Grand Theft Auto Mod Features Link

SetterwindOctober 30th, 2012 by Setterwind

Link is so awesome that everyone wants them in their game whether it is a Zelda game or not. A Grand Theft Auto Mod has been made that puts him in the traffic of the game. Download it here. There is a story that goes with the mod.

“In search for princess Zelda Link was possessed by Ganondorf when he drunk from the Flask of Alternative Dimensions which put him in a alternative dimension. Now Link is lost and is trying to find his way back to Hyrule. Ganodorfs spell is slowly turning Link into Dark Link and when the transformation is complete Link will be so evil that the slightest glance at him will result in a casualty.”

Take a look at some pictures of what the mod would look like after the jump!

In my opinion, coming up with a semi-detailed story to go with this mod was a good idea. It is an entertaining and creative way to make it seem like it isn’t just a way to be able to hack the game. It gives a useful way to get a daily helping of Link in a game that would not normally have him in there as well.


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  • James Best

    I’m hoping GTA V is released on the Wii U. Not that it pertains directly to this mod or anything.

    • Legend of Cabanela

      Unless you are already aware, there has been no marketing material providing information of a Wii U launch. Just PS3 and XBOX :I

      • Zack Patterson

        There wasn’t any info of a Black Ops 2 Wii U launch either. I think there is a fairly good chance of it coming to the Wii U.

        • LinkIV

          IT IS coming out for WiiU….

          • Legend of Cabanela

            True, all of you are probably right, but they have confirmed a launch on PS3 and XBOX360 for March 2013, maybe they’re not letting in on Wii U or they don’t have it scheduled until like, that fall.

      • James Best

        Doesn’t really matter. They can be holding off on announcing it for one reason or another. Even multiplatform games already confirmed for Wii U (like Assassin’s Creed III) have little to no Wii U version advertisement.

    • itsameluigi1290

      I read an article saying it wasn’t going to be released on Wii U. Although I don’t play it, it’s dissapointing for, like, everyone else who’s a nintendo fan.

      • James Best

        I’ve read articles that said it was. It’s a foggy topic. We’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.

        • itsameluigi1290


  • Demise

    Wow, who’d have know that drinking from the Flask of Alternative Dimensions would send you into an alternative dimension…

    • Waker of Winds

      hmmm….. i bet link didnt know that and was trying to figure out what it did, he probably said if only there was a clue in the name

      • Setterwind

        LOL Right? xD

  • Waker of Winds

    ugh ifi was sent to an alternate dimension i would hope for almost anything other than gta

    • LinkIV

      Is that supposed to be Phi? She was greatly annoying, and you heard it through a TV, i was in person…

  • Aaron hill

    looks interesting its great that they included a story to go along.

  • itsameluigi1290

    The Legend of Zelda: The Gangster Style of Truth.

    • Demise

      You shouldn’t have said that…

      I don’t want to be a jerk but it seems that you’re overusing this joke a bit. But maybe that’s just my opinion.

      • wafflegoat

        oh, you noticed?

      • itsameluigi1290

        Yeah yeah I know. Geez, I use it 4 times and people start yelling at me (Not you).


        • Demise

          I know, however I thought you had agreed to let other people use it?

          • itsameluigi1290

            Yeah, that’s why the “*Shot*” is there. :P

    • Jam9t3

      Seriously? Why is it that you always make up a new title every time an article is made about another game? For example an earlier one was ‘The Legend of Zelda: Call of Duty’, that one got a whole lot of dislikes, this one isn’t too pretty as well. My advice: Think of another joke which people might find funny, not something totally out of the subject and lame, ‘The gangster style of truth’ sounds pretty stupid and doesn’t sound anything like a Zelda game would.

      • Mike Sauer

        You’re SO mad. hahaha

        • LinkIV

          So? I am too, that names a disgrace to me…

      • Hylia (aka HEY!)

        Give him a break.

      • itsameluigi1290

        It was supposed to sound stupid. Otherwise I wouldn’t have said it. Besides, the CoD one ot as many likes as it did dislikes, so YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.
        But yeah, I won’t use that joke for a while.

        • Jam9t3

          Hmmm, I just checked, your ‘CoD’ joke-comment got 5 likes and 9 dislikes, now if my maths is correct, then I would say that it got more dislikes than likes, so I think YOUR arguement is invalid, anyhow I wont make a big fuss over it, I was just pointing out something.

          Ps- I wasn’t ‘yelling’ at you, I was just explaining your joke’s errors.

          • itsameluigi1290

            Oh. OOPS. Yeah, my bad. Should’ve gone with medal of honor– *Shot*
            P.S., it’s fine, no hard feelings. :)

    • Blackbaldrik

      Failed joke.

      That name doesn’t go along with the naming conventions of Zelda games.
      The title of a Zelda game almost always mentions a person, place, event, or object of importance, a style is not a person, place, event, or object.

