Zelda and Fire Emblem Crossover?

Majora's CatApril 12th, 2012 by Majora's Cat

IGN recently published an article where they talk about Nintendo crossovers they want to happen. Not surprisingly, The Legend of Zelda appears in the first crossover possibility and is paired with an lesser-known series: Fire Emblem. The author goes on to explain that Zelda and Fire Emblem joining forces is very unlikely, which is probably true. Fire Emblem has existed since 1990 but hasn’t always been in Nintendo’s star lineup while Link has been one of Nintendo’s icons since the infancy of the video game industry. The two long-running franchises have both appeared in the Super Smash Bros. games and share a fantasy setting, but why are they so compatible?

An amazing open world puzzle RPG could be created by combining the two titles. A mixture of Zelda’s mechanics and Fire Emblem’s rich, expansive and breath-taking world sounds pretty sensational, right? Well, here’s what IGN thinks of a Zelda/Fire Emblem team-up. Make the jump to view a snippet of IGN’s article!

So in celebration of crossover fever (and in hopes that a cure isn’t found anytime soon), here are a handful of Nintendo crossovers that just have to happen… as well as one that probably never should. And no, we’re not talking the Super Smash Bros. character roster or yet another sports game – these are the crossovers we’d like to see in full-fledged adventures. Take a look, and don’t forget to share your own dream match-ups in the comments section at the bottom of the page when you’re done.

The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem

The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem are easily two of Nintendo’s most epic franchises – and seriously, how amazing would it be to see those kingdoms clash? To join the great land of Hyrule and perhaps Marth’s kingdom of Altea in a strategy RPG/adventure hybrid would be the stuff of dreams. Hylian enemies, bosses and equipable items could supplement the more dramatic, character-based world of Fire Emblem, with gameplay that blends tactical strategy, dungeon puzzles and free-roaming action. Come to think of it, it may look something like what one talented Zelda fan dreamed up last year…

Something like this Hyrule: Total War fan mod, perhaps?

Granted, this crossover (much like all the ones below) is pretty much entirely unlikely… but then, we would have said the same thing about Pokemon and Nobunaga’s Ambition. The lesson? Never say never.

What do you think of IGN’s article? Do you believe Zelda and Fire Emblem would make a good crossover experience? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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  • Phantom_Roxas

    I saw the article, but didn’t actually read it. I assume that Richard George wrote it, but I hate that guy. That said, I got The Sacred Stones from the Ambassador Program, and I’m interested in picking up more Fire Emblem games, and a crossover with Zelda would be awesome, although I’m not sure how exactly it would play out.

    • You-Know-Who

      The Hero of Time would travel to their dimension ;)

      • Zelda is the bomb!!!

        yep. while Ganon and all the other zelda villians are laying siege on it. and all the Fire Emblem villians are laying siege on Hyrule! beasty!

    • Aerius

      Fire Emblem games cover multiple universes, it’d probably just be a Fire Emblem game with Hyrule as the setting and Zelda/Link as Lords. It would actually be a great way to depict the great wars of hyrule.

      • Zelda is the bomb!!!

        Lords… what? i dunno what u r tlking about!

        • Speedsk8

          the class of the main character in any fire emblem game.

      • Teh Xbox

        Then Master Chief comes and f#@€$ up their s#%£

  • You-Know-Who

    Fire Emblem seems interesting, but are they proposing a dungeon based game with multiple usable characters with different weapons? That sound cool.

    I can’t see that video for some reason, would someone tell me what it’s about?

    • Awesome

      It’s simply a video of one the Total War games that has been modded with Zelda characters and monsters such as Princess Zelda, Ghoma, etc. A pretty epic looking video, but your life will be just as great with out seeing it.

    • Zelda is the bomb!!!

      did u enter ur date of birth? maybe thats why

  • Fidu

    It would be very nice to play a Hyrule-based Fire Emblem title, actually.

  • Aerius

    hyrule x fire emblem SPRG, make it happen. Also, Link should be one of the DLC characters for Fire Emblem Awankening on 3ds.

  • Aerius

    hyrule x fire emblem SPRG, make it happen. Also, Link should be one of the DLC characters for Fire Emblem Awankening on 3ds.

  • Edward Huang

    My favorite characters in SSBB are Marth, Link, and Pikachu/Lucario. I got Shadow’s Dragon after playing Sacred Stones from the Ambassador program and I wish to get an American translation of Mystery of the Fire Emblem. Now seeing this pop up and having fusions popular (Black Kyurem FTW), I really hope that they make this a reality.

