Zelda and Link get #3 in Top Gaming Love Stories

DestinyFebruary 27th, 2012 by Destiny

411mania has recently posted a list of the Top 5 Gaming Love Stories. Our very own Link and Zelda have earned a place at number three. Though I wouldn’t have ever expected Zelda and Link to make a love story couple, it’s still pretty interesting. It certainly makes for a unique relationship, as it will never turn out the same way in each story. Though it’s not always romance, the duo share a connection none the less. Quite a few other titles are mentioned, so be sure to check those out as well. The full list can be seen after the jump, so be sure to make it!

3. Legend of Zelda Series: Link/Zelda – Sure, it may be different characters each time, but that just shows the power of their love and relationship. No matter what universe, the pair is always connected by the TriForce and always are fated to find each other. What keeps it down on the list, though, is the fact that they are different in every universe, meaning their romance can’t grow and evolve like others.

You can view the full article here. It’s odd to think of Link and Zelda making a good love story, but they certainly make for a good relationship. I agree with the placement of it as far as Top Five go, it’s not quite a romance and that’s what keeps it down the list. Of course though, the duo has their cute moments that make us all hope they do have a romance together.

So what did you think? Agree with the list? Like Zelda and Link as a love story? Tell us in the comments!

Source: 411mania

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  • ThePieOfTruth

    atleast a well respected plumber got #1. i can live with that! after all, no other should be considered link’s peer than mario, his virtual brother of sorts! (because miyamoto is the father of both!)

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/robotortoise Robotortoise

    Good thing they specifically stated it was the ones from OOT.

    Non terms of relationships, most of the Zelda/Links are not exactly explicit about attraction to one another, (except in Skyward Sword) and no matter how you splice the timeline, some of the Links and Zeldas are descended from each other….

    Interbreeding, anyone? :/ 

    • Anonymous

      They never said it was from OOT, they were talking in general. ZD decided to put a OOT photo, but thats it.

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/robotortoise Robotortoise

        Oh. Right. XD

        I changed my comment. Thanks!

    • Eric

      Interbreeding? How?

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/robotortoise Robotortoise

        Well, at least SOME of the Zeldas and Links had to have kids, ) and if their descendants share ancestors and they have ANOTHER kid, that’s called interbreeding.

        Uh…right? (I’m not a biologist here. :/)

        • I am the pineapple

          Nothing ever confirmed that all the Links and Zeldas descended from each other. Link has been confirmed to be reincarnated (meaning same spirit, but different body each time — so he could be born into virtually ANY family), so he’d mix blood with Zelda (who is blood-related to all of the other Zeldas) each time they decided to get together and have children, if they do.

          So Zelda’s blood is from the same family, but Link would be new every time. :)

          • http://www.youtube.com/user/robotortoise Robotortoise


            Look, I just got the info from Nintendo Power’s “Top Video Game Romances” from Febuary 2011’s issue.

            I didn’t make it up. They did.

          • Anonymous

            No, Link does NOT get reincarnated.  Nintendo specifically stated that it’s a different Link each time (after being asked if all the links are the same Link).  A good example of this is OoT Link and Tp Link – OoT Link is the Hero’s Shade who trains Tp Link. Another example is WW Link, who is a completely different Link not even related by blood to previous Links (since OoT Link went back to his own timeline).

            Sharing the spirit of the hero does not mean the same soul.  It’s just the essence of the hero.  Whereas for Zelda, they specifically stated the ones who share the “bloodline”, so each Zelda is related to each other by blood.

          • I am the pineapple

            I was certain that what Demise said in Skyward Sword and what Ganondorf told WW Link (“You are surely the Hero of Time, reborn…”) meant that Link was reincarnated… They are still different people with different personalities, but share the same spirit. ^_^;

            I always imagined the Hero’s Shade to me merely a memory lost in the back of his spirit that he would remember each time he met the Golden Wolf. Which was why he passed out or something every time.

