Playing Skyward Sword with an Xbox 360 Controller?

DjinnMay 1st, 2012 by Djinn

Over the past few months there have been many comments, praises, and complaints made of the motion control scheme of Skyward Sword. But now a few clever individuals managed to find a way to play the game on their PCs using an Xbox 360 controller. Youtube members Raullink and Adczooropa give us a look at the various controls during gameplay with the 360 controller and show exactly how well it performs. They have provided videos showing the controls during the Bird Ceremony minigame and the first fight with Ghirahim. Jump inside to check it out.

The uploader provides a profile for Dolphin so the player does not require mapping each button individually. The youtube link provide you with all the links necessary to accomplish this if you want to try it out for yourself.

Wow, I have actually been waiting for something like this for a while, I’m amazed that someone actually pulled it off. And it works out so well too. I have made some comments of my own about the motion controls of Skyward Sword in the past. They are fun and add a new dynamic to the game but sometimes I just want to come home turn on the Wii and play the game and not swing my wiimote around my livingroom for a while.

So what do you think? Did you like the video? Want to try it for yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Neogaf

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  • sunnydelight18

    I will never understand why people complain about the controls so much.

    And this… is just laziness.

    • Kfjf

      It’s not laziness some people don’t want to feel like a jackass while playing their game. Waving around a controller like an idiot. The Wii controls aren’t exactly real precise either at times and can get annoying. A regular controller is so much better. The Wii controls suck just like the wii console itself. Their new console is going to be as fast as a ps3/360 that is so sad and people are going to buy an already outdated pos with crappy controls. Your controller is now going to weigh pounds with a giant stupid screen on it. The only thing Wii has going for it is its games period. Nothing else.

      • sunnydelight18

         I’m sorry you feel that way.

        But I must add, the Wii controls are very precise. Any struggles you have with it are due to user error ;)

      • Kablamogroup

        If you hate the Wii so much, why are you here?

        • XY

          maybe because he likes zelda? you don’t have to be a nintendo-dick-sucker to do so.

          • Roberto Martinez

            It’s true! there are many people who loves zelda!
            I’m PC and xbox gamer and I must accept “Zelda, Mario and many classic games are awesome!! I grown up with zelda and mario!
            why I don’t like nintendo like before? because there aren’t more banjo, conker, killer instinct, Real 3D games like DK64, diddy kong racing…
            I didn’t like wii! its not for me! there are good games in wii like:
            new super mario wii, zelda skyward sword, mario galaxy and 2, smash bros brawl, mario kart wii! the other games are for kids… sorry but that is my comment! I will always love zelda an mario! Rareware was the best studio with nintendo! now in xbox sucks!!!

          • Jack Nitro

            I dont think No More Heroes is for kids…

            Other than that, I agree.

  • Myperuba

    so we’re not allowed to talk about emulators on the forums and then you post an article about one? idiots……

    • Floknar

      my thoughts exactly

    • Djinn

      You can talk about emulators all you want and people have. It’s just roms and where to download them that is not allowed. There is no problem with an emulator.

      • Sirrus

        Emulators are completely legal, as they are mostly all made by the creator.
        Roms are stolen images of games, and most ARE illegal. Only very few are legal.

      • Myperuba

         and what is the point of this article without a skyward sword rom? i’m not trying to hate it just hypocrisy pisses me off

        • Random Zelda Fan

          ROMs are completely legal if you rip them from your own copy of a game using a program like CleanRip or Rawdump.

    • The Twilit Archon

      Do as they say, not as they do.

  • Jesse McCarty

    you can actually do this with almost any controller… I use a ps3 controller.

  • TheMaverickk

    It may work but it’s clearly not a very fluid means of control.

    Just watch the sword battle with Ghirahim. You can tell there was a bit more of a struggle.

    Not to mention that at the end of the day beating him involves simply spamming a vertical or horizontal cut.

    Either way just seems like a lot of work to go through just to play a game that works perfectly fine with it’s original control scheme.

  • Ezluke

    This was disappointing… The videos show that the controls work, but I thought they would actually SHOW the controller. I wanted to see how they did the different things. (Not blaming ZD, of course)

  • Fidu

    I can’t picture it being nearly as enjoyable.

  • fused_shadows

    That is pretty awesome, great job figuring it out.

    BTW on a side note, am i the only one who cant wait to hear who won the XBox? I have checked ZD every 10 minutes in anticipation

  • Garo Master

    …and I bet this controls better than the Wiimote. Before you say I have calibration issues, explain why everything but the sword works! And before you say I have a lack of coordination, explain why the sword controls in Red Steel 2 work perfectly! I mentioned this in a previous article’s comments, and nobody had an answer. Good luck explaining that Skyward Sword’s controls are perfect!

