Ocarina of Time 3D Sells One Million Units in United States

Ocarina of Time 3D has officially joined the one million units sold club. Along with Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 it becomes the third game to sell this much in the United States. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that this amazing game has already sold one million units; we can only wait to see how much it will sell in the long run.

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The Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D has become the third Nintendo 3DS title to sell more than one million units in the United States.
By achieving this new milestone, The Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D joins the one million member club, joining Super Mario 3D Land (2.1 million units sold life to date) and Mario Kart 7 (1.75 million units sold life to date).

These numbers come via the NPD Group which tracks video game sales within the United States. The NPD also reported that two of the top five and nine of the top 25 best-selling titles play on Nintendo platforms.
Looking forward, the 3DS looks to improve upon software sales with the release of New Super Mario Bros. 2 on August 19, and a holiday lineup that sees the Luigi’s Mansion and Paper Mario franchises make their handheld debuts.

The release of New Super Mario Bros. 2 will coincide with the launch of a brand new 3DS XL system which boasts larger screens and a better battery life. The current 3DS has sold over 5 million units in the United States alone.

So what do you think? Any predictions for how much more it will sell? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Gamezone

  • Rob

    Ocarina of time Deserves 1 million dollars!

    • zeldadude

      NO! The game sold 1 million copies, and each game costs around $35, so that’s well over 1 million dollars lol

  • diabloaura

    Of course Super Mario 3DLand sold so much. Everyone who bought a 3DS got Mario with it.

    • Andrew

      Unless, of course, you got Ocarina of Time with your’s and not Mario ^_^

  • shiba inu lover

    2 think i was 1 of the 1 million people 2 buy it!!! YAY!!! :3

  • Miles Edgeworth

    They kept referring to it as Legends instead of Legend. Other than that, great accomplishment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Best/100003863840372 James Best

    Good job, Ocarina of Time.

  • littlemissgleek

    That certainly wouldn’t be the case in Australia since Ocarina of time 3d was released way earlier than either of the mario games. So maybe it’s coming first here, that would be cool :D
    But either way, that’s a great accomplishment, and no surprise at that, a truly brilliant game

    • penil

      Same thing in the US buddy

  • zeldasahnerd

    Holy cow! thats like. 200,000,000 Dollars!!!

    • Odeus

      Yes, 40 x 1 000 000 = 200 000 000… Your math is terrible

      • zeldasahnerd


    • itsameluigi1290

      I thought it was a bazillion…

  • HerosShade

    There has never been a doubt in my mind that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the greatest video games of all time

  • H37I

    wait a minute, if oot3d sells over a million units…
    considering operation moonfall, how many units of mm3d will be bought?

    • shiba inu lover

      all i know iz that i would buy it! MM is my favorite in the series!!! 2 see it on a 3DSXL would be awesome!!! i would love 2 see better graphitized Fierce Deity Link!!!

      • H37I

        damn. i’m just realizing how the handheld is spelled. 3dsxl…it’s a messed-up alphabet.

        • shiba inu lover

          what, would u rather it be 3ABCD? LOL so anyway anybody reading this should look up today on utube “zelda things 1″ i am a new utube-er and i am making my first vid 2day! i will talk about cool things in zelda, (some of it brought 2 u from zelda dungeon) and about my cool ideas for new zelda games!!! PLZ SUBSCRIBE!!! rate 2!!! u make me happy H371!!! i like it when people reply 2 me!!! LOL

          • H37I

            in that case, check out my friend’s channel, H37I. he said he was gonna put some covers of zelda. i listened to his cover of lost woods and i liked it. it started off as a cover of the original and then gradually it turns into a rock/metal-ish type of cover without a guitar…

            i’m just a fan of his work, i kinda know him personally. matter of fact, he’s the reason why i even have this username.

          • shiba inu lover

            hey i made a new vid 2day!!! zelda things 2! make sure u subscribe plz! my channel iz zeldafreak122001. check out my new vid every day!

  • itsameluigi1290

    IT’S OVER 9000!!!

    • http://twitter.com/PoePrincessMara Poe Princess Mara

      I’d actually be extremely devastated if it wasn’t over 9000 in this case.

      • itsameluigi1290

        Ick, tell me about it.
        There’s no meme for UNDER 9000!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jahchild101 Seth Taylor Moore

    No predictions, but maybe this will be incentive for Majora’s Mask 3D to be made!

  • baileygirl99

    I never doubted the game! Maybe now, they will consider make the MM3D!!!!

  • ZeldaFan

    if LOZ:oot gonna be released again, i hope it an enhanced port, heck they should add a new place or updated visited temple that can be accessed by the other form liking have child link visit shadow temple or adult link with dogodo(sp?) cavern, to find an optional boss, maybe redesign dungeon with can might add new items. I would like icing on cake like how lttp did it on gba port, (too bad that version isn’t VC) owe well. Who’s with me, i want something new from a very great game.

    But OOT is still a great game.

  • Link5967

    They need to release all the old school zelda games on 3ds eshop, like alttp, oracle games, minish cap, and if I want to play the complete zelda series Zelda 2. My least favorite was Zelda 2 because it messed with the gameplay of Zelda series super badly! I don’t like side scrollers as much as games with an overworld you can explore.

    • zeldotron

      that would be nice, but i dont think nintendo wants to make the legend of zelda, a “final fantasy” like franchise, spamming their old games in every new console possible..

      • Link5967

        Well, it would help people who can’t play some of the original games. I would like it better on 3DS myself

  • http://www.facebook.com/nikko.martinez.315 Nikko Martinez

    they should make a new zelda game that lets you play with other people online

  • radioactivehylian

    That took a while… it’s probably because it’s a remake and not a new hame like SML 3D and MK7. Anyways, it’s still awesome.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6PVRCKCPLKG4TTDIKDX6ZCMBQI steinhauershawn

    Zelda only seems to sell well on Home Consoles.

  • Noone

    Don’t get your hopes up. Most people never heard of Majora’s Mask.

    • itsameluigi1290

      Hey man, if Kim Kardashian has heard of it, EVERYONE has!

  • Sunblaze24

    Nintendo doesn’t include bundle sales with their sales information, so both OoT and Super Mario 3D Land have sold more than the figures given here. Not a HUGE amount more, but enough to make a difference. OoT sold 1 million in the US a while ago if you count bundles.

    The last report of of OoT’s sales (and Super Mario 3D Land) from Nintendo said it sold 2.49 million worldwide, and that was back in January. Source here:


  • Phantom_Roxas

    It only just sold one million units? I’m not surprised if it’s because it’s a remake, but this is Ocarina of Time we’re talking about.