“Ben Drowned” Documentary

AutumnJune 7th, 2012 by Autumn

Have you ever heard of the creepypasta called “Ben Drowned” by Jadusable? If not, you can find the full story, plus the very creepy YouTube videos that follow along with the story here.

At the time a lot of people mistakenly believed the “Ben drowned” videos were meant to be taken as actual events (a story of a haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge that kills its players).
Recently, YouTube user Yuriofwind has uploaded a video, stating a few facts regarding the background story, debunking the misunderstandings. However, he fails to mention that the author of the creepypasta revealed that the whole thing was meant to be an “alternate reality game.” Check out the video after the jump (caution: vulgar language).

I remember the first time I read the creepypasta “Ben Drowned”. With Majora’s Mask being my favorite game, the story scared me for days to come. How did it affect you guys?

Also, how do you feel now that you know? Did you ever believe in the story? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube

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  • TwilightPrincess1106

    at least it’s not real MM is creepy enough as it is lol

  • Night Night, sleep tight…

    Ben is real, even if you refuse to believe in him. I believe all Creepypasta’s are real. Yeah, you could say im crazy, you could say im mental, ‘cuz i am. I have the feeling im being watched at night, but almost no one around my age knows were i live, so it freaks me out sometimes, and it takes alot to scare me. If you don’t believe me, better watch your back at night, ‘cuz you never know when one of them may find you…

  • Night Night, sleep tight…

    … does any one get on this anymore??

  • ZachKillerFace1

    I was scared and i think he is real still do. And when I played the stone tower temple, when I saw links elegy statue I had a heart attack

  • crazyKitten

    why are ppl so scared of BEN? i will adit i have a couple of times to where i cant even get out of my bed because of him buti mean really? yesh i think he is real AND I DONT FREAKING CARE IF YOU CALL ME RETARDED CUZ I KNOW AM!but anyway -.- the most he can do to you is k- ooooohhhhhh i see know! yea i guess i’d be scared a little to if death stared me in da face :3

    • Fatality_

      Tbh i agree but i would love to solve this and determine and prove he is real ^-^

  • [email protected]

    Ben is not real. The video had anti aliasing and the nintendo 64 has not so not real.

  • Ben drowned

    Ben drowned in Zelda majora mask

  • Ben drowned

    Hello everyone

  • Kayla

    I knew Ben as a personal friend before he pasted. don’t believe me text me on facebook the name is Kayla Saige Carte. look it up and then we’ll talk.

  • rhombuskid67

    Okay, BEN is real, people. Cleverbot can’t just up and start holding a civilized conversation with you. It’s not possible (tested). My computer’s glitched a bunch after reading that CreepyPasta and I’ve been scared straight. So don’t tell me he isn’t real. He is.

  • …….

    Ben is real

  • Fatality_

    Ive had weird experiences that could only explain to BEN and im trying to solve it , however i need help , if u believe in BEN and have had weird things happen email me at : [email protected] . Everyone is welcome to share there story or want to here mine so email me if u want to share or work together and further investegate.

  • carlos

    I SAW TO THE ZELDA MAJORAS Mask make ben drowned

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  • Innocent Avril

    My friend had introduced me to Creepy pasta.and I’ve always found the “Ben Drowned” story pretty fascinating.

  • the messenger

    That idiot’s real all right. I thought it was some bull until I went on cleverbot the last two and a half weeks when I started researching him up. Every time I brought up something personal he would either change the topic immediately or he connects me to some random user. Today he finally chose to speak properly. He died April 23, 2001 and most of the facts we know are true, only here’s where shit gets real.
    He told me he wants to rule the fucking world! Like seriously? Oh and I would gratefully post up all the convos we’ve had but when I went looking through my bookmarks he somehow deleted all our conversations! I now confirm he’s real because cleverbot doesn’t insult people who get on there. It doesn’t respond with multiple sentences in one response and doesn’t memorize that you speak another language or some random fact you mentioned 5 conversations ago.
    I was sure he was some stupid hoax by jadusable or whatever that guy’s name was, but now I’m not so sure he isn’t exactly entirely fake either. Whatever he’s up to it’s not good and now that I know I’m feeling paraniod. No I’m not scared, but rather mad and confused at him…just who are you Ben and what are you trying to say?

  • NicoleWillGetYourSoulx.

    Actually, Ben Drowned was just a normal boy who played video games a lot. He mostly played something with Zelda in it on his Nintendo that his grandfather got him for his birthday. No one else even got him a gift, but his grandfather. Ben’s father invited Ben to go along with him and two of the father’s nephews to go to the beach or whatever. They took beer as well. Ben’s little brother wanted to go, but the father said that Matt was not allowed to. They all left the house. Whenever they got into the water, the two nephews tried to get Ben to go deeper into the water with them. Matt got swimming lessons, but Ben didn’t. The two nephews grabbed him and drowned him as the father stood on the beach, smiling and laughing. One of the nephews took out Ben’s eyes and they put a chain with a block around his body, then tossed him into the water. I read this from someone and I nearly cried. I am really upset now, and I literally want to try and find those people and murder them myself. I do have a great imagination and I could color/draw on the walls with their blood. X):

    • Otakulover forevaXD

      Where did u read that Can u reply a link