I do not think it matters that he plays it over a recording of the other instruments—I believe his flute playing should be featured the most, and he shines regardless.

Speaking of other instruments, 8-Bit Brigadier actually plays a wide variety of other instruments as well, which you can see featured in his other videos, such as his “Ballad of the Goddess” Cover:

A great deal of other instruments he plays are featured in his other cover videos for games such as Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon, and Kirby Air Ride. He is also a part of PREO (Pokemon ReOrchestrated), so he has a ton of great Pokémon theme cover videos too! Check out his channel and support this awesome and talented game musician!

What did you guys think about his flute covers? Is 8-Bit an inspiration to Zelda flute players everywhere? Do you want him to do more Zelda cover songs? Comment and let us know, and tell 8-BitBrigadier on YouTube!

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  • Amber Evans

    Wow first time to be the first comment!!
    As a flutist myself, I can hear the slight errors, and I’m not sure if its his recording or his flute, but it is alittle on the flat side. But his a really talented musician all the same. :)

    • itsameluigi1290

      Careful when saying first, a lot of people don’t like that.

      • Amber Evans

        Well those people can go screw themselves
        I was lucky to get first comment and I was happy so I decided to share that happiness with everyone.
        If someone doesn’t like it, then they are jealous and are letting their pride get in the way of letting someone else experience joy.

        • itsameluigi1290

          Okay, okay, I was just giving you a heads up. I think people over react a little ovr people saying first myself.

          • baileygirl99

            Ya. I don’t really care about people being first, but I agree that people over react about that stuff.

    • Demise

      Now to be honest, I know it can be tempting but you’ll get thumbed down A LOT. And I don’t agree with this hate of “first”, and I have seen many others disagree, but all the same, it goes on. For my part, I thumbed you up.

      PS I’m a pianist, and I am surprised that most covers featured here are on almost anything you like – ocarina (I mean, professional ocarina players), mamba, stuff – and I have never seen a piano cover. Well, maybe once a LONG while ago…

      Finally, getting to the topic – this is a great cover. There should be more flute music in future games, because it is indeed beautiful (not to mention that if they let the player play the ocarina, they should record a real ocarina!).

      • Heroine of Time

        There are plenty of piano covers. I’ve seen quite a few. The reason you may not see them quite as much, though, is because piano is such a common instrument and you can find a piano cover of pretty much any Zelda song in existence (except for a lot of SS stuff since it’s new). Something has to be REALLY special about a piano cover for it to get featured.

      • Amber Evans

        The reason why I said that I was first was b/c I was the first person to read and comment on this particular article, and I felt really happy.

        Why are people so inconsiderate that they would thumb down someone who said that they were first, it’s like they are jealous b/c THEY didn’t come first.

        I just happened to be very lucky on Halloween :)

        And I wouldn’t be surprised if this commend got a thumbs down either..

        Most people don’t like to be told off and hurt their so called pride

        PS If you want paino covers, there was this one along time ago that was put on zd that was covered

        I have it favorited b/c I like it so much

        and this one is for flutes – it always makes me laugh

    • The Dark Lord Demise

      You are the first to doge the blue shell!
      Lucky :)

      • Demise

        XD! We do seem to have a lot in common – e.g. liking Mario Kart, not liking haloween, not to mention our usernames.

  • Demise

    I always like the Ocean King’s theme… It’s so peaceful… Maybe not as epic as the Ballad of the Goddess or similar songs, however it certainly beats Epona’s Song or Zelda’s Lullaby to me. DS games deserve more attention, content-wise; they Temple of the Ocean King may be hated (with reason) and dungeons may be considered short but that doesn’t mean the music or graphics are bad, and I very rarely see fanart or covers for these games.

  • Ajminifigure


  • pokemario24

    Wow………………………. This is amazing, ballad of the goddess made me cry

  • The Hylian Monolith

    This was great flute playing, but I hate it when people play over the actual song. Sorry.

    You know what I’d like to learn how to play on lfute?TP Hyrule Castle Town theme, and the Underwater thing from ST. Get a marimba or xylophone accompaniment, a good percussionist (I could possibly do both) and a gutarist(I know several) and do those! I might send it to this site!
    (leaves to get her flute, humming the Castle Town Theme, and what might be Beedle’s Shop)

  • Ninty

    Wind instruments yeah! My little lungs can’t handle the level of breath control, so it’s always cool to listen to other people play. I’d own an ocarina for sure if I knew the nuances.

  • Blakenator

    I love these musician spotlights! I never would have known someone did a cover of my second favorite Skyward Sword song (behind the Ballad): the Romance Theme. On top of that, he used wind instruments, which make it ten times more respectable! Great job!

  • Twilight Gale

    Ballaf of The Goddess is awesome. Can’t wait till I play the flute!

    • The Hylian Monolith

      :) You’ll like it. It’s a bit tricky(read: uncomfortable) to get the posture down at first, and half of the flutists I know still don’t do it properly. Not to mention embochure(mouth) control. . .but the fingerings are relatively simple, and playing an ocarina is harder when it comes to breathing into it. Yo just have to be careful until it feels natural, and then have fun with it.

      • Lance Galloway

        trust me, you’ll love it.

  • dsonics

    were can you get music for this? i would love to play this.

    • 8BitBrigadier

      I actually had to google search both titles to find the right versions of them! but I usually just read the right hand side of piano sheet music!

  • baileygirl99

    This dude is truly talented. Just incredible. I absolutely LOVE the romance theme.the flute is such a beautiful instrument.

    • 8BitBrigadier

      Thank you so much!

  • Lance Galloway

    were can you get the music for this? does any one know?

    • 8BitBrigadier

      You can find all of the sheet music I use on I hope this helped you!

      • Lance Galloway

        thanks. if you get any other sites let me know. I love playing the flute!

  • Neutopia

    Wow, those both sounded totally phenomenal aha, this person really knows what they are doing, quite a great variety of instruments too, I can see why you enjoy this guy so much! :D

  • Kravik

    Too many instruments.. No way he is making all that sound..

    Could be cool though!

  • 8BitBrigadier

    Thank you so much for this spotlight! I really appreciate it! I’m glad my covers are getting out there and people are actually seeing them! And whats even better is when they actually like them! <3 Thank you so much again!

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