  • http://twitter.com/mvsl54321 mariovsluigi54321

    If a game like this does happen, it would make sense to occur before Ocarina of Time, and lead up to Ocarina of Time. This could be the Hyrulean Civil War mentioned in Ocarina of Time, that will eventually lead to Link’s Mother dropping baby Link off in Kokiri Forest. Now that would be Epic.

  • VladNorris

    I dont see that happening and I don’t really think it would work. There are two different genres, and I mean really different. Is not like Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright, where the genres has similitudes… 

  • KJuZdu


  • Awesome

    As much as I love Fire Emblem and Zelda, I really don’t see a way for the two to be mixed well.  It would be almost impossible to mix puzzle solving with tactics and for it to not feel forced and awkward. You would have to do one or the other. This being said that would result in an action oriented Fire Emblem game with dungeons and puzzles or a strategy tactics based Zelda game.  Both of these ideas could work well and I would love to see them especially the tactical Zelda.

  • Gorillaz720

    That video was incredible… I have literally been awed.

  • Theo Sjöblom

    I want this to happen!

  • BlackOwlDog

    …Why is it that all I can see is the number of crossover-fanfiction going sky-high? As if there wasn’t a ton of them already…

  • Guest

    If done right, this could actually be an awesome idea! The general atmosphere of the games is similar enough for a crossover to seem cohesive, and characters from both franchises cover an eclectic range so it might mesh quite well. I personally feel, though, that an OoT/TP sort of art style would be more in sync with Fire Emblem’s aesthetic.

    As for gameplay, I’m just thinking ideas up as I go along…but maybe dungeon-crawling could still take place, in which you tackle each room or set-up with a sort of real-time (or turn-based) strategy and exploit your surroundings (puzzles included) to help you in defeat enemies and progress through the dungeon. Big boss battles could usually be more in the style of FE turn-based strategy fights. As for exploring an overworld, it could probably be more in line with traditional Zelda exploration, and you can choose a team of four or five units (controlled by hopefully-intelligent AI) to travel and fight overworld enemies Zelda-style.
    But these are just some random thoughts, I’m sure the developers would be far more adept at synchronizing a Zelda/Fire Emblem crossover than whatever nonsense my mind comes up with.

    Some people are saying these two wouldn’t combine well at all. But we’ve seen weirder crossovers that were massive critical and commercial successes.

  • Goldoan

    Civil war in Hyrule might not be a bad idea. Just not the way the video portrayed it. Anyway when I thought of a crossover I was actually thinking fire emblem univers vs Zelda universe. It would be kinda like FE RD where the nations are confused at first and fight each other, but unite in the end to stop a great evil. We all know what I’m thinking too. Gannon.

    • Zelda is the bomb!!!

      No no no! better! Ganon teamed up with all the other zelda villians AND all the villians from Fire Emblem!!!!!!!!!!! EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sir Quaffler

    I’m all for having the Zelda franchise creating spinoffs, it would really breathe new life into it. Also by doing this we won’t have to wait another 5 years for a new Zelda game to come out…

  • Garo Master

    I think that an open-world strategy game would rank as one of Nintendo’s most creative and best ideas. I picture the game as having a Crystal Bearers-esque adventure/exploration feel and would be great for (though I wouldn’t expect) online multiplayer!

  • Gagerussell

    This looks like something that came out of The Lord Of The Rings

  • BlackRaven6695

    War isn’t really Zelda’s thing and not something that would work very well, I reckon. Maybe a Zelda/Kid Icarus crossover could work. Then again, maybe not.

  • Zelda is the bomb!!!

    yay Midnas back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D i missed her! but whats with Gorons killing Zoras?! they should be on the same side anyways it a little confusing. are all the tribes in Hyrule at war, or are they fighting a greater evil together? and where does Fire Emblem come in? i dont know anything about it, but i didnt exactly see anything non-zelda-ish. but yea this should be a real game. it would be beasty and totally mine!!!!!!!!

    • LinkandZel

      The total war thing is an example of what gameplay COULD be like!!!
      its actual based in an alternate hyrule, see ‘the legend of zelda: the fallen sage’ for details

  • http://lady-lm.deviantart.com/ Lady LM

    There is a phenomenal Zelda/Fire Emblem crossover fanfiction called “Time Cannot Erase” (“Time Cannot Erase” OLD by CallistoHime on deviantART) and it’s sequel, “Among the Ashes” (“Among the Ashes” by CallistoHime on deviantART) The stories are great and combine the best of both series.