    • Insert Random Name Here

       My only guess is that you’re swinging a little to fast, or not letting enough time pass in between swings.

      • Garo Master

        What you have said has made the most sense of anyone trying to help me. I’ll try paying attention to my swing intervals and see if that fixes anything.

    • Dreiko

      well, it’s probably the way you play it or who knows, maybe you are doing something wrong, i don’t have any issues with both red steel 2 and skyward sword controls, they work perfectly 95% of the time

    • TheMaverickk

      The controls are perfect.

      I can get them to do whatever I want, when I want it.

      Truth is that if you are having problems, maybe you should get someone who isn’t having troubles to show you personally.

      No one here on the site can help you because we can’t see what you are doing wrong. If people could see maybe in a video that shows you  doing certain gestures and so forth, then I’m sure people could spot what you were doing wrong and perhaps help you.

      The only other thing it could possibly be is your controller.

  • Andyjoe522

    Think I’ll stick to my gold Wii Remote +, thanks.

  • Dude63097

    i find it to defy the legend of zelda. legend of zelda-nintendo controller ONLY or gtfo

    • Guest

      Who cares, really? I liked the motion controls, but if someone wants to play with a traditional controller, why not let them? They’re both valid control options. It’s not like he’s controlling the game by slamming newborn puppies on a DDR-style pad or anything.

      • cmgirty

        Wait. CAN YOU control the game by slamming puppies on a DDR pad? 

        I sense a challenge….

  • dinolfos

    i don’t get it :

  • Nintendofreakcjm1

    I don’t get it. This probably requires much more work and
    memorization just to swing the sword, this doesn’t make the controls simpler, in fact it makes them more confusing. I…I just don’t get some peoples reasoning, slightly flicking a controller in a certain direction is by no means exhausting, even if you play the game 20 times in a row, in one sitting. It’s like everyone who’s played SS seems to think you need to constantly stand and swing in full motion with every sword swing, even though you don’t.

    • Dreiko

      exactly, the controls aren’t physically demanding, i sometimes don’t understand why people need to exagerate everything

  • hyliansword

    ill stick to my golden wii emote 

  • Charlotte

    If I had a controller like this, I’d actually play SS again.

  • EGhapee

    Didn’t seem to work very well for the bird race, and I would assume using the sword with the right analog stick would be rather annoying.

    • blubb

      It probably takes some practising and getting used to, just like the real motion controls, at first it also took me forever to get the statue or beat Ghirahim now I can do both within seconds

      • blubb

         (I’m talking about the WM+ here of course)

    • Kablamogroup

      Is that what they’re using to swing the sword? I would never have known watching the video.

      • blubb

        They could probably also map it to the left one: As you can’t walk while swinging the sword in this game anyway, pressing a button and keeping it down (such as B on a SNES/N64/GC layout, dunno about Xbox) could toggle between walking/swinging.

      • EGhapee

        It’s the only way I could think of with a controller. It would take up too many buttons that you need for other things if it wasn’t mapped to a control stick. That’s why it makes so much more sense just to stick to a Wii remote.

  • Poochyena

    I’m gonna have to call this fake. I mean.we didn’t even see the controller.

  • blubb

    I personally clearly prefer the WM+ controls (also possible on Dolphin ofc!) and had no issues at all with them, worked 100% fine.
    But if some people just prefer traditional then I can’t blame them, it’s a personal choice, so this is a good alternative for them. It also shows that Nintendo could have made it optional (if some programmers without access to the code of the game and the ability to manipulate it can do it – then Nintendo can do it even better), this surely would’ve avoided a lot of hate the game got just because of the motion controls!

  • Leynard

    This needs more explanation. The videos don’t show much about the controling. It might as well be playing on wii mote. You don’t see it. So how does the controller here work? What is doing the motion? A control stick or have they made it so it is buttons like the older zeldas? What was so wrong with the wii controller? I thought it was good. And how legal is this?

  • Robotortoise

    This is a great idea. I always hate synching my Wii remote with my PC via Bluetooth… tedious….

    • plattypus141

      You cheater

      • Robotortoise

        I would be delighted to know how you think I’m cheating, plattypus141.

        • plattypus141


          • Robotortoise

            I have I Wii. I back up my games (which I BOUGHT) using my Wii and playing it on my computer. 

            Oh, and by the way, even if I was downloading the games illegally, It’s still not using cheat codes.

  • pokalink

    This just screams fake, no actual show of the controler, i doubt the control of a wii remote would transfer to an xbox controler that well, in other words this as real as tingle is a fairy.

    • plattypus141


    • Tristan Edwards

      Actually…. It does.
      If you have even the slightest iota of how Dolphin input constructs work…
      Then you can get a 360/PS3 controller to work.
      Fuck dude. I have it working fine. I just don’t like how many different macros you have to set to do spin attacks and shit.

