RUMOR: Leaked Screenshots for a New Zelda 3DS Game

Axle the BeastAugust 23rd, 2012 by Axle the Beast

Early “leaked” evidence of new games crop up all the time, particularly screenshots, and with a series as significant as Zelda that has as energetic of a fanbase as it does, it’s no surprise that we see them a lot. Quite often these are not real, like the infamous “Valley of the Flood” or “The Wind Waker HD”, and we have another surely fake pair of screenshots for you today.

A supposed Zelda title for the 3DS, its Japanese title seems to translate to something along the lines of “The Little Shield” or “Shrimp Shield”, the term shield being the most consistent part of the name, which makes sense given the totally visible shield in the logo. It was originally posted in this thread on the GameFAQs forum. Check out the screenshots after the jump to see a bigger version of the logo image as well as supposed gameplay and my thoughts.

The trademark R mark isn’t really visible, even if you were holding it in your hand. The bottom screen depicts what is clearly a screenshot of The Wind Waker (looks like the trail leading up to the forest on Outset Island), with a HUD graphic from Ocarina of Time 3D–which by the way, reads “Attack” in English despite the Japanese title screen. It also has an impossibly small minimap on the top screen, on a dual screen system, which are well known (especially within the Zelda series) for using their non-primary screens for large maps. The top screen is also on full blast with the 3D effect, and there’s no reason they would do this for a photograph, especially at such an awkward angle.

There’s just too many suspicious things about this; I really can’t believe it at all. Also, while I would like to believe Nintendo (or Grezzo, according to the screenshot) would pick a better name than the one given–perhaps with a more unique importance to the plot–I don’t see this happening any time soon. Either way, a nice attempt, but clearly fake. Just about the only thing realistic about these screen shots is that they credit Grezzo (the studio responsible for Ocarina of Time 3D and Four Swords Anniversary Edition).

What are your thoughts on it? Did you spot any other reasons it was fake, or possibly a reason it could be real? Do you think the name is interesting, and of course, do you think Zelda 3DS might possibly look anything like this? Tell us in the comments!

Source: GameFAQs

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  • Mseevers95

    If it is real then the title might have something to do with the minish.
    But it has to be fake, if it was real they would give a clear view of the screen.

  • TrueMasterSwordWielder

    I actually want a Wind Waker remake. Either that, or have Retro make their next Metroid on 3DS.

  • Bubba

    I’d love a Wind Waker OR Majora’s Mask remake. Either one. But of course, a new original 3D Zelda game on 3DS would be even better

  • Jxudo

    I’m glad it’s fake. It’s got WW cel-shading, and that style of graphics, gross.

  • Steven Santerre

    Top Screen is an HD Skin Mod for Majora’s Mask and the bottom screen is just Wind Waker. Completely fake.

  • Keiichi

    Please oh please!

  • Mr. Link

    There is no TM, but there is a little R in the top right of the logo
    It looks like it could be another continuation on Toon Link games. It could be awesome, but I won’t get my hopes up.

  • snivylink747

    why cant anything be real with u people. i mean srsly, there are so many wierd zelda game names out there. if u had told me somthing about a game where u have to bring back a magical railroad back to life to save hyrule i would have laffed. Im am not gonna say its fake or real but i kinda want to say it is real.

  • Achocobo

    Yay grezzo.

  • Icearrows

    The Legend of Zelda and The dodgy Shield

  • Majora

    Has anybody noticed that the 3D is turned all the way up but on the bottom screenshot there isn’t duplicated pictures?

    • Dude876

      Ive noticed it

    • Icearrows

      now that”s dodgy, i say.

    • baileygirl99

      I noticed

  • Dude876

    And arent the game played mostly on the bottom screen? (I dont have a 3DS but I do have a DS

    • baileygirl99

      Nah, actually on the 3DS, you use the control stick to move around, and the buttons are items. Just in case you were wondering! ;-)

  • Pokalink

    Pretty cool, but oviously fake, goofy name, no 3d, top screen, and last a windwaker screen shot with ocarina of time map and button.

  • Link5967

    I think Nintendo needs to try more art styles with Zelda because while they’ve had really cool ones (Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time being my favorite art styles) but mainly used Toon Link for 6 Zelda games. They should try a 3d oracle games art style. Or just make a new one, I loved how they gave pants to link in skyward sword, it made him look masculine. But his lips were questionable.

  • 3DSucks

    Majora’s Mask 3DS.

  • SNOlink

    The second screen shot looks sort of like a WW screen shot with an added A icon.