            But it’s not like this really affects the game much or anything. :3

          • Anonymous

            It is not possible for WW Link to be the reincarnation of OoT Link when OoT Link does not exist anymore on the adult timeline.  And what I wrote is confirmed by Nintendo and Hyrule Historia. None of the Links are reincarnations. Even OoT Link himself says to TP Link in TP that he is indeed his ancestor, which means they’re blood related (not reincarnations). 

          • TP&SSarethebest

            Yeah, the Link’s are not reincarnated, the only thing the same about them is the triforce of courage.

            I believe that SS Link married Zelda they had a child, and after 4 or 5 generations OoT Link’s parents joined the a war and only the mom servived and she gave Link to the Deku tree, and after the events of MM, OoT Link went back to Hyrule and married Malon, and after 4 generations TP Link was born and maybe TP Link’s family went into a great battle and never servived, and TP Link never had children (he didn’t seem like the lover boy type to me) an died at 25 in a big battle saving Zelda. (He didn’t seem like the dieing of old age type to me and my sister)  

          • Anonymous

            Er, in the official guide, it was stated that TP Link was to become the mayor of Ordon Village. And he probably married Iliad, the girl he obviously liked in the game. 

          • TP&SSarethebest

            Eh, I don’t think so. Didn’t you see him leave Ordon Village? And that would of happened if it weren’t for Zant and Ganondorf, (Thank God) whitch ruend everything, and she was the only girl in the village. I think Ilia and Fado would be better then Ilia and Link.

          • Anonymous

            He does not leave Ordon Village.  A lot of people misunderstood that scene.  He is actually coming BACK to Ordon Village.  This was confirmed in Hyrule Historia. “Link returns the Master Sword to the forest and heads home to Ordon
            Village. The world is again blessed by the gods and enveloped in light.”


          • TP is the BEST GAME EVER

            I know this inst’ my argument but,  if  you look closely you can see that he is heading OUt of ordon Village, and Ilia is going “Be careful Link”

          • Anonymous

            Did you read the translation in that link?  Hyrule Historia confirmed that Link is returning home to Ordon Village.  Ilia is waiting for him too.

          • TP&SSarethebest

            Dear Link and the CuccosI agree with what TPITBGE, and I did read Hyrule Historia but after I finished the game I went exactly to the spot were we saw link riding and he was not heading toward Ordon Village he was heading to hyrule feild, looking for a  posablbe new life, and maybe they had a wrong translation, and it sould saw leaving.

          • I am the pineapple

            Thank you for clearing that up! ^_^

            Although, if OoT Link no longer existed whatsoever… Why did Ganondorf say that WW was surely the Hero of Time reborn? We’re sure that it’s the same Ganondorf, correct? So he must know of the Hero…

            (And could you give me the quote that confirmed that TP Link was OoT Link’s descendant? All I can remember is that he said “Go and do not falter, my child!” which doesn’t really explain much…)

          • Anonymous

            LOL, it is true that Ganondorf did say that, because the last Link he remembered fighting was OoT Link, although he had no idea that OoT Link had left the adult timeline afterwards.  However, at the time, Nintendo hadn’t really gotten the timeline down, so there are some contradictions in the timeline, and the creators said to keep in mind that they didn’t really start out mapping out a timeline or having stuff set in stone.  They asked for people to not take the contradictions so seriously. XD But then again, Ganon just had no idea that OoT Link is no longer on that timeline and that a completely new hero was born!

            And sorry, I got the quote wrong. he said this after teaching the mortal draw, jump strike, and great spin that what he teaches “do not leave our bloodline.”

          • I am the pineapple

            Ah, everything makes sense now. :D

            Except I couldn’t find the quote from the Hero’s Shade even after looking it up on YouTube, but I’ve always assumed that this was the case anyway. :p

            Playing TP on the Wii is so hard after you’ve experienced Skyward Sword. XD

          • Anonymous

            Man, that’s what worries me now about playing TP – I liked the wii controls in the game, but after playing the awesomeness of SS and its motion controls, I don’t know how I’ll feel going back to TP’s controls! lol  I’ll probably be trying to play it like SS’s way at first!

