Legend of Zelda: Echoes of the Future

DjinnMay 6th, 2012 by Djinn

Artist Sean NG recently posted a series of images displaying his version of the Legend of Zelda reimagined as a grim war torn future set in the style of Fallout. The set is titled “Legend of Zelda: Echoes of the Future” and includes a few familiar faces reimagined through the Fallout style. Only this time we are seeing robotic poes, mutant redeads and mechanical weapons. He has also included several background images displaying the destroyed landscape in intimate detail. Jump inside to check out the pics for yourself.

These are great: he has done an amazing job of keeping the recognizable look of all the main characters, but still altering them enough to perfectly fit in this universe. The level of detail he has placed into these is impressive. I normally have not been much of a fan of the WWIII aftermath types of stories although I have played a bit of Fallout in the past. This still looks incredibly interesting. It is a shame it is a fan creation and not a pitch for a real game.

So what do you think? Do you like the images? Would you play a post apocalyptic Zelda like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Boss-Door

    I would definitely play that.

    • Boss-Door

      Revision on what I said earlier. I think that a somewhat more modern Zelda, but still being like half-way in between medieval and the steam age.

      You know…steampunk.

      • Pesky Octorok

        Technically steampunk is a mixture of the late 19th century industrial era combined with futuristic or modern ideas such as tanks driven by steam engines and the like. It has nothing to do with anything in the middle ages 

  • dave strider

    Oh Gog we need this now.

  • Zdkdzk

    This would be awesome…
    as long as they don’t actually make it FUTURE futurisic.
    Keep actual guns out (but things like beamos are fair game).
    have the same open worldness of Oot.
    DO NOT make it Skyrim deep or FALLOUT complicated.
    Have some linearity.
    And keep it Zelda

    • Pesky Octorok

      I don’t get how lasers are okay with you guys but guns are not. It literally makes no sense

      • Red-tunic link

        If they were modern guns I wouldn’t like it since I think wouldn’t fit at all,but if they are old guns like flintlocks I think would fit well and would like to see them in zelda.

  • Boss-Door

    Link has blue eyes, and is the picture on the bottom right of zelda supposed to be Shiek.


    What I like about Zelda is that it isn’t just another one of those dark, gritty games that’s always serious.  HECK, Wind Waker took place in a post-apocalyptic future and that game is as light hearted as it gets.  That said Zelda was never Medieval, Futuristic or Steampunk it was just a bunch of stuff Nintendo thought was cool thrown together.  BTW LOVE the vest Ganondorf :D

  • Wisdom

    The artist really seemed to flush out their ideas and has a distinctive path he envisioned for the series, and that I can respect.  I’m surprised at everyone’s bashing, though.  I feel that almost any era in Hyrule’s history would be fair game and hold the same, repeating fate.  The one seeking control of the Triforce would have to be taken on by the protectors (Link and Zelda) no matter if it is in a more medieval setting or industrial setting.  That fate is something that would follow Hyrule throughout its history.  Just because this particular artist went with a futuristic setting doesn’t mean the very basics in the story have to change.  

    Personally, I feel that anyone bold enough to do something original in their fan work is great.  The legend is for everyone and each one will have a different artistic direction.  This is where his went.  And I say bravo to his creativity.  

    • BTT

      I do not have a problem with the artist’s creativity or his vision. I agree that he has a clear vision that he has crafted beautifully. I also have no problem with the Legend of Zelda series in any different era or genre, (Sci-Fi is maybe my only exception there) and would love to see the series do something fresh with itself by doing so.

      The problem I personally have is that this is supposed to be the Legend of Zelda, and while designs can vary and of course will, the artist has, to me, completely lost focus, and the original feel of the characters is gone. None of the characters retain any aspects of their original design outside of base premise, with the exception of Ganon none of them have the same feel, and even a few of them are completely unrecognizable, most notably the Princess. Creativity is amazing, and it’s clear this is a creative individual. But the source material has been, in my opinion, completely abandoned, which completely detaches the work from the series it’s supposed to be based on, thus my distaste.

      • Red-tunic link

        I hope zelda never becomes modern or sci-fi either.

  • pokalink

    i imagine link with a gun and it doesn’t work out…

    • caleb pope

      It does with me.

  • Princess Zelda

    WW3 might happen someday . . .

