The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Epic Trailer

Mases HagopianFebruary 23rd, 2012 by Mases Hagopian

Skyward Sword is already over 3 months old, but Nintendo is still releasing new trailers for the game. This new one was posted over at the Nintendo of Europe official website and it’s epically titled Epic Trailer. Outside of being one of the most overused phrases, this epic trailer really has it all. It includes tons of gameplay and story elements, along with a masterful collection of Skyward Sword music. It really is a fully spoiled trailer that has stuff from virtually the entire game. It’s almost more of a look back at Skyward Sword, as opposed to a trailer. In any case it’s a sweet trailer and if you want to relive the experience of Skyward Sword in less than 4 minutes, go ahead and make the jump to check out the video.

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  • thelinkmaster001

    ya know… this could be fanmade

    • Anonymous


    • Lajera21

      Not sure, with the music and all… but you could be right.

    • JuicieJ

      I highly doubt it is with the opening it had.

    • Captain Obvious

      From the article – “This new one was posted over at the Nintendo of Europe official website and it’s epically titled Epic Trailer.”

      So uh . . . Nnnnnope.

    • Anonymous

      When I watching it, I was under that impression until I carefully read the article again :P

  • skybird11

    the whole time i was watching this i was thinking ‘omg this is epic’ and ‘i’ve got to play SS again!’

  • TheLegendofGhirahim

    this was awful

    • Heriod77777

      How? You just said this was awful for no reason and stop trolling.

      • Jongameaddict

        I think he means the pain he went through in this game was awful.

  • Heriod77777

    That was truly epic.

  • Linkasourous


  • guest

    Wow! I never thought of jumping on top of the imprisoned’s head to finish him off!

  • Superdude1928

    you can be on top of the imprisoned! that’s new to me.
    wish the trailer was better quality and not a thrown together randomly felling to it

  • Oscar Andrade

    Now I’m all hyped up and feeling like playing SS again!

  • Anonymous


  • harda toenail

    Makes me want to play again!!

    Gave my wii to a buddy during nursing school to get rid of temptation

    • Teh Xbox

      U buy EchksBox and H@L0z

  • Geaux Zelda

    not enough groose! hahaha but i liked it! but there also isnt much i DONT like about skyward sword. i mean every time i hear the ballad of the goddess it makes me wanna cry because how good the music was and it reminds me of how good the game was

  • TeamRocketAgent

    They sure got the name right.

  • Crazymidgeman

    this is the coolest trailer I’ve ever seen for any game period!

  • Anonymous

    that was EPIC

  • Eternal Nocturne

    ;_; So beautiful.

  • Mickle Pickle64

    man this makes me want to play it again

  • Nen desharu

    I noticed that much of the music is taken from the staff roll, with Zelda’s singing taken from the Skyloft opening.

  • LinksDestiny

    0:47 When I first saw that when playing SS, it scared the crap out of me.

  • JuicieJ

    Best trailer ever.

  • ncud

    Most of that music (besides that boss theme) was bits and pieces of the end credits (staff roll) theme.

  • Beau

    This is the ‘If you haven’t bought it yet, DO IT NOW” trailer. Really good trailer, but boy, giving away the best parts of the game!

    • JuicieJ

      It’s hard to know what they are when you haven’t played the game, though.

  • Robotortoise


    I feel for the people who male Nintendo’s trailers, though. They must not be able to use versions of the game without music to record footage….

  • Calissa

    I honestly feel like I’m watching the trailer for a new movie. Wonderfully put together, with enough emotion and plot in this one trailer than I’ve seen in any of the games I’ve played so far (which is actually only TP and WW). Congratulations Nintendo, you’ve made me nostalgic for a game I haven’t even finished yet!

  • Guest

    this is a great reason to go and buy the game if you havent already

    that was a great adventure down memory lane lol, SS was a big game and i loved it so much. this makes me want to replay it again soon. 

  • Gentoolinuxknight

    anyone think this might be a sign that at next zelda 3ds isn’t far away since it’s described as a look back?