  • M3GUST4

    It looks pretty fake. If you look closel at the shield, the little squigle on the top, looks like it was done on something like ms paint.

  • Truth

    Please, ANYTHING but another game with Wind-Waker style graphics…

    • Cmaster

      yah the twlight princess graphics were the best…in my perspective

      • Truth

        Agreed, the cross between Anime and Realism was amazing

        • Jebusson


  • Cmaster

    they should make a zelda game that explaines how the world flooded over. One that goes between Oot,Mm and wind waker. now that would be really neat

    • Anon

      MM and WW are in different timelines…

  • NintendoNachos

    Whoa I want a 3ds so bad

  • Calanekeeps

    I know this is probably fake, but I just went to Gaia Online and seen this guy named “Zwelli” say he made this… This is what he said –

    “I can prove it’s fake saying I made it! (I did)

    But seriously, for Gaia (and I’ll release this on reddit or something later):
    Every year at my school, we’re required to spend any one day working with somebody at the site. I worked with somebody at Nintendo of America. I was having lunch with the guy in their break room and there was a 3DS Cartridge there. It was, in fact, an untitled 3DS Zelda (more like an engine test?). I did some editing to hide it, just so I wouldn’t get caught (like photoshopping the logo and background image and GREZZO, and the bad editing on the other screenshot), but I will release screenshots/video of the real thing in a day or two.”

    What do you guys think?

  • Turo

    It’s fake. The art style in the title screen doesn’t match the cel-shaded style displayed on the bottom.

  • Is this real? I don’t believe it.

  • bob

    It looks like another wind waker sequal. WHO WANTS TO RAGE WITH ME?
    (just kidding)

  • Max

    Nah, this is fake.

  • MasterOfSwords1

    Why does this make me even more excited for the next game?

  • Zeldafreak2202

    Title screen looks Legit but the second screenshot looks edited. If they wanted to show us, wouldn’t the 3DS be FACING the camera? the 2nd on is probably a screenshot from Wind Waker, edited to make it look like OOT3D. But who knows, Maybe I’m wrong. The 1st screenshot looks awesome though.

  • Zeldafreak2202

    Wait…… If it says GREZZO on the title screen, It would have to be a remake. It does’t look like MM3D to me, or any other Zelda remake. This looks original, which means GREZZO probably wouldn’t be working with it. If it is original NINTENDO would be working on it alone.

  • kris

    This is about as fake as my third hand

  • J64

    It’s hard to take 3DS screenshots seriously if you can’t see the bottom screen. It’s too easy to fake a screenshot and just load it up in the 3DS Camera app.

  • Tyler Kane

    It’s not…but I still hope it’s real haha

  • Pizzaman

    Yeah right! I think we know better than to trust things like this now.

  • Daniel Nuestroblogzelda

    toon link? O_O zelda wind waker in the second picture!!! :O

  • Mackador Warfa


  • gravendoom75

    this has to be fake

  • Sword of Shadows

    From what I have read the graphics will be closer to Twilight Princes and Skyword Sword, not Wind Waker which in my opinion is preferable, why not use the capabilities of the 3DS to their full potential.

  • Sword of Shadows

    From what I have read the graphics will be similar to that of Twilight Princes and Skyword Sword, not Wind Waker which in my opinion is preferable.

  • MiniJen

    As much as I would love to have a new Zelda 3DS game soon…. I know in my heart that this is fake…. :(

  • NintendoNachos

    Yeah got 3ds today

  • thelinkmaster001

    i saw a fake trailer for this on youtube a while ago.

  • Alfred

    The random poorly done ‘G’ on the shield did it for me.

  • Avery Frost

    I would hope that it’s a sequel to Spirit Tracks.

  • HyruleChronicler

    It looks alot like wind waker, why dont cameras take good photos of gameplay with 3DS?
    Plus the names for the Zelda games in Japan are always some thing diffrent in engilsh, for example legend of zelda oracle of seasons in japan was called legend of zelda fruit of the mysteriuos tree. so we cant be sure on what the little shield is.but the backround for the title screen looks like the woods link rides through in the opening scene in majoras mask. big puzzeler.

  • Eoin Godfrey

    This looks pure fake!

  • Neutopia

    Yeah, I strongly doubt that this is real at all, I wish it was though aha. :(

  • borb

    cod is so much better than zelda

  • derp

    Miyamoto said the zelda 3ds is something that has never been seen before, so we can expect a new, nontoon link

  • AvidDreamer

    All in favor of a zelda game taking place after majoras mask, in which Link is searching for Navi say “I”. I know shes annoying as all hell, but at least it would get away from the tired “save the princess” mold.