Wind Waker For The iPad?

JesseFebruary 2nd, 2012 by Jesse

Our great friends at Zelda Universe have come across an unusual find. A game is in development for portable Apple devices and may seem a bit too familiar to Zelda fans. While the game is not related to the Zelda franchise in anyway, it does share some common ground with a few games from the series. The all touch controls, cartoon style graphics, heart containers, and top down view of a young boy with a sword definitely brings Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks to mind.

The title of this Wind Waker look alike is Oceanhorn and aside from it borrowing a few aspects from the Zelda series, it looks like it would be a fantastic game for those who own an Ipad. Jump inside to read more and a watch some short gameplay footage.

We are developing a “story engine” at the moment. We can add NPCs and have them say proper things at the right phase of the quest. The game is going to be story based, but very similar to old action RPGs. Actually, I would like to use this chance to name one of my favourites: Seiken Densetsu (FFA / Mystic Quest) for Gameboy! That game is a perfect example of how to give you a giant quest with simple ingredients!

Oceanhorn is coming to iPhone and iPad some time in 2012!

While many games have borrowew ideas and certain gameplay mechanics from the Zelda series, some such as Darksiders, Kingdom Hearts, and a few others have actually been successful in gathering their own fan base and having several sequels. If Oceanhorn ends up getting some positive reviews and is as good as it looks, than I’m sure I’ll be getting my own copy for my when it’s available. Looks like we’ll just have to wait until summer to find out if it will be a great stand alone game or fall in line with all the other Zelda clones. So what are your thoughts on this Zelda clone being put on the Itunes market?

Source: Oceanhorn Official Site Via Kotaku

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  • DotHackers

    first comment

    • Linkfan98

      really you have to say that cuz ill say i hope it’s cheap

    • queen of windfall Isle


  • Rak3ng

    Going to keep my eye out for this. It looks pretty nice.

  • Anonymous

    This actually looks pretty neat! :D


    Cheap clone is cheap. 

    • Darknightstand

      Oh no, he has a sword and is running around and it looks slightly similar, let us all call it a clone. Is that really what you think, a clone? Wait before jumping to conclusions.

  • SuperSN

    Looks cool and all, but virtual gamepad. Never, EVER a good idea.

    • Guest

      Im thinking that they should make The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker on the 3DS. I want it so bad!

  • Anonymous

    Try this out on the ZD homepage. AWESOMESAUCE.

    • Bluebandit959

      Wow looks like Zelda sounds like it to, might look into that.

  • Johnrambo

    it looks great! 

  • Ultimawar

    Can’t wait for this. I wish nintendo would just release some software for iOS and Android so we wouldn’t get stuck with cheap knockoffs like these, but oh well this will do!

    • Reece

      That is a terrible idea. I wouldn’t mind Nintendo being affiliated with Google as much, but Apple? No. Just no.

      • Jackity Jack

        Fail, I would much rather than being affiliated with Apple.
        Really, It’s about time they do too. Nintendo can’t sell their consoles. The Wii messed them up pretty badly.

        • Anonymous

          “Nintendo can’t sell their consoles. The Wii messed them up pretty badly,” 
          Umm…  Where exactly did you get this information?

          From what I’ve read/seen/heard the Wii is one of the highest selling consoles ever, it’s only recently that the sales actually went down, and that is to be expected because the Wii-U is coming out soon.

        • blubb

           According to Wikipedia:
          Wii – 95 million
          PS3 – 56 million
          X360 – 65 million
          So much about “bad sales figures”. And I don’t want Nintendo to make crappy, touch-only iPhone games on a tiny screen.

          • MichMasteR

            who… CARES? wii is crappy, xbox is better, end of story

    • balian55

      reece ur such a fanboy….ultimawar is smart like a few people ik….we r never gonna get these from nintendo so knock offs will do stop getting all pissed off about something thats not even gonna effect u……and btw nintendo cant make that good touch games anyways cuz they dont even wanna put a multi touch touch screen on the 3DS

  • FLUDDzone


  • Krukkie

    It even looks like Link with his Outset Island getup.

  • jamsie1994

    He even stands the same way….

  • Teehee776

    This would be great if the character was controlled by following your finger and has a right and lefty switch so you can hold it in one hand and tap the button and the other hand the character would follow.

    • blubb

       I actually found the DS Zelda controls extremely horrible. OoT3D did it MUCH better. But too bad the iPad has no buttons…

  • Anonymous

    I hate virtual gamepads. They don’t have any resistance and are just plain awful.

  • Dstins

    How is kingdom hearts really that similar to zelda? Because its no more similar than other action games or RPGs are >_> Just saying, I’m not sure if you were accusing it of being a Zelda clone considering you said “other Zelda clones” later on in the article.
    Sorry, that just kind of annoyed me.

    Anyway, this looks interesting. Too bad I don’t have an iPad.

    • Geaux Zelda

      he didnt say it was a clone… he didnt even say they were similar. all he said was that it borrowed some gameplay elements from the zelda series

      • daza

        they have some things in common but i don’t think that kingdom hearts barowed any componits from zelda

        • Anonymous

          I’d feel safe in saying that every RPG since 1986 has borrowed from Zelda in one way or another.

  • Lady Legend-Maker

    That music sounds so familiar…

  • Doug Morey

    Better to see cheap knockoffs like this and Mole Kart for iOS instead of seeing Nintendo sell out to the third rate Apple.

  • Begclawmrf

    this seems cool and simple, but the red pig monster looks to much like a bokoblin

  • Kikirini

    Meh, not something I’d invest in. Virtual game pads are just annoying.
    It’s not like I have an iPad to put it on, anyway…

  • fused_shadows

    I dont have an iPad……

    • Jackity Jack

      Sucks for you.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t need an iPad.

  • Shadow Mori

    That girl is Melidy!
    This is just as close as you can get to Wind Waker with out braking copyright laws!

  • Anonymous

    This is a COMPLETE copy of Wind Waker

    • Darknightstand

      NOOOO LESS THAN 30 SECONDS OF GAMEPLAY AND THIS IS A DISASTER. Really, stop saying it’s a clone, some people are real idiots here.

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  • Bringtinglecharts

    It reminds me of this old ripoff of Zelda Sega did. 

    • Guest

      wow, never knew about this

  • Anonymous

    Wanna play WW.

  • Ojoma-blue

    looks more like its own game other than the leprecon which is like mario.

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  • qaz123

    no my worst fear has been relized

  • FierceDeityFan

    looks cool!

  • Dude

    what about android devices

  • Anonymous

    NO DON”T DO IT. CDI was already a wreak!

  • Anonymous

    i want an ipad  :[

  • Walter Bomba

    I don’t think that it’s fair, that game looks like a blast but I-pone and cellphone games and all those are piles of crap and I’m never going to own one.  :(

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that plagerisim. It is one big strech fromm Wind Waker.

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