          • Anonymous

            Hey!  I found the official statement that clearly says that Link is the descendant of OoT! 

            “Link, the Hero of Time’s Descendent: When he returns to human form, he is garbed in the clothes said to be
            worn by the hero. The ghost of his ancestor, the Hero of Time, teaches
            him secrets.”

            Here’s the link for the whole thing: http://www.glitterberri.com/hyrule-historia/page-118/

            Hope that clears it up even more for you. :D

  • guest

    Romance in the Zelda Games always..eh make me feel uncomfortable.   

  • Eternal Nocturne

    I am a HUGE fan of Zelda x Link in all games, but this seems to be misplaced. Link and Zelda really don’t have much of anything going on. For me, my love of the pairing is a fantasy, and I know that. The only game where it seems likely is Skyward Sword, and possibly a few others. Being #3 on this list surprised me since Link and Zelda usually don’t get too much interaction with each other… In fact, Link really doesn’t show romantic interest for anything, so having Link up there at all seems out of place. O_o

    • Anonymous

      Link doesn’t usually show interest in ANYTHING because he’s supposed to not be given much of a personality since we are Link. In fact, he barely has many expressions to begin with except for Toon Link and Skyward Sword, where for the first time he shows a heartbroken expression that really resonated with the player.  Actually, they try to leave it up to us to decide if there is romance with a character or not because we’re playing as Link. 

      • Eternal Nocturne

        I agree. ;D Which is why all of these pairing wars are really pointless… Link is almost like a blank canvas — you can paint whatever you want on him. Although, there are some certain traits that you can’t leave out (courageousness, for example). 

  • Turo

    This is so damn stupid. Link and Zelda have never shown a romantic interest in one another until Skyward Sword.

    • http://ether-cloud.tumblr.com/ Ether

      Two Words: Spirit Tracks.

    • Anonymous

      There was one 2D game (I can’t remember which one) where Zelda kisses Link on the cheek.  The two then turn their heads away, clearly embarrassed with their faces red.

      But SS is definitely the one where it’s more obvious, not to mention Nintendo literally released a trailer called “romance” trailer.

    • Crazyfreak

      Adventure of Link
      Oracle series
      Spirit Tracks
      Skyward Sword

      Four games that officially shows some signs of romantic interests in the two. Actually in AOL it is heavily suggested Link becomes the new great king of Hyrule.

      • Turo

        Yeah, and I’m sure it’s worthy of being on a top 3 list… Bogus ass excuse of anything. Adventure of Link…Really?


        • george

          remember zelda kisses link in the cheek at the end

          • Linkasourous

            Um…you sure that was the cheek? I thought that was something else (know what I;m sayin’?)

      • Linkasourous

        don’t forget that in Ocarina of Time there seemed to be something between the two. and in Phantom Hourglass and Wind Waker. (won’t say who Zelda is incase you haven’t played wind waker.)and in minish cap they were definitely friends, Zelda getting in trouble just to see Link

  • Colour Cat

    Kafei and Anju should be on the list haha

    • Linkasourous

      lawl. yeah


    Personally too high although Zelda’s sexy Skyward Sword voice is justification enough. 

  • EdwardValo

    I’ll admit, the 1st time I passed OoT, the ending made me cry.
    How he came and she turned to look at him. 
    Then the scene turns sepia…we don’t know what happened next but we felt it.

  • Ami

    More like tragic love story, that’s why I’m glad they have a place on the list. Link and Zelda are always fated to meet but hardly can ever be together, preventing a fully developed relationship (excluding SS) ;_;

  • Skybird11

    hmm. i’ve never thought of zelda as a love story even though SS made that obvious. interesting

  • Geir Åge Kravik

    That is just so wrong.. Both zelda and link are eternal “souls” .. Their relationship evolves way beyond any of the others..