  • Amy

    This is how Skyward Sword SHOULD HAVE been played: with a traditional controller.

    • Red-tunic link

      No, it shouldn’t of been played like this.

  • Dreiko

    meh….i still prefer my beautifull gold wii mote, not that there’s anything wrong with using a normal controler, but the experience is completley different, i personally prefer the wiimote

    • Baileygirl99

      Same here

  • Yo_Soy_Error

    Skyward’s controls were fun, but I definitely wouldn’t want to use motion controls for EVERY game. Call of Duty: Kinect :(

  • 3AncientLights

    Sorry, I got the gold remote for a reason.

  • Stevenedeson

    i would prefer on gamecube or n64 but thats just me

  • Riley27

    Um how does this even work. Theres no proof he used an xbox controller. He could just be using the wii remote.

    • Tristan Edwards

      Fucking morons.

  • Seb D

    Just no. I use my Gold Wii remote AND my Gold Nunchuck for a reason! Anyway, this MUST be hacked and therefore illegal.

    • Mrgaful

      Gold Nunchuck? would you mind to explain?

    • Nathan Thurnau

       It plays the game through an open source channel that you can download to your Wii. True, it isn’t a Nintendo approved software, but the reason Nintendo has the disclaimer on their updates that says any unapproved software found will cause the Wii to lock up and the option to decline the update is because they know people will do such things with the console.

  • bradley

    I see no evidence that the game is being played with a 360 controller. All I see is recorded gameplay footage.

  • Taylor

    i wouldve much rather played the game on a 360 controller or just a normal controller in general i thought the over the top motion gimmicks were unnecessary 

  • Blackcowlneck

    I didn’t buy Skyward sword because of motion control, it is childish and lame.

    • sm1130

      well you are obviously childish and lame, get over it

      • Blackcowlneck

         I do not need to get over it, I didn’t buy Skyward Sword and I don’t own nor have I ever owned a Wii. So nothing to get over.

        • Tristan Edwards

          Me Blackcowlneck, Me want be troll but, me forgot what troll is.

    • Pesky Octorok

      Your commenting right now, right here made absolutely no sense what so ever

  • Rin Okumura

    If you don’t like motion controls you shouldn’t have bought a Wii. :T If I want old controls I can just play Zelda on my SNES, N64 or Game cube. I love the fact that Skyward sword came with something new, people who can’t play the game because of the motion controls are either stupid or handicapped. It’s NOT that hard. Most of all it made things more fun.

    And some games allow the classic controller, HOWEVER…for Skyward sword it would turn into a different game. :/ What’s the fun if it isn’t a new challenge and experience. People whine about stuff not being original, then we get it and people whine anyway about their good old nostalgia controllers instead.

  • Marlo Gotopo

    The more I read the comments and the more I see the description is the more I stick to it’s original controller. The Wii Motion Plus makes this game special, like nothing we’ve ever controlled before, and it’s not idiotic, as some of you have pointed out, it’s the most precise swordplay out there.

  • Jim the James

    This is awesome. I liked the Wii when it first came out, but its novelty passed very quickly for me… Took about a year. Now the next chapter of the Legend of Zelda series, which feels like it’s part of my life now, feels so broken and frustrating to me. It was a good idea, but in the end nothing beats a good old handheld controller that you plug in order have wireless. Since the wii kinda ended for me I started playing more Xbox, and now this is like a dream come true. Gonna figure this out immediately so I can finish the lateset chapter of my favourite series ever! :D

  • Kikirini

    Mehhh. It’s impressive that they made this, but I just can’t imagine playing this game without the motion controls. It would just make the game counter-intuitive, at least for me.

  • Neutopia

    I hate this idea a lot actually.  :(

  • jgra44

    this doesn’t work, its a sham, you need a wiimote

    • Tristan Edwards

      Me jgra44, Me Moron, Me no nothing of how to use interwebs device to make my Zelda play..

  • A Guest

    “The uploader provides a profile for Dolphin so… ” Like where is it.. I would give it a go

  • Andre Shade

    It works and it is 100% legit. Only problem is that once you get to the “draw the circle” on one of the entrances, you can`t draw the circle properly with neither a Xbox controller or a Mouse / Keyboard :( I`m stuck

  • Tristan Edwards

    Guys. This seriously does work.. But it is very hard to get it set up comfortably and You really would be better off just syncing your Computers Bluetooth to your WiiMote+MotionPlus+Nunchuck and Sensor Bar.
    I’m going to be honest.. I spent 25$ to get set up and Now I play any wii game on my computer using the correct game controllers.
    Another thing to take into account is that If you don’t have a 2Gig Graphics card and an i7 you shouldn’t be trying to play this game or any other wii game anyways.