New GaMERCat Comic “Potion Puree”

DjinnMay 24th, 2012 by Djinn

In a recent comic of GaMERCat titled “Potion Puree” we see Gamer Cat trying to be a little more conscious of the plight of the fairies by choosing to buy and drink potions for health. Believing that the potions are a much better method to fill up hearts that does not cause any fairies to die in the process. However his sidekick Annoying Fairy shows him exactly how wrong he can be by taking him into the back of the shop to see just how the potions are made.

Jump inside to see it for yourself.


Well, this will probably have people buying a few less potions after reading. I have always wondered just why the fairies were so helpful to Link after he captures them with a bug net and locks them in a jar. Maybe more people will be drinking Lon Lon Milk instead from now on. Absolutely no fairies harmed in the creation there.

So what do you think? Do you like the comic? Still think potions are more humane? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GaMERCat

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  • Awesome

    Haha very nice Djinn! Never used potions to begin with guess I won’t start now

  • Krishiv

    2nd, LOL, and poor, poor faries

  • qwerty

    thats just weird. poor faries

  • LegendofNintendo1


  • nicholasgbarbera

    O_O Lon Lon Milk is a better solution…I hope.

    • LuckyTherteen

      If they blend fairies, then what do they do to the cows? (shudder)

      • Jem

        They FEED them fairies D:

        • baileygirl99

          Im not gonna buy anything for a while :-S

          • Isaac Weseloh

            Just go get some HUMAN HEARTS from the grass

          • Shadoekid

            Or the shop keeper!

  • VikzeLink

    Hehe…he….he..ha…ha..HAHAHAHAHA!!!! MUHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! <—— (Evil Laugh)

  • yo momma

    they’re made with mushrooms and magic

    • TheMasterLink10

      Yeah, assuming that is how they’re made in Majoras Mask, I guess that’s possible.

  • Sir ORR~YIP

    *Psycho shower music plays – woman screams*

  • Jam9t3

    Lol never thought id say this but link looks pretty darn adorable with a cat theme ;D

  • crb

    lon lon milk please be better

  • chaoswanderer

    They feed the fairies to the cows to make sure the milk has healing properties

  • W64Deku

    then why doesnt it heal all hearts if its three freakin faries which would actually be a real rip off since fairies are 50 rupees and red (Blood) Potion is like 10? 20? And heals how many hearts?
    I forgot, any way three fairies is like 3 lives wasted by being ground up into a liquid to momentarily heal you so i think i just confused myself help me out!

    • Tommyjoe Pete

      The blender is bigger than the bottles that potions come in; therefore, three fairies could equal three bottles. The only difference is that people don’t feel bad about wasting a fairy. (As illustrated by Link in the first few panels).

  • Karl-Otti

    The fairies don’t die. And red potions are made of chu chu jelly…

    • TheMasterLink10

      Not in Ocarina of Time. Maybe in Wind waker, but chu jelly dosent exist in OoT, but I believe that the potions are made of the forest mushrooms (like in Majoras Mask)

  • SexyZexy

    I Think I Just Died Alittle Inside….

  • Keith Ballou

    How I, Link, Handle health.First, I do 1 bench press after every boss excluding Ganon then any where i can,then i race Epona.Second, I get ALL 4 bottles FULL of Lon Lon Milk so i can get energy without killing fairies. Finally,I up my stealth by sneaking past guards for the hell of it! That is how i, Link, save fairies.

  • Chris Button

    Potions are made from Chu jelly!
    I still really liked this comic. :-)

    • Dirty Dan

      not in oot

    • TheMasterLink10

      Chu jelly is non-exsistent in Ocarina of Time.

      • Alpha Arrow

        Good thing I play Wind Waker more then. :)

  • zeldalover707


  • Tommyjoe Pete

    The Yeti’s soup is better than Lon Lon Milk. It had pumpkins, cheese and fish. What does the milk have? Milk and fat! I prefer Lon Lon CREAM. (for coffee)

  • You-Know-Who

    “And this is another similarity on how they make Chicken McNuggets.” LOL

  • link-o-mat

    How dare he only pay 5 ruppees?

  • Dr_Stein

    I think. I-I’m gonna……puke….

  • Isaac Elkins


  • pokalink

    now maybe well have a “humane link” game run :)

  • DropsOfBlue

    Why is the guy blending the fairies wearing a tunic exactly like Link’s?

    • Aaron Williams

      What do you think Link does with his spare fairies?

  • Arkanite Kae

    WRONG! it’s Chu jelly.

    • TheMasterLink10

      Chu jelly dosent exist in Ocarina of Time “The game that they are trying to portray” so it must be made another way.

  • L Lawliet

    Maybe Link can get by using the ol’ “Life” spell he acquired from the (Water) Town of Saria. That sounds like a reasonable substitute.

  • TwilightMirror11

    That’s what fairies are for though, right?

  • Jo Five

    Potions are made with insects! That’s why the potions are red. They also use crushed insects to make red food colors.
    Brawl in the Family already made this joke, except it involved Navi talking too much wihle Link was low rather than buying potions, and Link “using” her to leave himself in peaceful silence. There was also a better one about Link making a valentine for Peatrice and licking the little love hearts that floated off her because he needed the health.
    Personally, I’m too cheap to buy anything I can get for free elsewhere, which often leaves me with a mountain of unspendable Rupees. Except in Spirit Tracks, where you have to waste massive amounts of cash just to get a heart container that I’d rather just buy outright.

  • nicholasgbarbera

    GamerCat DO NOT WANT!

  • Luigicheesecake


  • gravendoom75

    it’s a good thing i never buy potions :D

  • frpenalver

    Well, I guess that explains why they’re so abundant in OOT and then sorta fade out over time.

  • bs8814

    lol then face on the last one.

  • Sarah Zeigler


  • nick13012

    this is why we don’t have fairies anymore.

  • KittyCatGirl


  • TheIvoryDingo

    Luckily this doesn’t seems to be the case in SS! :D

  • Excel


    “NO! D:<"


  • TrueMasterSwordWielder

    That’s horribly hilarious

  • littlemissgleek


  • Neutopia

    It’s funny, I enjoy Zelda comics! :P

  • Zeldarocks

    I would go to a Blue Potion factory and throw Navi in there. :)