Nintendo Adds New Symphony of the Goddesses Tour Dates

TimothySeptember 8th, 2012 by Timothy

The majority of those who have been to a Symphony of the Goddesses concert would probably acknowledge how spectacular the whole performance turns out to be. The beautiful orchestra has proven to be an absolute success in North America and Nintendo has decided, due to popular demand, that a few extra tour dates are needed. In celebration of the tour, Nintendo is also hosting a very special event at the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Plaza in New York on Friday, September 14.

Click on that jump below and find out where the Symphony of the Goddesses tour is heading next and what to expect at the special event planned in the Nintendo World Store.

Here are the next set of tour dates planned for the Symphony of the Goddesses tour in North America:

  • Sept. 15: Toronto; Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
  • Sept. 22: Minneapolis; Orpheum Theatre
  • Oct. 12: Dallas; AT&T Performing Arts Center
  • Oct. 18: Boston; Wang Theatre
  • Oct. 25: Chicago; The Chicago Theatre
  • Nov. 3: San Antonio; The Majestic Theatre
  • Nov. 6: Calgary, Alberta; Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
  • Nov. 28: New York; The Theater at Madison Square Garden
  • Dec. 8: West Palm Beach, Fla.; Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts
  • Dec. 9: Miami; Adrienne Arsht Center
  • Dec.14: San Jose, Calif.; San Jose Civic

At the Nintendo World Store on September 14 from 6pm-9pm different activities are scheduled to occur in an orderly fashion. Starting at 6pm ocarina guru David Ramos will host an interactive workshop which will give viewers an interesting description about how the popular Zelda instrument came into being on our earth. A small ensemble of musicians will then perform a mini-concert from 7pm-8pm and that set of special compositions will be immediately followed by an hour of interaction with David Ramos and the musicians from the concert. Link cosplay model Li Kovacs will be attending at that time and the opportunity to take photos with him will be available.

Official Symphony of the Goddesses merchandise will be available for purchase and the exciting news is that the first individuals to enter this special event will be given their very own concert pack including a t-shirt, poster, and ocarina to use during the workshop.

Will you be attending any of the Symphony of the Goddesses tour dates later this year? Are you planning to go to the Nintendo World Store to attend the special event in celebration of the tour? What are your thoughts on the Symphony of the Goddesses orchestra? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: MyNintendoNews

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  • Rob

    well, that’s a relief!

  • starman888

    oh cool its in my state!

  • Tehlul

    Does anyone go to these things?

    • Nathan Thurnau

      The Symphony of the Goddesses? Houston essentially sold out 2 nights in a row this summer.

      • diabloaura

        I know I was there

        • Josh Sebastian Duque

          you lucky bastard

    • WillDaBeast

      I went to the one in vienna
      It was packed and awesome

  • Robert Olivier

    The Nintendo World Store thing sounds kinda boring, but I definitely want to go to the New York show at the MSG Theater. The tickets are somewhat expensive though. Not sure if I’ll be able to make it. :-(

  • You-Know-Who

    Funny how a few minutes ago a friend told me about it. I was wondering why I didn’t see it here.

  • Trevor Roberts

    Still no Michigan?

    • Person

      I know! I don’t think it’s worth going to Canada, and Chiago is so far away :(

      • Hello I Am the ChuChu

        And NOBODY and NOTHING ever comes to Anchorage! It’s obnoxious! I guess we’re just different-it’s so dang cold in the winter, and while the lower 48 had that huge heat wave, we just had rain, overcast days, more rain, I THAT THE SUN?!?! More rain, and a huge windstorm to cap it all off. It’s a shame, too(Symphony, not the weather), I live for my music, and I often feel like my brain was designed for Zelda.
        Sniff. It’s a hard life, being an Alaskan ChuChu

  • Brandikins11

    Still no Denver? Come on Nintendo.

    • Myeh

      Yeah Nintendo! Come to the best state! Colorado! :D

      • itsameluigi1290

        I had a bad experience in Colorado. Crazy drivers ._.

        • Midnafan

          they can’t be as bad as European drivers ;)

          • itsameluigi1290

            Oh. *Shudders*

          • Midanfan

            my old 6th grade teacher had some crazy stories about British drivers. she said her bus was in traffic so the driver drove on the wrong side of the road even though cars were coming toward them and he just said”oh, they’ll move out of the way.” 0.o

          • itsameluigi1290

            Sounds like a great place to teach your kids how to drive! /sarcasm

  • Cranbery

    …wait a minute, is this the same as the 25th aniversary synphony cd that came with skyward sword?