      • Mike Sauer

        So serious

        • Blackbaldrik

          Sorry if I sounded a bit… angrier? Than I intended.

          But a joke should be taken at least somewhat seriously, otherwise it risks not being funny.

          A good joke, even though it’s just a joke, should still follow the rules of the thing it is riffing on. It makes it all the funnier if you can’t poke holes in it (like I did with my above comment). (=

      • itsameluigi1290

        I agree, the problem is that since I’ve never played GTA, I didn’t have an object, person, place or thing. BTW, looking at that other comment you posted (The one replying to Mike Sauer), I wanted to say that you didn’t sound angry at all. Besides, with all the votes up from all these other comments I made (Like the BitF joke I made… somewhere), one or two bad jokes aren’t gonna kill me. I’ll just find some new material, and I’ll be good. Thanks for the criticism! :)

  • koen

    is link now a criminal because if you could play as link in gta than would that be awesome

  • The Dark Lord Demise

    This mod has acctually been around for some time. Someone should make a mod of Skyward Sword Link !

  • faror

    i like how the outfit looks but i think his face looks i little funny.

  • Lexi Z

    Why on earth did Link drink something that Ganondorf offered him!?

    • Mike Sauer

      Said he was “possessed”

  • Jam9t3

    oh lol I can imagine link sitting behind a desk with his feet up, smoking a cigar and wearing shades while sharpening his master sword and two bodyguards next to him! Then on the door to his office it says “Link the Don”. That’s because he smuggles magic powder even though he knows it’s illegal!

    • Blakenator

      That’s supposed to be a secret to everyone! :D

    • Waker of Winds

      ssssshhhhhhh dont tell anyone

  • A hero

    Nice, now if only this happened in Xenoblade, and other awesome games.

  • Ninty

    lol It reminds me of Inuyasha just ’cause of his expression, like “what the hell is this place!?” Plus his medieval feel.

    • Mike Sauer

      That’s basically Link’s default look though.

      • Ninty

        I find his default expression to be pretty much blank when controlling him. Cutscenes are a different story.

  • Demise

    BTW, this is off-topic, however does anybody know what is he current state of MM3D in regards to operation moonfall? It has 50,480 votes, a least when I last checked today. To anybody who is not completely against MM3D, please sign at least once because it takes only 30 seconds and will make this come true. ( to sign, is the main site).

    • TehLeetHaxor

      This topic belongs on the forums. I recommend you start a thread.

      • Demise

        Good Idea! I’ll register right now. I hadn’t though of this.

        • TehLeetHaxor

          I’ll see you there. I’m also “TehLeetHaxor” on the forums.

  • Mike Sauer

    I don’t like when people don’t take into account that Link is a LEFTY! ><

    • ET34

      Exactly! Although the Wii version of TP overrules EVERYTHING!

    • LinkIV

      not in SWS i wasnt XD but i like it better as a lefty…

    • Blackbaldrik

      Link should always be left handed (unless he can’t be due to motion controls). (=

  • Debora Brak

    Maybe a good idea to play gta?

  • Ness1985

    GTA V will NOT be released on the Wii U. Rockstar already stated.

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    Roman in my class would hate this just cuz its Zelda. All he plays is Borderlands and Halo and stuff like that where a brain isnt required.

    • LinkIV

      Those are good games too, maybe not Halo, but Borderlands, and Cod are good too. Tho i do LOVE going back to the originals…

  • TehLeetHaxor

    Link looks really out of place in GTA. I personally think that if Link was sent to a different dimension, it should be Tamriel. In fact, any other game universe would be a better fit than GTA.

  • Amber Evans

    Whoever did this must know coding very well…

  • LinkIV

    Can I actually use my sword, or is it just decoration?

  • Zelda4Life

    OMG, Link around cars. “What are these strange, horseless carriges?”

  • Kablamogroup

    Okay, so which GTA is this supposed to be for? The latest one? Or is it for one of the ones on the PS2? Looking at this, I’m pretty sure that it won’t be for the first two games.

  • TwilightMirror11

    If you look closely at Link’s face in frame two he has a bit of a Groose face! Alsoimagine the sun in frames one and two as the moon from Majora’s Mask.

  • Midna’s Sister


  • Rob

    So this is what it would be like if link were in the present…

  • L Lawliet

    Hey! Link’s a Slider!

    So, the question is how many worlds will he have to travel through in order to get himself home?

  • Medley13

    I’m I the only one who finds the first picture akward to look at?

  • S. Mario

    Anyone else notice how Link’s character model is left-handed, yet his sword is in his right hand. Look at where the sheath is. It’s over his left shoulder. He also has that leather guard over his left wrist which indicates that is his sword hand.

  • Neutopia

    That isn’t that bad of an idea aha, the story definitely helps it out to not look like some amateur hack aha, as long as you could kill people with the sword I would totally try that out. xD