  • coolgirlluvsupre

    I reckon they’ve done a real good job with the romance in this game. Because it’s so gradual that you freak out when they hold hands!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Zelda being #3. It’s a great love story, but has no action or signs of love. I think the closest they came to touching each other in any way, before Skyward Sword, was a high five in Spirit Tracks or Link handing Zelda the Ocarina of Time. Then, in Skyward Sword, they ALMOST made Zelda admit SOMETHING before: 1 getting caught in the tornado, and 2 she regains her Hylia memories and becomes the “I’m sorry for everything” princess like OoT and TP. The only time SS Link and Zelda came into contact with each other are playful shoves and Link catching Sleepyhead, as well as any amount of times you intentionally make Link walk into her. Did they ever even HOLD HANDS?!? NO!!!
    It’s a great love story, yet has no obvious actions and words of love. That’s why I agree with #3.

    • Anonymous

      They held hands in Spirit Tracks. 

      And in SS, Link holds Zelda’s hand as he leads her out of the room in the temple when she woke up (not to mention he caught her and held her when she nearly fainted). He also caught her in his arms when she playfully leaped off Skyloft into him after he won the flying contest.

      • Anonymous

        I agree.

    • Linkfan98

      Wait before as in the making or before as in timeline? Because SS,in the timeline, is before Ocarina of Time and Spirit Tracks.

    • Linkasourous


  • Aerith Gainsborough

    I agree with everything on that list except CloudxAerith :/. It’s ZackxAerith and CloudxTifa, thank you very much.
    I’m glad they actually included LinkxZelda on here…:) it’s not usually included on most of these lists.

    • Anonymous

      I think the better question is, why not Cecil x Rosa?  They remain dedicated to each other far more than most video game couples, which makes for a better romance, IMO.

      Final Fantasy fans seem to forget about them.

  • http://twitter.com/Kikirini Kikirini

    Meh, I gotta disagree. Sure, their romance in Skyward Sword stole my heart, but usually they are not together, or it’s very lightly implied. And when they’re not together, they barely even look at each other. Doesn’t seem like a great game couple to me.

  • hero23time

    lol Portal Cube is #1 on one of the lists.

  • JuicieJ

    I’m a bit shocked at this. I mean, rarely is there any kind of romance kindling between Link and Zelda. I’m pretty annoyed at how many people seem to not realize this.

    • Random Zelda Fan

      They don’t seem to be very knowledgeable about Zelda in the first place, seeing as the spelled Triforce “TriForce.”

      • Dragon Ball Z

        That doesn’t mean they aren’t knowledgable they probably forgot.

        • Dragon Ball Zelda

          I meant to make the name Dragon Ball Zelda

    • Anonymous

      It’s because they leave it up to us to decide if there is romance or not because we’re Link. Part of playing the game is that you put your own personality and own choices into the character of Link.  

      And these two are on this list because Link x Zelda is a very popular pairing and one of the most popular pairings in the gaming world.

    • Anonymous

      The romance was developed as well as anything else in Skyward Sword.  I was convinced.

      I usually view their relationship as a friendship, but there have been notable exceptions–and when it works, it really works.

  • Dragon Ball Zelda

    Has no one thought that there easily could be a romance between them in the future?

  • guest

    Does any one know why Links Gasps at the ending of Skyward Sword after Zelda asks him 
    what will he do now?

    • Mannyvz17

      Its because he finds the question to be ridiculous. He will follow her wherever she goes and that is completely obvious to him. 

  • Jstrain

    I think they should be number one

    • Linkasourous


  • Felipe

     In OoT I support LinkXMalon and in TP I support LinkXIlia, so yeah…

    • Twilightgirl

      agreed felipe

  • Anonymous

    I agree!!

  • Blackbaldrik

    I’ve always hated the “Romance between Link and Zelda” thing, the only game that even sort of hints at it is Skyward Sword, and even then…

    It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    • Linkasourous

      Ok. in Zelda II they make out in the end, in Ocarina of Time they hold hands, if Link didn’t even LIKE princess Zelda much less love her, he wouldn’t keep saving her, Zelda is the only reasonable person for Link, in Spirit Tracks, well if you haven’t played the game I won’t go into detail just because I don’t want to spoil it and I’m too lazy to write it out. Not to mention in multiple Zelda games, they have been featured as close friends such as Minish Cap and  Skyward Sword.

