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DjinnOctober 5th, 2012 by Djinn

There has been a large number of recurring objects, themes, and characters in the Legend of Zelda series. More often than nearly any other number or symbol, the number three appears to have the most significance in the Zelda series, and as I will discuss later, other places as well. It is such an important attribute that many things involving it, great and small, are very noticeable, and its symbolism can be seen in both the series’ gameplay and its mythology. The foremost example is the Triforce. After the first game, the concept behind the Triforce would be expanded to have a profound influence upon the peoples that live in Hyrule.

The Triforce itself consists of three golden triangles of incredible divine power, left by the three deities that created the world upon completion of their work. Each piece is named for and represents a fundamental force or virtue that is important to the people living within the world: Power, Wisdom, and Courage. The Triforce is the primary artifact that all of the culture of Hyrule is centered around; the familiar triple triangle symbol is seen throughout much of the countryside and can be spotted in even the most mundane of places. The triangle has become a holy symbol signifying the religion of the Hylian people and a lucky charm worn by many. Not only serving as the main object of worship and admiration, the Triforce is also acquired by many of the main characters. It is said to grant the wish of anyone who places their hands upon it. Each individual piece, while not as powerful, still grants the owner incredible abilities. Ganondorf’s lust for the power it provides has been his main motivation as well as the source of conflict within the story of several games.

Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom, Din, the Goddess of Power, and Farore, the Goddess of Courage, are responsible for the creation of the Triforce. The goddesses themselves are represented by three colors: Green for Farore, red for Din, and blue for Nayru. The goddesses play almost no direct part in the story of any of the games outside of the creation backstory. However, their influence is easily noticed throughout the series. Each piece of the Triforce is named for the major attribute of each goddess. The provinces of Lanayru, Eldin, and Faron, as well as their guardian spirits, contain the names of the goddesses. The spells Nayru’s Love, Din’s Fire, and Farore’s Wind are named for the goddesses. Eventually, even the elements of forest, fire, and water have each come to be equated to a corresponding goddess as well as the people or race with a particular affinity for that specific element.

The virtues that each piece of the Triforce is named after are symbolized by each goddess. Often, Link must prove his worth as a hero or undergo some form of trial before he can acquire the Master Sword or even the Triforce itself. The three virtues of Power, Wisdom, and Courage are of incredible importance to the culture of Hyrule as it is often said that a true hero must have a balance of all three. Many times, each virtue has a specific test that Link must complete to show that he learned it over the course of his adventure. Occasionally, Link is awarded for completing these trials with some symbol, starting out with the three pendants of virtue in A Link to the Past that prove he has power, wisdom, and courage enough to be worthy of drawing the Master Sword. In Ocarina of Time, the pendants are replaced with the three spiritual stones that hold a similar purpose for drawing the Master Sword and opening the Door of Time to the sacred realm. In The Wind Waker, the three goddess pearls have the same function.

The central characters of the series — Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf — have also come to represent the three central virtues of the Triforce. Each one has kept the piece of the Triforce that they have the strongest connection to, and they often play out the balance between power, wisdom, and courage. Link is the courageous youth that must overcome the many hardships of his quest to save the kingdom. Zelda is the wise ruler of the nation and has been a central background figure to the story. Ganondorf was the power hungry ruler of a desert tribe that lusted after the Triforce and wants to rule the world. Link is courageous but headstrong and often foolish; Zelda is wise and knowledgeable but weak and often captured by stronger enemies; and Ganondorf is powerful but is defeated by those brave enough to defy him. All of the characters epitomize their virtue in both strength and weakness.

The country of Hyrule is often divided between certain ecosystems and peoples that also represent an aspect of the Triforce. In Ocarina of Time, the Kokiri living within the forest represent Farore, the Gorons of Death Mountain represent Din, and the Zora of the waters represent Nayru. Each tribe within this installment possesses a sacred spiritual stone that is shaped after the symbol of their people. In the case of the Kokiri Emerald and the Zora’s Sapphire, they also correspond to the symbols of the goddesses Farore and Nayru. Each of these races take on an aspect of their patron goddess and signifying color. In later games, these same tribes do not always appear, but the regions such as forest, water, and mountain are usually still significant to the specific goddesses in some way. On a few occasions, they lie within provinces that are named for the goddesses.

