Nintendo 3DS XL Revealed

BastianJune 22nd, 2012 by Bastian

The rumors prior to E3 said that we’d hear about this at E3, but when that didn’t come to pass, we all figured the rumors were wrong… However, it turns out they were right after all: the 3DS is getting a redesign of sorts. It’s an XL treatment similar to the XL treatment the DS received. And it’s coming sooner than you can imagine! Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America revealed the launch date, the price, and the detailed specs in the newest Nintendo Direct.

Hit the jump for the details!

On yesterday night’s Nintendo Direct, Reggie revealed that the Nintendo 3DS XL would be released on August 19th (the same day as New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS) FOR $199.99 and would feature much larger screens than the current version. The upper screen is now 4.88 inches providing 90% extra view, with the bottom screen now 4.18 inches (again, providing 90% extra view). The Regginator also confirmed that the battery power is significantly improved from the original 3DS. The battery will be able to last 3.5 to 6.5 hours while playing 3DS games compared to the 3 to 5 hours of the original 3DS. It comes bundled with a 4 gigabyte memory card and an AC adapter but the adapter will only be packaged with it in North America. The Japanese and European releases will not come packaged with a charger. In the Americas it comes in Red and Blue (whereas in Japan it comes in White, Red, and Silver).

Just imagine the glorious 3D Hyrule in Ocarina of Time 3D now all the more immersive with the added size!

Will you be picking one up when it launches? Let us know what you think about the 3DS XL in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Direct

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  • Sid

    I feel robbed. First the sudden price drop of the original 3DS and now this!? Ugh…

  • Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule

    While I understand that this is just an option, rather than an upgrade, I think a larger system is less portable, and graphics actually look worse on a larger screen (the resolution remains the same, but the image is blown up). Furthermore, it seems like a mistake not to include a charger, as some of us don’t own a 3DS or even a DSi.

  • MrSonyDelight

    Not unless mine breaks… :P

  • ajjaws22

    Im savig up my money for it so far i made 50$.

  • alex

    lol listen guys the 3ds xl for one doesnt need a chager beacause everyone already has one and theres also gonna be a system transfer 90 percent larger 90 percent awsomer.

  • Stevenruggi0329

    April Fools Day was two months and 21 days ago.

  • skywardocarina1

    honestly the design looks really stupid compared to the original, it dosen’t look like its new it looks really used

    • skywardocarina1

      plus i just got my original 3ds repaired for 100$ and i’m not spending money on another one unless it has better camera quality

  • 0_0

    why are people complaining? They do this for smartphones too. Nintendo is just trying to appeal to a larger demographic, particularly moms or older people who need the bigger screen. Why make a big fuss.

  • Hy-Ruler

    When are you guys gonna shut up about Majoras Mask 3D!!! Are you really going to waste your money on every Zelda remake that is released? I bought Ocarina of Time 3D since I had never owned, let alone played, the original version. Chances are, if you’re desperate for the remake to come out, you have the original laying around in a corner of your house! So stop waiting for a gimmicky 3D version of a game you already played, and enjoy the version that made you excited for it in the first place!!!

  • Zoo

    i’m kind of annoyed by the fact that they still didn’t put a second dam circle pad

  • Poppy

    No thanks. IMO, it looks ugly. The corners are rounded, and it has a matte finish, instead of the trademark 3DS metallic.

    Also, my hands are too small :P

  • Yo_Soy_Error

    Hopefully gamestop will have that deal where you trade in your old system for a big discount on the new one.

    • Nicholas Jabbour

      I’m sure they will. I mean, they did that for all past DS revisions, right?

  • Rob

    Why would I want this again?

  • metallicka

    the original 3ds is so much more pretty

  • Icearrows

    i’d get this if i didn’t have a 3ds, but since i have the normal one, ill stay put, since i will put my focus on the wii u.

  • Nicholas Jabbour

    I think it would have been a much better idea to wait a year and then release the “3DS Pro”. It would have circle pad pro functionality built in, and come in two sizes: Regular and XL. That way, everyone’s happy!

  • fan of zelda

    i will try and pick this up. all the screenshots of new super mario bros. 2 look fabulous. longer battery and bigger screens. must buy.

  • Blabla

    Owww, so my brand-new 3DS is old now…. :(

    • Garo Master

      It’s not as depressing as learning that Wiis now come with two Wiimote+’s, two Nunchucks, Wii Sports AND Wii Sports Resort, yet is still cheaper than when I got a Wii with one game and one controller that now sounds like a jet engine when you turn it on!

  • Garo Master

    Sweet! Now we can burn our eyes out of our head 90% faster! Thanks Nintendo! This is TOTALLY worth dumping another $200 for! It’s gonna be just as great as the DSi XL, a portable console the size of a f***ing laptop that is impossible to actually use in-game! All joking aside, I’m glad they’re listening to complaints about screen size and battery life, but this is too far. Not only will it suck just as bad as the DSi revamp, but hundreds of children will go blind in half an hour.

    • Cel-shade

      I own a dsixl

      Its actually not that bad. The graphics are not that pixelated and it is easier to use to play
      first person shooters like Metroid prime hunters. the only pain in the arse is the size but it
      doen’t take up much space

  • Cel-shade

    I own a dsixl and I actually am not regretting it
    3ds should be okay though. only difference is the battery life.
    so it shouldnt be that bad.

  • Redpigeon

    YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!!!! I would love this!! Who cares about the 3D? I just like the games on it! I don’t even have a 3DS, but I still have a DSi which has the same charger!

  • Redpigeon

    One thing I don’t like is, is that it’s not as cool looking as the original. The first 3DS looks more, I’ll say, “sporty”. This one looks like a DSi, PLAIN.

  • Neutopia

    Dammit, now I have to start saving up for this too lol, it’s not fair! :'(