LegendZelda.Net Breast Cancer Awareness Donation Drive

NoahApril 13th, 2012 by Noah

Affiliate site LegendZelda.Net has an interesting charity fundraiser going on at the moment. In an effort to raise money for breast cancer awareness and support, they are hosting an online donation drive.

Their targeted total is 100 dollars but they would certainly like to reach more than that if possible.

Also, in an attempt to encourage users to donate they have set up a couple of incentives. First off, if the targeted goal of 100 dollars is reached then the owner, Noah Glaser, will dye his hair pink to show support for the cause. Pink is of course the symbolic color for the breast cancer awareness campaign.

A second incentive is a Legend of Zelda Club Nintendo poster set giveaway. Anybody who makes a minimum donation of 1 dollar or more will be entered into a drawing and be eligible to win free Zelda posters.

So why not head on over and donate to a good cause and see if you can get some free posters while at it?

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  • linkfan98

    Goody let’s save some breasts

  • Lone_Sheikah

    Zelda for BOOBS!

    • Dark7Link


  • Guest

    How long is this going on? I didn’t see any dates on their site.

  • Darklink56

    For a 100 dollars huh, sure you just don’t need some money for hosting fees? Sorry but I’d rather donate my money to reliable charities.¬†

  • OcarinaLink

    Not many people are interested.

  • Alex Costas

    what the heck are they doing, this isn’t a fundraiser, this is just a statement asking to donate!

  • Dark7Link

    i looked at this because if i just ignored it i would be a jerk anyway im gonna try to donate

  • Dark7Link

    just wanted to put up image

  • Brennanparkit

    this is realy cool that this is up on the site

  • Brennanparkit

    I just hope its for realz

  • Neutopia

    Pink hair is awesome aha, hopefully they end up raising  lot of money. :P