Later on, the three ecosystems or provinces of Hyrule are also each host to a lesser guardian deity that take on the aspects of one of the three goddesses. Each one is the protector of the region and often guards some sacred item or secret important to the game and the golden goddesses in some way. In The Wind Waker, it’s the Great Deku Tree who lives in the forest, Jabun of the water, and the dragon Valoo, who lives on the top of a fiery mountain. In Skyward Sword there are three dragons, one living within each province and taking on the role of a servant to the gods. They are named for the province they protect but within each name is the familiar goddess names of Din, Nayru, or Farore. There are also great fairies that aid Link on his journey. Often, they are named for the three virtues of the Triforce, instead of having names of their own or taking on a similar name to the goddesses such as the dragons of Skyward Sword and light spirits of Twilight Princess.

There have been a great number of various smaller coincidences within the series that are also represented by or come in threes. One such example is the fact that in nearly every game before Skyward Sword, Link begins with only three hearts. The number of saved games allowed in most games is three. The Moon over Termina falls after only three days, forcing Link to repeat and relive the same three days until the quest is complete. In Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and The Wind Waker, there are only three types of shields and three types of magical arrows.

A few people have pointed out that in the official timeline of the series that Nintendo has recently revealed, the timeline has been split into three separate threads with very different outcomes. All three timelines stem from the events of Ocarina of Time and the potential successes or failures of Link. Digging a little deeper into the details, it has been speculated that, even here, each outcome might actually represent one of the three virtues as well. The current theory holds that the timeline in which Link is defeated represents power prevailing, while the Adult timeline where Link defeats Ganondorf in combat represents courage winning out, and in the child timeline where Link outmaneuvers Ganondorf before he can obtain the Triforce according to Zelda’s plan, wisdom prevails. Of course, this is highly speculative and not backed up by anything stated by a representative of Nintendo but, it is an interesting aspect to see the timeline take on the three virtues which have featured prominently in other parts of the series.

There is also a significance to the number three in many writings, stories, rules, and philosophies outside of the Zelda series.

In Numerology, the number three represents completeness. The Latin phrase “omne trium perfectum” translates to “everything that comes in threes is perfect”, or sets of three are complete. It signifies the importance of the number three in real world thought. Using three points, we can form the very first and most simple geometrical figure. Two separate points cannot form any more than a line and two lines cannot form a contained space. With three lines, a figure can be formed and can include the three spacial dimensions of length, width, and height. Therefore, with three points and three dimensions, anything can be formed into something that is solid and complete.

The number three is significant in many other areas of study as well. Contemplation of time is broken down into three categories: past, present, and future. The division of matter was also divided into three categories: animal, mineral, and vegetable. Furthermore, it has been said that the complete sum of human capability is thought, word, and deed. There are three primary colors from which all other colors are derived. There is a principal called the rule of three among writers. It refers to a common three-act structure for stories: beginning, middle, and end. More importantly, parts of stories are categorized as the setup, the confrontation, and the resolution. The idea is that when a story is structured into three, it is more complete and satisfying to the reader.

Very often, the number three has a large amount of significance in religious belief, both modern and ancient. Religious concepts often show there being three aspects to the same being, while at other times three beings that form a single existence in unison; the idea of a triple deity or even triple goddesses is neither modern nor rare to real world mythology, and can be found across the globe in many different areas. The Christian holy trinity of father, son and holy spirit is well known to many in western thought and encompass both three and a single entity. In eastern belief there is the the Hindu triad of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva forming the Trimurti which is also said to both encompass three separate entities and a single entity simultaneously. The Celtic Morrigan is a trio of goddesses that are always seen in a group together. This is also true for the Norse Norns and Greek Moirai, or Fates as they are more commonly called. The Irish Brighid is often unclear as to whether she is three deities or a single deity, but has been depicted as three goddesses working in group. Greek Mythology especially utilized the number three — more often than most — when concerning various groups and creatures. There were three Fates to govern all life within the world, three gorgons, three gigantes, three graces, three furies, three Hekatonkheires, and even three-headed creatures such as the dog Cerberus or the Chimera. The goddess of crossroads, Hecate, is sometimes depicted as having three distinct faces, but is still a single being.

There is a spiritual significance to the philosophy of balance between body, mind, and spirit. It is often said that if any of the three are out of balance, then it can be unhealthy for the individual. Therefore, working towards and maintaining a perfect balance is necessary for good health. This can be an interesting parallel to the three virtues of the Triforce and how Link must be perfectly balanced between them. Body can be compared to power, mind to wisdom, and spirit to courage.

The rule of three holds a large amount of importance to the story of the games and the mythology of Hyrule, and it features prominently in the gameplay mechanics as well. There are just as many if not more real-world examples of things coming in threes, which present a mountain of real-world examples to draw upon to build the rich history and mythology that has become so well known to fans today. With this pattern appearing in history through geometry and theology as well as in the Zelda series through the backstory, dungeons, or simply the items to collect, it is clear that three definitely is a magic number.

