Handcrafted Zora’s Sapphire Ring

Chelsea G.October 29th, 2012 by Chelsea G.

Almost every Zelda fan is familiar with Ocarina of Time and the childhood quest Link embarks on to obtain the three Spiritual Stones. Each of these stones embodies an element and trait that resonates differently to every fan. While the Kokiri’s Emerald and Goron’s Ruby are both incredible, the Zora’s Sapphire appears to be gaining popularity when it comes to fan-made merchandise, and now you can own this stone in the form of a breathtaking ring. Follow the jump to read more about this.

An Etsy seller named Miranda Scott has created a gorgeous ring emulating the Zora’s Sapphire. This ring is made of .925 sterling silver with three distinct sapphire gems set in a exquisite polished band. Right now, this ring is priced around $190. Although this is an expensive price to put on a Zelda product, it perfectly depicts the Zora’s Sapphire by capturing the element of water and serene nature of the Zora race through the deep blue coloring of the gem. Personally, I love this ring, and would pay the $190 if it was within my budget. So if you’re looking for a sophisticated and beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one then I’d highly recommend this item.

What are your thoughts on this item? Is it too expensive or do you think the price is fair? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Etsy

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  • Milou

    “You might call it the zora’s engagement ring,” Ruto. Hm, sounds perfect as my future engagement ring. If only Link was available *sigh*.

    • Blackbaldrik

      I’m pretty sure Ruto is the one who isn’t available, being a Sage and all.

      (Although it just occurred to me that you might be talking about yourself. |x)

      • Milou

        Yep talking about me lol xD. Sorry English is not my native language..

        • Nintendo4Ever

          your english was perfect. Female is not his native language xD

    • pokemario24

      The Zora’s Engagement Ring!!!! (Quite literally)

  • not necessarily important now

    will use as a wedding ring when paired with a goron ruby for me

  • ghilesian

    I love this ring, it’s so pretty, and looks incredibly well made!
    Though for a spiritual stone, the stones themselves are a tad small…

  • Troll_Ster

    Meh, needs bigger sapphires

    • Amber Evans

      Although I totally agree with you, I would love to have this. It’s perfect seeing how my birthstone is sapphires :)
      Any Zelda item is a good enough item for me

  • Twilight Gale

    Wow….. BUT $190?!?!?!?! RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jam9t3

    Well, the price would suit the item if the gems were a bit bigger and in my opinion, it would have looked nicer with gold instead of silver, since the actual Zora’s Sapphire has gold around the gems.

    • Milou

      There is a golden version too. At least an hour ago ;-).

      • AmmyEmily

        Yeah but holy crap the gold one’s expensive!

        • Shiro

          I know right, $1010

  • The Dark Lord Demise

    Make it gold and we have a deal !

    • DreamCat

      Well, then you have a deal, since it’s also available in gold, look at her site

  • Demise

    $190 may be a bit cheap for silver… Maybe white gold would have been better. But what do I know, I’m not a girl and don’t wear rings. Aside from the materials etc., it looks really great and I would definitely have bough it for my girlfriend if I had one (and some money).

  • Rob


  • faror

    i want that to be my engagement ring :D

  • LinkInMyHead

    Oh thats pretty! It would look so good with my Sapphire, Emerald and Amethyst rings!! DAMN YOU PRICE TAG!

  • pokemario24

    This would be a great wedding ring

  • Earthbound_X

    To be honest, looking at this, it really doesn’t remind me of OOT, or anything Zelda related.

    • npatoray24

      I will have to agree, It doesn’t really make me think or feel “zelda”

  • Omega

    very neat work that is

  • naboorugirl

    i just checked the page, and its beutiful, but way too expensive at the moment. :(

    • naboorugirl

      either way, i would love one at some point. :)

  • LinkIV

    I’d rather have a Gorons’ Ruby.

  • Zelda4Life

    OMG……..I. Want. That. Sooooooo badly.

  • linkasourous


  • The Hylian Monolith

    Oh…Shiny… I want that…

    Maybe when I get around to taking the Master Sword out fo its pedestal and becoming an adult, I’ll get married with that… Yay, ALaskan PFD! But I don’t thing I’ll buy it, soley because I don’t wear much jewelry.But taht doesn’t mean I want it ;)
    Where’s my boyfriend, adulthood, and $190 when I need it?!?

  • Goddess of Time

    ohmiglob!!!! this ring is beautiful! blue is already my favorite color n my birthstone is the sapphire. I know wat I want 4 christmas :))

  • Emma Mix

    I want that as my engagement ring.

  • baileygirl99

    *long sigh* such beauty. If only i could afford it :’-(

  • Neutopia

    That is definitely a very gorgeous ring, if I had the money to blow on it I would definitely buy it for a loved one, great job! :P