Custom Made 8-bit Link Blanket

When it comes to finding high quality, and very well made fan material from and inspired by the Zelda series, has always made for the perfect place to go and find such items. Recently, a new piece of fan material has been posted over there, and it’s no exception to this reputation of excellency. The item, which is a very well made blanket featuring the 8-bit style Link with a black background, was created and is being sold in the shop NikisKnerdyKnitting. While the quilt is being sold at a pretty expensive price of $312.00, it’s an incredible make and definitely worth checking out. You can find the listing for it on Etsy here, or make the jump for some photos and more information.

The owner and creator of the shop on Etsy says that all of her items are one of a kind and that she rarely ever uses the same pattern and yarn more than once, as well as stating that knitting is not just a craft, but an art. With the creations over on her store, I have to say that I believe her when it comes to making art! Not only is the 8-bit Link blanket amazing, but many of her other creations feature very creative designs and turned out really well.

The description of the 8-bit Link blanket says that the quilt is made from approximately 208 pixels and is mainly made using acrylic yarn, which provides for a soft, warm, and wool like feel. The yarn used seems like a great choice for the blanket and overall, it’s a very stunning, fan made creation! But now that you’ve seen the blanket and have been provided with some basic information, what do you think of it? Do you think any major changes should have been made? What do you like about it? Share your thoughts by leaving us a comment below!


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  • TrollfaceTriforce

    I wanna make one. Wish me luck!

    • Nikisknerdyknitting

      Go for it!  Its extremely time consuming but the crocheting techniques involved are not difficult :)

  • TrollfaceTriforce

    And any idiot n00b posting “first” will feel the bite of my wrath!

  • Nikisknerdyknitting

    Hi there, I’m Niki (the creator). Thank you SO much for featuring my afghan and all your kind words :)  

    • Shaun

      No problem Niki! It’s some fantastic work and I’m glad you enjoyed seeing it here on ZD.

    • Linkasourous

      Nice job. incredible 

  • Samantha

    My mom made me a Zelda comforter for my bed…

  • The_Old_Man_In_The_Cave

    I wish my skills with yarn where this epic. I shall have to try a quilt version….

  • Zelda is the bomb!!!

    i call dibs!!! its mine!!! ITS MINE!!! XD

  • Guest

    If you get this blanket you can say that you’re sleeping with Link.

    • LinkFanGirl

      yup. sleep with link RIGHT ON TOP of you. <3

  • Mr. Link

    That’s some serious sheet.

  • bs8814

    Wow that is pretty awesome. And talk about profit as well for the sale.

  • Linkasourous


  • Linkasourous

    I love 8-bit Link, but what is with the green pixels above his eyes? I never knew what they were. 

    • DanyelleFrost96

      its the shine of the sun, or somethin’. You know, the color difference in people’s eyes. Hope this helped :)

  • Newbie

    i would sure feel safe sleeping under THAT.

  • Pluviaumbra

    I’m curious as to the finished dimensions of this blanket. I knit far better than Icrochet and would like to give this a shot. Stunning work. Yarn craft truly is an art! :D

  • Neutopia

    That looks so amazing, I wish I had more money I would love to have this in my room.  :D

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