Author: DjinnDjinn has been a member of Zelda Dungeon for a little over a year and frequently writes articles for the article staff. He also works as a news correspondent and is an active member of the forums. He has been a fan of the Zelda series for many years now and you can view his creations over on his Deviantart.

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    The three rule has a hold on a lot of things: even story tales. Threes and Sevens. Three little pigs. Three bears. Seven dwarves. Ect, Ect, ect…

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      Seven (intentional) pieces of Voldemort’s soul (the eighth piece which was in harry”s body was an accident and led Voldemort to his demise.Eight is considered the unluckiest magical number) Seven is sometimes considered the most powerfully magic number.

  • H37I

    yeah, nintendo just spams the number three in skyward sword. three floor regions, three dragons, three dungeons in the first and second part of the story, three extra wallets, three new races, the three-hundred rupee, three main godesses, three songs based on the goddesses, certain bosses had to be fought three times each, three new sword designs, three new shields with three designs each… i could go on, but the people who read this will get the point…

    • James Best

      They spam the number 3 in every Zelda game.

      • H37I

        yeah, but they seemed to spam it even more in that.

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          i don’t really care because i never got all of that stuff anyways. but did you seriously take the time to count? o_O

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            after getting up to a point where i beat skyward sword with only six hearts, i just started remembering all that stuff for no reason.

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            i see. i’ve only beaten it once (unless you consider refighting Demise finishing, then 2-3 times), and am on my second playthrough using the ZD guide. so yeah, i’ve probably not paid much attention.

    • Midnafan

      not sure what you mean by 3 floor regions, three guardians isn’t a new thing, nor is the 6 dungeon total (although a bit inconsistent if you look back) aren’t there always 3 upgrades when they are available? 300 rupee isn’t knew to cel-shading, 3 goddesses definitely aint new, 3 songs is pretty few actually. The Imprisoned had to be fought 3 times, but who else? i don’t remember anyone else, but please remind me if i’ve forgotten. there’s technically a total of 6 designs of sword in SS :P and by designs, do you mean upgrades? cause if they’re new shields they’re gonna have new designs:/ alot of this stuff isn’t new, so i agree, why are you saying just SS has 3 spammed all over it. maybe it was more apparent, but every game has had 3 spammed all over it in some way.

      • H37I

        i meant provinces. my bad. also ghirahim had to be fought three times not in the exact same way but you still had to fight him three times. i only mentioned skyward sword becuase that was the first thing that came to mind when i read the title of this article. it was also the most noticable game that kept the whole theme of threes, in my opinion.

        • Midnafan

          i agree, it really did. but once again its not an isolated incident, the whole series is like this. i guess in SS it was just alot more obvious. not saying it wasn’t obvious in the other games too

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      technically there were 4 shields but good job counting all that

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        well, i said three new ones. the hylian shield didn’t really count in the list.

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    As they say, three is a magic number…

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    3 is my lucky number

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    The Zelda series would drive Gabe Newell insane.

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          oh that is pretty funny then. no wonder i’ve heard so much about Half-life 3. lol, sorry i’m definitely not in that loop, but that’s a great reference. :D

        • Ninty

          Dang, it’s been that long? That game seemed pretty cool last time I played it, though.

  • Mseevers95

    I was literally thinking about this today before I saw this article.

    3 is a number of power. Triangles for example are the strongest shape. and multiples of 3 are also numbers of power, especially 9 which is 3 to the third power.

    • Mumbo

      3^3 + 3 = 30.
      Just Sayin.


    4 is the most prominent number in majoras mask. if they had said you had like a month, you would be like screw this! 4 days would be just not right, same with 2, 1 day would mean you had to be like speed play through, and you get my point. There are four giants, four regions, four transformation masks, 4 main races, 4 full dungeons, and 72 (the hours you have) if i am not mistaken, coincidentally, is divisible by 4( although that has nothing to do it) Also in the original LoZ there are 3 swords, 3 color tunics, and in almost every zelda game, there are three characters in which the entire story revolves around. Link zelda ganon. link marin unknown until end of game villain. link zelda ghirahim/demise. link zelda vaati. (except in twilight princess, with midna zelda link ganondorf zant. and i guess majoras mask too. link majora/skull kid. for the most part yeah)

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    3 really is everywhere. They say celebrities always die in threes, the 3 musketeers, virtually everything in Pokemon comes in threes, Doctor Who “The Power of Three” (cubed ha ha i get it math joke >P) Top Threes, half of the games that game out last year were third installments (and the trend continues) 3 matches and you win in half of the lottery systems, 3 toes on a guinea pigs back foot… i don’t know i’m running out of things that are three. but isn’t interesting that we as humans have such an odd, subconcious obsession with three? I’d really like to see what other people come up with, 3 is really everywhere if you take the time to look.