    • http://ether-cloud.tumblr.com/ Ether

      If by “phenomenal” you mean absolute [garbage]. She twisted both series’ around and removed several characters/story points that were centric to Archanea (Marth’s World) and Elibe (Roy’s World) for her own benefit.

      Many should spare themselves from reading that trash. I’d rather force myself to read Twilight.

      • LadyRevan

         That’s only because she didn’t really know much about Fire Emblem when she started. She only knew them from Super Smash Bros. at first. If that’s your only complaint about a wonderfully written story, then I’m sorry. Though why you were looking for accurate game plot detail in a fanfiction, I have no idea.

        • Fiora

          I’m inclined to agree with Ether. The story is a travesty to the original characters of the Fire Emblem series. The main thing that the good writers of fanfiction strive for is to be true to the characters that they use. Unfortunately, CallistoHime doesn’t do that. She uses trite and cliched writing tricks that are honestly about as dead as the abused characters she uses.

          There are far better stories out there. Don’t bother with that crossover.

  • http://lady-lm.deviantart.com/ Lady LM

    A phoenomnal Zelda crossover story,
    Time Cannot Erase > “Time Cannot Erase” OLD by CallistoHime on deviantART
    and it’s sequel,
    Among the Ashes > “Among the Ashes” by CallistoHime on deviantART

  • http://zeldadungeon.net/ EGhapee

    Some of the fighting and characters randomly popping up in the air seemed a bit weird, but still it was pretty cool.

  • besson3c

    How about a crossover Zelda/Pacman game?

    • Felipeep97


  • Speedsk8

    I would really love to see a Zelda/Fire Emblem crossover since they are two of my favorite series.

    A Zelda-esque Fire Emblem game may not work so well, because in the Fire Emblem games, you have a constantly growing army, and having forty people in one dungeon seems kind of ridiculous. A strategy Zelda game however, could work. The time period and weapons in both series is the same, so no problems there. The only problem would be getting enough Zelda characters to make an army the size you see in Fire Emblem. The only way I can see it being done is if they use characters who are not hylians as well.

    I think the best we can really hope for is to see characters from the universes making cameos in the other series, such as having Link as DLC for Kakusei.

    • Speedsk8

      some possibilities for characters and their classes in a Zelda SRPG

      Link-Hero of Time, uses swords and bows. Promotes to Legendary hero and rides Epona. Special weapons: Master sword, Hero’s bow.
      Zelda-Princess, uses magic and bows. Promotes to Queen. Special items: Din’s fire, Farore’s wind, bow of light.
      Shad-Mage or Thief
      knight commander Eagus-Mercenary
      Midna-dark mage
      Ganondorf-Dark knight
      Demise-Demon king
      Girahim-dark knight

      • Ike, Savior of Crimea

        Ghirahim isn’t the Dark Knight.  That title belongs to Batman.

  • Zeldahero11

    My friend’s cousin told me that there was a Zelda movie and that Marth and Roy are in it. Of course I knew it was fake. He also thought that Marth was a woman, but Marth is a Prince.

    • zombie_eat_flesh

      Marth’s headband would make that conclusion seem true, but it’s not.

      • hookshotninja5

        so marth is… female?

        • zombie_eat_flesh

          Marth’s a guy.

  • zombie_eat_flesh

    I’d love to see any of the ones they thought up of, and possibly Kid Icarus and Metroid, except for the dishonorable mention.

  • GeauxZelda

    i would play it and i dont even like fire emblem

  • GeauxZelda

    oh… and im so excited for the pokemon crossover!!!

  • bradley

     Pokemon and Call of Duty crossover.

    • Griffontalonq

      We could shoot Pikachu zombies.

    • Majora’s Cat

      Best. Idea. Ever.

  • Nen desharu

    Zelda + Micaiah (from Radiant Dawn) = Battle of the Clairvoyant Priestesses

    • Ike, Savior of Crimea

      Micaiah.  She’s a total boss, and Zelda is only an anchor to Link.  Micaiah can PWN an entire army at 3rd tier, and with Nihil she could solo Ashera.

  • Brokenhalokid

    If anything have the the Zelda gameplay format with Fire Emblem characters and do the puzzle solving. When you come into combat it could use the Fire Emblem fighting style mixed with a Mortal Kombat’s fighting style.

  • JuanK

    Hyrule: Total War

    • JuanK

      If they make it it should be a spinoff though

      • antigandorf

        Its a fan game guys and there are already a few demos lose on the internet[ Hyrule Total war.

