Fanart Spotlight- Links Blacklist #2

HachiSeptember 12th, 2012 by Hachi

Last month we featured some of the first entries for the amazing collaboration Link’s Blacklist, a tribute project to the memorable enemies that appear in the Zelda series.

Since then, many more pieces have been added leading up to it’s official release on Game-Art-HQ in October, and this newest batch of pictures is just as impressive as the first wave. See all nine new entries after the jump!

Once again, this is only a sampler the continuously growing collection, so make sure to check out their DeviantART group to see them all! And as always, leave us your thoughts on today’s Fanart Spotlight below.

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  • Linkfan99

    FIIRRRRSSSS—– *must resist*…

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know whether to thumb you up for resisting and being original about it, or thumb down for almost doing it…

    • itsameluigi1290

      I don’t know if you’re trolling or simply
      The cleverest commenter of all time.

  • zombie_eat_flesh

    Wow. I wish I could make art like that…

    • Name

      If I could, I’d make an Iron Knuckle one. Where Link’s backflipping while the axe is coming down and is SO near to touching him. It would be epic.

      PS I was playing Master Quest once – where an axe hit = 8 hearts of damage, and I had only 7 heart containers in the fire temple where there’s that room with an Iron Knuckle, and I was fighting it. I hit it, then backfliped – but not soon enough, and it just slightly him me while I was in the air… GAME OVER :(

  • Gaseous Snake

    If this picture of Ghirahim doesn’t give you nightmares. I don’t know what will.

    Maybe a tongue flash might do it.

    • Joker, brother of Ghirahim

      Why so serious?

      • itsameluigi1290

        Hi Ghirahim’s brother!

    • Name

      It’s not true to the game look. A sharp nose, kinda ugly face, while in-game he’s really kinda perfect (almost), at least doesn’t look ugly AT ALL. I love him and I’d like to keep that look, which is why I don’t really like the art.

  • Linkfan99

    Ghirahim seriously looks like a girl…
    even more than he already did…

  • H37I

    i am really loving that levias art. it’s very pleasing to me.

    • DA LAWLZ

      ikr!!! its fur/hair kinda looks like fire….

    • RawrFish

      Unfortunate that he’s possessed. ):
      …Kill the thing!

  • Rob

    have ou seen if video games were real by Smosh? “What are you doing to my yard!!!!!”
    “I’m looking for rupees!!!!!

    • Rob

      you oops :P

  • Wolf

    I love the different styles used.
    Brother Goriyas reminds me of Okami’s beastiality art

  • Skyloft_Yoshi

    Levias and Phantom Ganondorf were my favorites.

  • baileygirl99

    Wow. These artists are incredible artists. So beautiful! (:’-)

  • RedeadSuck

    Why does the “Great Spirit in the Sky” remind me of the song “Spirit in the Sky”? ;3

  • Ninty

    Man, I wish they brought back some old enemies like those anthropomorphic wolves with boomerangs, or some enemies from Zelda II. I was actually expecting to see some of them in SS…

    Anyway, the first piece is soo cool! And Ghirahim… just looks kinda gross/creepy just ’cause he’s more realistic. :O

  • Mikey

    Wind Waker darknut… F-ing awesome.

    • Alexander Ledden

      yep and using counters to get rid of it’s armor felt really good and if you disarm it there is a small chance it won’t pickup it’s sword/claymore and fight with hand to hand combat

  • itsameluigi1290

    Levias. Epic.

    • southwind

      i agree so is death sword not as much though

    • Name

      Not a failed pun for once.

      • itsameluigi1290

        Failed pun? No no no, my puns are not only hilarious, but also PUNny.
        Don’t make me PUNt you out the window, or PUNch you in the gut!!!

  • Guest

    Loving the awesome perspective going on there with Phantom Ganon. And I really like Turtle-Arts’ “Armour Break”–it looks so fierce!

    Also, “Brother Goriyas” makes me wish Goriyas appeared in a future Zelda game. Wonder why they faded away after the Oracle titles, and never once appeared in a 3D Zelda. Bring ‘em back, they’d make badass opponents!

  • IMFWeirod

    They’re all so awesome….especially that Phantom Ganon one!! What an awesome perspective! I feel like it’s one of those last-thing-you-see-before-you-die types… I’ve honestly never seen a drawing that captured the movement, the very moment, so well….it could be a screenshot from some animation or something….JUST AWESOME.

  • April Engelmann

    I like that Levias one, it’s cool

  • BlackRaven6695

    That Levias one would make a great desktop background.


    the ghirahim one ls good!

  • I <3 Legend of Zelda 4Ever

    Ghirahim scared the crap outta me! That’s some good art.

  • Princess Zelda


  • Neutopia

    Those are all really nice, I wish I could make pictures like that aha. :P

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