    • shmuga9

      It does have some of those songs in the cd but a whole slew of others as they were thinking of releasing an updated cd with the new songs.

      • Midnafan

        i hope they release that cd i really want it!

        • shmuga9

          Me too, but they said it’s up to Nintendo to do it. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if it does come out, seeing as we’re actually getting Hyrule Historia which takes much more effort.

    • Midnafan

      yeah i’m pretty sure its the same orchestra

  • CanadianLink


  • Zeldafreak2202

    I was there when the came to DC. I got a poster and a shirt. It was awesome

    • WillDaBeast

      vienna or dc?

  • Nintendo4Ever

    still nothing near lower ohio :(

  • Automatic

    It’s about time this Zelda concert comes back to Dallas! One performance was nearly not enough. Hopefully everyone gets the opportunity to go sometime.

    • Automatic

      Failed to mention, I didn’t know about the last Dallas concert, and I can’t come to the upcoming one. Someone go for me

    • toonlinkuser

      They should go to other places before they go somewhere twice.

  • Josh Sebastian Duque


  • linkfan

    im no where near all of them

  • itsameluigi1290

    Come to IOWA!!!

  • Kyle Clark

    none in SC’s peace center :(

  • LegendOfTwili

    I’m pretty sure this thing was originally supposed to be worldwide?

    • zeldafangirl

      Yeah… I’m not saying where I live, but the country is absolutely tiny. (I spelt that wrong, didn’t I?) And I swear it’s NOT Australia! >:-(

      • Name

        Agreed. :-{)

        PS { is the moustache.

      • Jordan DiPalma

        …Australia isn’t tiny…

  • Midnafan

    The only one anywhere near me is San Jose and that’s still too far! I can’t go all the way out to New York either. I would really love to attend just one of these concerts but they are never near me, and my mom thinks its boring, but i know the actual orchestra has to be better than the cd (which is amazing alone, i listen to it while studying:))

    • WillDaBeast

      i went to the one in vienna (VA) and it was amazing
      Hopefully you could persuade your mom
      it wasnt boring at all
      they have screens with graphics and stuff from the game
      my parents liked it even though they’ve never played/heard zelda

      • Midafan

        my mom hates it when i talk about or play Zelda (mostly because she can’t watch tv while i play SS or TP) but i don’t think she would like it because she doesn’t understand the series or appreciate orchestrated music for that matter. it’d be an absolute dream come true for me though

        • WillDaBeast

          at the place i saw it at, its sort of like a huge dome but the sides are empty
          so you can sit on the lawn in front and see the orchestra (even if its far away)
          and they show it on the screens once in a while
          you dont miss much
          so if u could persuade ur mom u could get lawn seats and it would still be as good

          • OcarinaLink

            That was the place I went to. I was the person in the kokiri tunic and had no sword.

        • Tom Gifford

          I’m way close to San Jose. I might go myself, IF I can break away from art class. :(

  • M3GUST4


  • Shelby


  • Carlbot

    Come to cincinnati!

  • baileygirl99

    I wanna see this!!

  • adleZ

    Miami Florida or Miami Ohio? Please Ohio!

  • Leviathan


    • itsameluigi1290

      I want to go to Australia! Kangaroos are awesome.

      • Timothy

        They are not awesome when you hit one though XD Trust me they fully dent the front of your car if they decide to hop in front of you!

        • itsameluigi1290

          Oh yeah, I’ve seen what they’re capable of in the videos online ._.

      • aussiechick

        Australia doesn’t want or need any americunts in our country, thanks.

        • itsameluigi1290

          How long did it take you to come up with THAT stupid nickname? No need to hate Americans. :/

  • Cucco Link

    YES!!! Finally one of these is somewhere near me!

    • itsameluigi1290

      Bribe your parents.


    They still haven’t gone to the one city that is internationally famous for having shows like this.

  • Olamarr

    no chance of them coming to melbourne one day, will they ever decide to tour of other countries.

  • WillDaBeast

    Everyone who is close to these concerts should see them
    The one i went to was awesome :)

  • iimmaaggiinnee

    The closest one to me is Toronto…. But that’s a 6 hour drive :/

  • Alex Mahan

    If you’re not coming to Kansas City, at least come a little closer than Chicago; Saint Louis or Witchita?

  • Medli13

    So did they create their own orchestra for this?

  • Tanner Eakin

    No Tennessee :C

  • Neutopia

    Holy, that is so tempting, they’re finally going to come to Calgary lol, I heard the tickets are like $150 though, that’s so expensive. :(

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