Video Game Inspired Gas Masks

ShaunJune 3rd, 2012 by Shaun

You may think that you’ve seen all there is to see when  it comes to Zelda related merchandise, but what we’ve got here is something that really offers a different twist from the norm. Brian Cargile, a talented young artist, has an incredibly specific area of expertise; gas masks, goggles, face masks, and just about everything else mask related. While most of his creations are original designs, Brian also enjoys making masks inspired by different video games, The Legend of Zelda included! He sells these amazing creations through the name TwoHornsUnited Apparel, for around $150 to $200 and while this may seem like a pretty hefty price, his masks sell pretty quickly all the same. You can check out his deviantART page here, his Facebook page here, or make the jump for a quick look at some photos!

So now that you’ve seen the masks what do you think? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

Source: DeviantART (via Destructoid)

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  • Jam9t3

    If i was in a poisonous gas situation then i would rather die than risk anything happening to that mask!

  • Hero_of_Skyloft

    I would very much lick to buy the zelda one, but sadly, I don’t have that kind of money :(

  • TJ

    Both of them look boss but the second one looks cooler when it’s on the mannequin.

    • TJ

      Oh and… First!

      • The Son

        That sure is an interesting story.

        • TJ

          Yeah… I failed. I was first, but it postponed my comment to make it way back. I’m so ashamed.

    • TJ

      Third one looks cooler sorry

  • Dylan Nelson

    Love the Aperture one!

  • awsomeMrlink

    I don’t need a gas mask so I won’t get it but it would be pretty cool to have a zelda or portal themed mask on your face.

  • Darknut Hunter

    Perfect for my chemistry class! I’d totally get the Triforce gas mask.

  • Heropon Riki

    That is so strange…

  • The Son

    The Triforce would save me from dangerous gases.

  • James

    Ok, coffee mugs, plates, shirts, clocks, and hats is one thing. but when it comes to gas masks… well i think thats a little creepy.

  • Fredster64

    if he makes masks why doesnt he make a majoras mask replica? but yeah it good :)


    wut da faq

  • L Lawliet

    Seems like Link forgot to collect a mask or two while he was in Termina; one can only wonder what he would’ve transformed into upon putting them on.
    Could these gas masks be as bad as Majora?
    Phooey. Now his collection won’t be complete.

  • Cave Man

    what game is that last one?
    and that aperture mask luv it

  • Cave Man


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  • Neutopia

    Those look pretty cool, I should definitely get one one of these days for when that volcano thing blows up lol. xD

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