        • antigandorf

          Sorry forgot to end the parenthacy

  • Loicmv

    Those two are 2 of my 3 favourites video game series (zelda, fire emblem and ace attorney). If only that crossover was a fact…

  • http://twitter.com/Kikirini Kikirini

    Zelda puzzles, Fire emblem tactics? Oh god, I would buy that so fast.

  • Brennanparkit

    I love both franchises so that would be cool to see a cross over

  • Brennanparkit

    I wonder what it would be like if you put free romeing from skyrim in :0

  • Areia Cananaid

    TP Link, Ike Zelda and Marth! That would be an awesome game! Just think, both Hyrule and Fire Emblem fall when Ganadorf, Zant Ghirahim, Vaati, The Black Knight join together and amass a huge army and only the Furious Four (TP Link, Ike, Zelda and Marth) can stop them, because they are the only survivors that are willing to fight! That would be sweet!

  • Jxudo

    No Zelda crossovers. I don’t care what other game it is, No Zelda crossovers. -_-

  • EyeOfSheikah

    I love Zelda. I love Fire Emblem. I sort of doubt anything good would come of that though. Although they do both have fantasy themes, but I feel like their styles would clash too much. One of Zelda’s finest points is the solitary hero fighting against evil, whereas Fire Emblem’s appeal comes with military tactics and strategic use of soldiers. The only reason I could imagine Nintendo doing this is to bring attention to the Fire Embelm series. Let’s face it- Zelda probably wouldn’t benifit from this very much at all.

    • Brokenhalokid

      You make a great point with the game styles clashing. I think it would be better if you have the Fire Emblem characters and have it be like the Zelda gameplay with solving puzzles and defeating various bosses. This way it ups the Fire Emblem game series and gives it a new look for the series as well.

  • Princess Zelda

    The Legend of Zelda + Fire Emblem = NEVER! I love Zelda, but Fire Emblem, no. I’m loyal to Zelda and forever will be.

  • Dreiko

    no, i really don’t like crossovers, 90% are lame and have a very corny story or just don’t make sense at all, not to mention there’s also mixed gameplay, is not like saying “what if we combine this with that” is not that simple, mainly because both games are very different, i really don’t like the idea of turn-based combats in a zelda game, not even if it’s a spin off or something to “wait until the next zelda” or to have a “fresh air” in the franchise, the only type of games in wich crossovers work better are mostly fighting games, i’m not even interested in crossovers from other games (like that pokemon crossover, that in my opinion looks lame, i rather wait for the sequels of black and white),

    • http://twitter.com/jonathanpallini Jonathan Pallini

      the Ace Attorney/Professor Layton crossover looks seriously cool and they’re not very similar in how they play out…

  • LadyRevan

    Seriously. CallistoHime did a wonderful job of combining these two universes. I’m not a big fan of AtA, but the way she writes Zelda and Link in TCA is quite good. She’s really an excellent writer and if you were looking for Fire Emblem-Zelda crossovers, that’s it. Though it *does* have some romance, if that’s not your sort of thing. (That’s why I don’t really like AtA).

  • Ike, Savior of Crimea


  • Ike, Savior of Crimea

    Sorry Gharnef. Ganon could kick your wrinkled ass back to Hell, where it belongs!
    Vaati, why not use your precious winds to BLOW YOURSELF?!
    Zephiel, bow to the real king. THE KING OF EVIL! (And give Idenn her mind back, she’s to hot to kill off)
    Ashnard, I’m gonna do an Aether on your ass! And stop Fu*king dragons, stick to humans instead.
    Veran, Onox, you ain’t real villans! Go kill yourself before I do.
    Nightmare, you ain’t even REAL!
    Sephiran, you man-woman! Step aside, and let the REAL Dark Lord do the talking.
    Ghirahim, grow some balls.
    Nergal, don’t try to fu*k more dragons! (or eat their souls)
    Demise, you’re a playa, but not as good as your next incarnation!
    Doga, get over your big sibling rivalry.
    Jugdral Villans, no one even knows your names!
    Lyon, yo magic is alright, but you could never handle LORD GANON in a fight!


    • Msteele13

       …and ashera causes the great flood destroying hyrule, leaving only crimea… ganon pwnd

  • Msteele13

    i could go for a spinnoff of the great war

    • Msteele13

       or even a live combat ike crushing the black knight with ragnell

  • Neutopia

    Well I’ve never played a Fire emblem game, but if it’s anything like this video I wouldn’t want it to happen, war sucks.