    • Spencer Tinnin

      are you sure its not celebrities always get married 3 times?

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        while that’s a good one, have younot heard of how celebrities die in threes? the trend always seems to be that when 1 celebrity dies, two more go shortly afterward. there’ll be like a month of these deaths, quiet for a little while, then another 3 deaths. i hear it all the time here in California, especially from my mom, who’s an expert on stars. if she sees someone in a movie, she can instantly name their last 5 roles o.O

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      disney movies usually kum in threes,the term the third wheel,thrrees a crowd,3 oclock,3 letter words r the smallest u can do in boggle,3 different instruments in zelda(i think not counting transformation masks),3d,legend of zelda is 3 words,so is super mario bros and super mario world,3 meals a day,com,net and org r all 3 letters,a few is at least 3,3 starters in pokemon,most forms a pokemon kood hav is 3,3 is the last letter of my username, 3 toed sloth,most shows main main MAIN characters r a group of 3,its gonna be 2013,its the third millenium,most games r divided into 3 different systems/companies-playstation,xbox,and nintendo systems
      ps.the human body comes in 2s do u make it sign ur username i always hav to type in name and email wen i want to comment~~~~

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      Hmmm… 3 medals in the Olympics… The Triple Crown of Throughobred racing(Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.) …In Dragon Ball Z they collect the Dragon Balls 3 trillion times!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1 is okay.
    2 is fine.
    3 is enough.

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        Eight pieces of Voldemrts soul!!!!!!!

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    If the Triforce is a lucky charm, why is it not in my breakfast cereal?

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      Lucky is like Gabe Newell… he’s scared of the number 3!!!

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    what r the three shields in mm and ww

  • TheMaverickk

    It’s interesting to talk about the significance of the number 3 in the Zelda series. Of course the obvious being the Triforce and it’s gods.

    By contrast one of the odder titles in the main console releases is Majora’s Mask…
    An alternate universe where the number 3 has no importance at all, and in fact the number 4 takes center stage.

    Four gods, four domains, four directions, four transformation masks, four sections of Clock Town…. the number four is a core design of Termina.

    It also totally makes sense when put in comparison the world of Hyrule…. if Hyrule’s world is made of three’s it is a realm of completeness, and Termina is a world of fours falling into chaos. In the end it takes a hero from a world of completeness to solve the chaos of another reality.

    Although there is more to the world of Termina then just chaos mind you…. the number four could easily be associated with the chambers of the heart, and the flow from one chamber of the heart to the next, how what happens in one place affects the other. Much like the different realms of Termina.

  • Ninty

    That timeline connection was pretty interesting. The last part was, too with mind, body, and spirit. Good, fun read! :)

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    Hecate is also the goddess of magic. Or this Hestia? I get them mixed up. One is the goddess of magic and one is the goddess of the hearth.

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    The Eygyptians built pyramids in triangles cuz it was a sacred shape to them. They believed it kept food and milk from spoiling and razors sharp. But they had to be built in certain dimensions I think.

  • Neutopia

    That’s definitely true aha, tons of 3 everywhere throughout the Zelda series, great article! :P

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      Uh…thanks. I love you too.
      Unless you were talking to Djinn, which would’t really surprise me…
      You know what I love? Zelda. That’s why I’m here, no?
      Wow, 20 days ago. I’m really late, aren’t I? Wouldn’t be the first time.

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    So basically Nintendo is the opposite of Valve?

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    mph, interesting topic. 3 timelines – 1 story… The Legend of Zelda will always be cool!

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    Majora’s Mask also introduced a Fourth Goddess (Goddess of Time) who wasn’t a part of the Triforce.

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    good thing valve didnt make zelda or there would be number 2 spammed

  • Eddie Ramirez

    i skimmed through your article looking for one particular significance and didn’t find it, maybe i missed it, but its this: the triangle IS THE STRONGEST geometric figure, and most important. tons of historic architecture centered itself on this shape for this reason. the most important meaning of the number three in your article though, i think is the holy trinity comparison. zelda started with a TON of christian references, like the cross on link’s shield in the first zelda game and such.

  • Arkanix

    Great article!