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DjinnMarch 16th, 2012 by Djinn

Thanks to the guys on you can play the very same Thrill Digger minigame from Skyward Sword on their own Thrill Digger Simulator only with maybe a few toned down graphics. The game mostly plays the same, essentially a mindsweeper clone where you avoid bombfruit and rupoors to collect more rupees. There are three difficulty levels each requiring a higher amount of rupees to play but each having a larger payout for the player. Throughout the game you may collect more rupees for your wallet and even discover some items. Jump inside to see a few pics.

You can play the game for yourself here

This was definitely a fun thing to play around with. I never really did give the real thrill digger game in Skyward Sword much of a chance because I was preoccupied with the rest of the game. Plus I like to spend my spare time in a Zelda game playing around with items that help me climb on top of really tall things like trees or mountains. But for those of us who could never get enough of Tubert’s minigame, we now have this well made distraction to occupy many hours of the day.

So what do you think? Did you like the game? Are you playing right now? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Alex Tesmer

    FIRST!!! and this looks cool…

    • Thareous

      Ya know, you claim first, but since this commenting system goes in reverse flow, it’ll be more like you showing up in last. ;)

      • ZD Lover

        nice lol :D

      • Anonymous

        Then we should write “LAST!!!”. Lol

      • Anonymous

        It depends. You can sort it to be newest first, or oldest first

    • Hero_Link

      Good thing this isn’t Mario Kart or i’d blue-shell you outa here XD
      Wow, I haven’t been on ZD since January, now i’m too lazy to log in too :P

  • JuicieJ

    Pretty sweet. Already loved it in-game, now I can play it while online!

  • LinksDestiny

    Pretty neat game. Now I dont have to worry about being bored during classes!

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  • FLUDDzone

    I already hate this game.  This is torture! D:<

  • Ezluke

    “Mindsweeper” :S
    This is cool, and I liked the minigame in Skyward Sword (although I wish there were more prizes than just Rupees so you’d have a better incentive to play), but I think I’d rather just play minesweeper on the computer. It’s more accurate–I don’t like how a blue Rupee can mean either 1 OR 2 bombs. :(

  • Neutopia

    That is a neat idea, Zelda usually has great mini games.

  • Guy from

    Oh wow, thanks for the plug! I’ve been using ZD’s walkthroughs for a while now, so it’s cool seeing my work on here :)

    Minor corrections: it’s “”, not badinx! Also there is only one “guy”, that being me (not that it matters).

  • bradley

    I already have Minesweeper on my PC, but this looks like it might be cool. 

  • David Bandel

    In the simulator, the intermediate board is the same size as the beginner board. Was that intentional?

    In Skyward Sword, the intermediate board had 30 cells.

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