    • pokalink

      no dur

  • Zeldashark

    i think that a lot of work and thought was put into this, and it would probably make a great game, but it is just not Zelda. it reminds me too much of a lot of other popular games that i don’t like. it isn’t the idea of the future or the machines that bothers me (your on a train for god’s sake in spirit tracks) its the fact that this looks too much like the real world, zelda is supposed to be fantasy and trying to make it “realistic”,whatever that really means, just wouldn’t mesh right. like i said the art is great and so are the ideas, but its just not zelda

    • Nix The Robot

      I agree.

  • ZeldaCrazed

    I think it would make a great Zelda game if this is only the art style and story, keeping the gameplay very on par with previous 3D zelda titles. 

  • guest

    OMG WHERE DOES ANY1 SEE GUNS IN THIS WHAT R U PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT ur all fails i dont see a gun anywhere

    • Nix The Robot

      Gun crossbows.

    • Eliwood Stormageddon

      I’ll be kind enough to explain. In the picture showing bows & Crossvows, the bottom row has what appears like either gun-like crossbows, or guns

      • Eliwood Stormageddon


  • Nix The Robot

    WAY TOO CREEPY! Its not like zelda! its more like one of those games i wont play. too many guns! too many zombies!

    • Nix The Robot

      those games are just horibble!!!

    • Pesky Octorok

      I’m not even sure those are guns but if they are there are hardly any at all and there is one zombie and its a REDEAD which have already been many zelda games so you seriously gotta chill out. Anyways, whats wrong with guns and zombies? Seriously sometimes I think people like you are worse than COD fans

      • Nix The Robot

        U R A 
        Pesky Octorok

  • Ghent

    Before anybody else freaks out about guns, there aren’t any. Actually look at the pictures before complaining. Those are crossbows.

    That being said, I think it’s a cool idea. I’d play a post apocalyptic Zelda game in a heart beat. Heck I’d play a futuristic Zelda game if Nintendo made it. And even though this is only a concept, the way I see it, Nintendo can do whatever they want with the Zelda series. It’s their game, they have total control of what to do with it, and they haven’t messed up yet. So chill with the fury, it’s just one guy’s idea

  • Hatredhazard

    I would love a fantasy-steampunk Zelda kind of like in Miyazaki’s movies…I think that atmosphere suits Zelda very well. It wouldn’t be too off the beaten track, I mean, it could take place years after Spirit Tracks on the newfound continent, and the hero Link could explore a decaying Hyrule Castle… 

  • http://medlismessages.blogspot.com/ Heroine of Time

    Wow… this is awesome. I love the look of Zelda. ^^

    • Nix The Robot

      I DONT!

      • Eliwood Stormageddon

        It’s her (I presume, correct me if I’m wrong) opinion. You don’t have to make people share the same opinion you do. You don’t have get angry if someone likes something you like or doesn’t like what you like. It’s all matter of opinion. I like most of the designs. I think they’re cool. You don’t have to yell “I DON’T!” If you disagree.

  • Sir ORR~YIP

    WOW! This is awesome! I would love to have a game with these designs.

    • Sir ORR~YIP

      I really love Ganon’s formal attire, and the design for the re-dead is deadly as!

  • Snaze

    It looks very cool, but link is little creepy and I’m not a huge fan of the police shield thing, but still amazing. 

    • Eliwood Stormageddon

      But you have to take in account this is the future Hyrule, so there possibly isn’t a king, therefore the Hyrulean Knights (Royal Guard) or Hylian Knights would probably become law enforcement, also known as the police.

  • Snaze

    I think a game with this look would fit very well if it took place after zelda 2, since that’s the era of decline it would be cool to see a game that made Hyrule pretty again, or something like that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002962099607 Lucas Nascimento

    It’d be amazing having a Zelda game in a futuristic reality. But it must have 2 things:
    – The human-feeling present in every Zelda game;
    – A GREAT story.

  • Yean

    Zelda looks like a lesbian 

  • Freedude1

    link looks like an ulgy cockroach with a breathing mask >_> i hope they don’t make it A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Captain

    In all honesty, I don’t understand the hate for such a concept, when no one is really giving it much thought. Considering Skyward Sword had robots and electricity and no one seemed to care, technology in the Zelda series should not be seen as a problem to the fans. I’m a longtime fan and I would actually like to see a Zelda game in a ravaged  futuristic setting (granted Link would look a little more familiar than the above example). I could already see some of the dungeons, such as an abandoned skyscraper or a steel infirmary. As long as the game plays like a 3D Zelda should and not some first-person view which would butcher it, I really could see this being a successful game. The fans would buy it regardless, non-fans would think it looks cool and past fans will be pulled in by this daring new departure from the Zelda norm.With so many fans disgusted at this prospect, however, Nintendo may never consider it… but they did give us Wind Waker’s artstyle, which turned out to be a success. Who knows, maybe someday a Zelda like this will happen.