      • Blackbaldrik

        “in Zelda II they make out in the end,”
        You don’t actually see them in the end of AoL, do to the curtain, and it is the first time Zelda actually sees Link in that game, so I’m not sure how a relationship could form that quickly.

        “in Ocarina of Time they hold hands,”
        They hold hands for about 10-12 seconds, which isn’t a very long time, plus, she is about to effectively erase a good friend from her time, so holding hands for a few seconds doesn’t really mean anything.

        “if Link didn’t even LIKE princess Zelda much less love her, he wouldn’t keep saving her,”
        It’s a different Link and Zelda pretty much every time (there are a few exeptions), so Link is infact not saving her over and over again, because Link is a different person each time and so is Zelda.

        “Not to mention in multiple Zelda games, they have been featured as close friends such as Minish Cap and  Skyward Sword.”
        That’s how I view it, they are usually good friends, and/or comrades in arms.  Nothing more than that.

        Also, in most of the games, Link has to save Zelda or the world ends. Wouldn’t you save someone if it prevented the end of the world, regardless of your feelings for that person?

        PS: Spirit tracks is one of the only Zelda games I haven’t finished, I reached the desert then stopped, I intend to resume one of these days.

        PPS: Sorry for posting such a long comment. (=

        • Nicholas Jabbour

          I’m pretty sure in Skyward Sword it’s pretty heavily implied (granted, I haven’t played it, but I’ve watched quite a few playthrough videos).

          Also, what about Wind Waker? Link and Tetra/Zelda seem to have a pretty big love/hate relationship going on.

          In Ocarina of Time, it seems implied, and even in an interview with one of the creators, they acknowledged that the romance was more heavy-handed than most Zelda games (if I’m not mistaken).

          Honestly, at least of the console games since OoT, the only one that seems to imply no romance is Twilight Princess (not including Majora’s Mask, since that’s a direct sequel to OoT and Zelda only gets one brief cameo)

          • Blackbaldrik

            “I’m pretty sure in Skyward Sword it’s pretty heavily implied”
            This may be true, but I still never saw it that way, when I played the game all I saw was two childhood friends.

            “Also, what about Wind Waker? Link and Tetra/Zelda seem to have a pretty big love/hate relationship going on.”
            I haven’t played WindWaker in such a very long time, I can’t really say anything about it, but I don’t remember ever thinking they were close.

            “In Ocarina of Time, it seems implied, and even in an interview with one of the creators, they acknowledged that the romance was more heavy-handed than most Zelda games (if I’m not mistaken).”
            I wouldn’t mind seeing that interview.
            But personally I just don’t see it, Link and Zelda see each other for maybe and hour or less in total in OoT, and neither of them really show any form of affection apart from the very brief handholding at the end.

            Like I said before, I never see the romance in any Zelda game, I always see them as friends and/or comrades in arms fighting against a great evil that threatens to end the world.

            For some reason the idea of Link and Zelda being in love just repels me, and I doubt any amount of arguing will ever convince me otherwise.

            PS: Even if they were in love in any of the games, I REALLY don’t think they should be #3 on the list. Especially since there are some other characters in the Zelda games that deserve it more. (Kafei and Anju, or maybe Link and Midna.)

            PPS: Again, sorry for posting such a long comment. (=

  • The Pizzaman


  • Neutopia

    Well Zelda and Link have never been a loving couple so it’s pretty absurd to even have it on the list, I totally knew they were going to throw Aeris and Cloud on there.  xD

  • Linkasourous

    They are “Linked” together

    • Twilightgirl

      umm lol?

  • Anonymous

    They do make a cute couple, like in Skyward Sword., they were so cute together! XD

    • Twilightgirl

      aww ik r?

  • Nicholasgbarbera

    If you want to see romantic check out the valentine fan artwork!!!

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