GlitterBerri Involved in Hyrule Historia’s Official English Localization

TimothyAugust 27th, 2012 by Timothy

Our good friend GlitterBerri has worked so hard since the Japanese release of Hyrule Historia, translate as many of its pages as possible into our native tongue moves from “fan translator” to “official translator.” With the announced release of Hyrule Historia into English-speaking nations around the world starting January 29, 2013, it may seem like she won’t have to work on this project anymore. The good news though is that this is not the case! GlitterBerri has confirmed on her website that she is currently involved in the official localization of the much anticipated Hyrule Historia.

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GlitterBerri has stated that out of respect to publisher Dark Horse she will not be uploading any of the other untranslated pages from the Japanese edition of Hyrule Historia. She also clarified that the fan translation on her site may not keep its permanent residence. Either way, it is fantastic to hear about GlitterBerri’s participation in this awesome project. Her influence in the book should allow it to be produced as a near accurate translation.

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Are you happy with the announcement of GlitterBerri being involved with Hyrule Historia? Do you feel it’s a good thing Dark Horse made sure to include someone who not only loves Zelda but already has an understanding of what Hyrule Historia itself should be like in English? Let us know what you think!

Source: GlitterBerri

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  • Thunderlite421

    Right on, Glitterberri!

    • Rob

      You’ve got that right!

  • Ferichan

    Of course this made me happy! I had some worries there would be inaccurencies if someone not that deeply knowledgeable of Zelda didn’t translate things as such but with Glitterberri involved I cant rest easy that wont be the case!

  • LinkFan

    Already Pre-ordered, can’t wait

  • MiniJen

    I need some money NOW so I can preorder this!!!!

  • Shadsie

    Horray for an Ascended Fan! Congratulations!

  • HEY!

    Woo! :D

  • Robert

    Great job, GlitterBerri! Another reason why I just pre-ordered Hyrule Historia!

  • DreamCat

    Huzzah! I did have worries about crappy translations, but now I’m quite reassured.

  • Mac

    They probably just paste gliterberry’s translation to official book. Nintendo laziness is beyond me.

    • Aria

      The section of the book I’m involved with will feature an updated, stringently checked version of the translation that appears on my website. It will also include a large number of handwritten notes from the developers that I wasn’t able to translate before due to their diminutive size.

  • Bryan Odio

    Oh HI!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  • dave

    I already pre-order it



  • Money Making Game

    ofcourse they got her to do it. thats because then they can force her to take down the translation so then they would sell more copies (because the main source for the illegal english version would be gone). I dont think it has anything to do with how good she is but just a way to get her translation off the web without making fans angry

  • Laura Johnson


  • Nero Link

    Congrats, well done – you deserve it Glit :) Just don’t forget about us when you’re famous :P

  • Vaati101

    I guess every cloud has a silver lining. Kudos to Glitterberri =)

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  • Neutopia

    That’s really awesome, good for her, I can’t wait to pick up my own copy, so many interesting facts! :D

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