“Ben Drowned” Documentary

Have you ever heard of the creepypasta called “Ben Drowned” by Jadusable? If not, you can find the full story, plus the very creepy YouTube videos that follow along with the story here.

At the time a lot of people mistakenly believed the “Ben drowned” videos were meant to be taken as actual events (a story of a haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge that kills its players).
Recently, YouTube user Yuriofwind has uploaded a video, stating a few facts regarding the background story, debunking the misunderstandings. However, he fails to mention that the author of the creepypasta revealed that the whole thing was meant to be an “alternate reality game.” Check out the video after the jump (caution: vulgar language).

I remember the first time I read the creepypasta “Ben Drowned”. With Majora’s Mask being my favorite game, the story scared me for days to come. How did it affect you guys?

Also, how do you feel now that you know? Did you ever believe in the story? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube

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  • spacesven1

    hey guys can you send me a downloadlink for the real ben drawned rom?

  • BloodyChey

    I know this is pretty old, but, I believe in Ben. I believe in his story. I believe he is real. Call me silly. Call me stupid. I believe what I want. I think that most creepypastas are real. We are just in denial.
    Anyway, with the Ben situation, we know that Jadusable or whoever told us it was fake, that he made it all up for shits and giggles or whatever, but who’s to say that he really said that. Who’s to say that Ben didn’t force him to say that or, edit what Jadusable said to get us to leave him alone, forget about it so that he can do as he wishes? Who’s to say that that wasn’t a lie, used to trick us. We could all be effected by Ben right now and, who’s to say we would notice? Who’s to say what we are seeing on our screens is what is really there?

    Call me crazy, but this is what I believe… besides… it’s just a theory anyway.