April Forum Giveaway Update: Free Xbox 360, Games

Mases HagopianApril 7th, 2012 by Mases Hagopian

Over at the Dungeon Gaming Forums, we are hosting an April Giveaway Contest. We are giving a free Xbox 360 console with a copy of Darksiders, a Nintendo 3DS game of your choice, a Wii/PS3/360 game of your choice, and much more.

There have been some things unclear in my initial announcement that I wanted to clear up. This contest is open to everybody worldwide! If you live in Europe or Australia, you don’t need to worry. If you win a console or a game, you will get the console or game that is for your specific region. Furthermore, if you already have the prize that you end up winning, that’s fine, as there will be equivalent alternate prizes available. Go ahead and make the jump for more details or just Register at the Forums to get started!

Eligibility Requirements


  • Consolation Prizes – Link Plush Doll, Zelda Soundtrack CD’s, Zelda T-Shirt!
  • 3rd Place Prize – A Nintendo 3DS or DS game of your choice. Example: Kid Icarus: Uprising!
  • 2nd Place Prize – A Nintendo Wii, 360, or PS3 game of your choice. Example: Mario Party 9!
  • 1st Place Prize – A brand new Xbox 360 console, along with a copy of Darksiders!!!

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  • ncud

    Lol. The last time I tried doing one of these i was banned from posting

    • TechnoVizh

      probably because u had some jacked up game on your list like fable 3 or worse

  • Rittirman

    top 5 games
    1 zelda ocarina of time
    2 halo reach
    3 assassins creed brotherhood
    4 zelda windwaker
    5 zelda majoras mask


      Not here, silly!  Head to the forums!


    I would like to give some helpful suggestions to people who join the forums for this contest:

    1. Make an introductory thread in the Community Forum in order to meet some new acquaintances.  
    2. Don’t spam!!!  You still have the better part of April before you so getting from scratch to 100 posts really isn’t all that difficult especially with so many engaging threads to go around.  If you post spammy replies, the moderators will ban you.
    3. Make the social connection.  Hop onto the blogs and other people’s profiles and be sure to grab some new friends!

    I’m not on the forums much anymore but if you want, stop by my profile ( http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/members/a_link_in_time/ ) or that of a forum leaders ( http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showgroups.php ) if you need assistance.

  • Dominic Elliott

    in order of preference : 
    1 Majora’s Mask
    2 Skyward Sword
    3 Twilight Princess
    4 Ocarina Of Time
    5 Wind Waker 

    • http://david.vankomen.me/ David Van Komen

      This is supposed to be posted in the thread listed. Posting this information in this comment section will not allow you to be part of this giveaway.

  • guest

    Alternate prizes?

  • theneslink
  • Wcaton25

    Mases is awesome…

  • Mimberly15906

    1.red dead redemption 2. Red dead redemption undead nightmare 3.dead island 4. Mafia2 5. Godfather part2

  • Megajacobf

     my all time top five favorite games :
    5. megaman legends
    4.zelda: ocarina of time
    3.super smash bros.(original)
    2.legend of zelda : skyward sword
    1. kid icarus uprising

    • http://david.vankomen.me/ David Van Komen

      This is supposed to be posted in the thread listed. Posting this information in this comment section will not allow you to be part of this giveaway. Head to the forums to take part!

  • PrincessMajora

    I am guessing the winners will be chosen at random. (I hope)

    • http://david.vankomen.me/ David Van Komen

      Yes. The winners will be chosen at random. As long as you meet the requirements, you have a chance to win!

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  • —–

    Consolation prizes for everyone That took part?

  • zeldalessthen3

    TLoZ OoT
    TLoZ SS
    Super Mario 64
    Starfox 64
    Super Smash Bros

  • Felipeep97

    Is the shiping avaible in South America? (Colombia)

  • John

    Zelda mm
    Zelda ss
    Zelda tp
    kid icarus: uprising
    new super mario brothers wii

  • John

    so everyone gets prizes? if so sweet

  • Brennanparkit

    I dont care if I get the smallest prize it would still be cool

    • superdoojd

      i was just about to type this but i decided to quickly look and see if anyone had replyed to me, but anyways i definitely agree 

  • Brennanparkit

    and thanks people that put there efort into the dungeon sites and thanks for all the awsome prizes and chance to win them

  • John David Sullivan


  • Dark7Link

    awsome video i hope(most likely i wont :( ) get chosen.

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  • PhobiaPhrenzy

    This your way to get more members?
    Well, it appears to have worked on me at least…
    Well played.

  • kbeinlnleydy

    Zelda OoT, Final Fantasy X, Zelda AoL, Diablo II, Counter Stike

    I should have registered long ago…

  • kbeinlnleydy

    There are many more games I love though, its very hard to just pick 5

  • Alkane333

    mine would have to be
    1.legend of zelda majora’s mask -n64
    2.the legend of zelda the wind waker – gamecube
    3.pokemon xd gale of darkness – gamecube
    4.zoids battle legends – gamecube
    5.yu-gi-oh! wc 2011 over the nexus – ds

  • LPZeldaGamer

    My 5 top videogames that I have ever played:
    1. Zelda: Majora’s Mask
    2. Rune Factory 3
    3. Harvest Moon: Animal Parade
    4. Final Fantasy XIII
    5. Pokemon: Ruby


  • Neutopia

     I can’t really choose my top 5 favorite video games, that’s way too hard to do aha, Mases I’m wondering if you’ve ever played Neutopia, and what were your feelings about it?