    • Eliwood Stormageddon

      I would imagine what used to be the Royal Hyrule Family being in charge of a some Company or whatever, and this company’s main building or headquarters, is built above the ruins of Hyrule Castle

  • HeroofTime123

    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind this. I would just prefer no guns (I’ve seen Axle’s video about guns in Zelda and I still don’t like the idea.) I know there are no guns in this artwork but I wouldn’t want them to eventually show up. Crossbows would be fine though. I think this could work as long as they don’t modernize it too much (just enough to fit the setting.) The gas mask on Link looks too weird, especially since no one else has one on. I also like the second look for Ganondorf better (top right one of the smaller artwork.) The Redeads and Darknuts look cool and they way Zelda looks makes it seem like she would play an important role in the story, not just the helpless kidnap-victim that she usually is.

    As for a story for this, I could see this being something like this:
    Ganondorf has taken over Hyrule and has managed to maintain his seat of power for a -insert amount of time that is appropriate here- and brought the land to the destroyed wasteland. Link is a member of a resistance, which is led by Zelda, that plans to overthrow Ganondorf and return Hyrule to its previous state. Basically, Link has to travel across the land in search of something (whether it be the Master Sword or materials to create a new ultimate sword) to defeat Ganondorf, who is constantly trying to crush the resistance army’s efforts.

    I think it could work if they did it in a way similar to that and I personally wouldn’t mind it that way. Also, this is all hypothetical. I know that this isn’t happening but it wouldn’t be to bad if it did happen.


      That is such a good idea I like it :)

    • Azmith

      the plot you just used is way too used though the idea of a post apocalyptic hyrule would be pretty sick. if this is used then it needs an original story like the goddesses abandoned hyrule because one of the links could not protect it and it fell to ruin by gannondorf. the new link, living through all this, can not take living under gannon and prepares to battle which fails miserably due to sticking to the old ways of fighting so he must adapted to take gannon on again

  • Nix The Robot

    IF THEY DO ILL BE ANGRY!!!!!!!!! 
      V . .     —

    • Nix The Robot

      sorry. that wasnt me!

  • Zelda is the bomb!!!


  • http://twitter.com/danguerraGC Daniel Guerra


  • FierceDeityFan

    OH MY GOD… I LOVE FALLOUT!!!!!!!!! IF THEY MADE A ZELDA GAME LIKE THIS, ID BE THE FIRST ONE TO GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://lulles.deviantart.com/ lulles

    Lovely artworks. But modern-day Zelda? No thanks.


    I like it, I think if it were a real game it would be fun. I think that nintendo has been pretty much re-designing the same Zelda games over and over just with different graphics and a little different story line so I think that this would be a cool twist to the Zelda series.  

  • Favgirl3

    I don’t get it. If it were a ‘futuristic’ Zelda with machines and stuff, what would be the use of a sword? Knowing this, it would take away the Master Sword which is a HUGE premiss of the series. And, if you did keep it, it would be a lightsaber or something, which is good for star wars, stupid for Zelda. No thanks, on futuristic Zelda game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Nightlord6 Luis Olmos

    I like the idea, it seem like a steam punk version of LOT, I think nintendo actually needs to give a change to the franchise

  • Neutopia

    This looks all well and fun but I am very happy that something like this isn’t happening aha, I would give it a try, of course I would, but I don’t think they could actually make it feel Zelda enough for me to appreciate on the same scale.

  • http://www.facebook.com/CcabyY Caby Smith


  • Awesome me

    I would in a heart beat!

  • Andi

    I would play the ever-living shit out of this game. I would play it so hard.

    • Eliwood Stormageddon

      Yeah, so would I. Just think of all the possibilities there are for the reason Hyrule is the way it is in game. Fallout+TLoZ=Pure awesomeness.

  • Mast3r5py

    Kickstarter + This = HOLY SHIT! :D

  • Arakjin


  • Phantom ganon

    It would be such an amazing game but tloz as you know keep some elements of the japanese culture and these not but i really like it sean

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  • john

    i hope that game is zelda wii u

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  • Eliwood Stormageddon

    If they can do a dynasty warriors crossover, they can so a fallout one.