    • Anonymous

      Mases described it as a look back. Unless he is hiding something from us, Mases doesn’t know anything about Zelda 3DS

  • 2bmc

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • TP is the BEST GAME EVER

      Eww, y-you like the fortune teller…ewwww

  • Ezluke

    ‘Epic’ is certainly extremely overused, but here it makes sense, in the most literal way. The game has an epic story, an epic adventure… And this is an epic trailer about it! A video of a cat playing a keyboard, while cool, is not epic.

  • Anonymous

    It lives up to it’s name.


    Good trailers, not so good game.

    Also, Zelda’s voice is as sexy as ever.  Why do I hate Skyward Sword?!

    Screw it, time to play it again, and make it my favorite.

    • Tigersnake

      Wow, what’s wrong with you? Skyward Sword is the most amazing game to date.

      • Dennis

        it is a great game but…. i am still prefering ocarina of time, i dont know, it is like something is still missing on this game

        • links hat

           thats totally true, i think it was because they focused too much on the controls, that and i personally didnt like the music 

      • bob

        it;s an opinion…… that I agree with!

  • Teh Xbox

    Tentalus looks liek a Disney Pixar Abortion

  • Wesjl530

    If I hadn’t already bought the game, after seeing this I literally would have sprinted to Gamestop to buy it! :3

  • Anonymous


    And when they played the main theme around 2:30 – so legendary!

  • mr watch coupon code

    the trailer looking great!

  • fused_shadows

    Epic is truly the best wOrd they could have picked, that was EPIC!

  • Wox

    Epic trailer too bad that SS wasnt

    • links hat

      SS wasnt that bad, just not as good as any of the other zelda console games in the past. they focused too much on the motion controls and forgot to make the rest of the game cool

      • Nintendofreak36

         i agree with you completely. if they had just fleshed out the story more, and added more content. maybe add a couple more islands the size of skyloft. it would have been so much better.

        • Kyogrefan

          Not complaining, but the Wii launched in 2006 (if i’m correct) and SS maxed its capacity, try to make a FREAKING HUGE game, with good graphs, motion, with a outdated system.

      • Anonymous

        Are you kidding me!!?? SS is the best freaking game ever!!!!!!

  • zora dude

    I don’t think trailers are supposed to show EVERY SCENE IN THE FREAKING GAME

  • TheLoZRulz

    game of the year is mocking, this is the FREAKING BEST GAME OF HISTORY!

  • Twilightgirl

    :O THAT WAS FREAKEN AWESOME but did u see that place in the begining? i cant find it :o if u know how to find it PLZ TELL MEH!!! XD

    • Twilightgirl

      from seconds twenty six through twenty eight. o_o

      • TP is the BEST GAME EVER

        Oh, that is when you get captured and you have to steal your wepons back, you know…second dragon…song of the hero…the valcano exploding…or have you not gotten to that part yet.

        • Twilightgirl

          I have not gotten there yet, but thanks for telling me. :)

    • Anonymous

      That is part of the Eldin province. During the song of the hero quest you must sneak up the mountain and get your items back.

      • Twilightgirl

        wait wait wat?! :O

  • Infinite1UPs Mask

    Man, i wish it was november again.

  • TP is the BEST GAME EVER

    He, I already bet the game 7 times 100% and under 48 hours, and this trailer is cool but spoilers for people who haven’t finished the game yet.

    But more to the point and of topic, Why do people complain about Zelda’s graphics? I personaly do NOT care for the graphic (as long as they are not horable) as long as the story/plot line, good game play and music are great. Zelda’s graphics are one of a kind and I love them. Why are people into HD and realistic grapics and such these days? I don’t really like them, What is so good about that, athough I do really like Twilght Princess graphics and Skyward Swords too.

    Sorry I just had to say it sometime

  • Link vs. Demise

    I really did like this trailer!!! I thought it was really EPIC, you were right about that part.

  • Aerith Gainsborough

    It certainly lives up to its name.

  • Anonymous

    Oh gosh that was awesome

  • Zeldaboy

    Finished the game tonight! Simply amazing! =)

  • Neutopia

    That was a pretty long commercial aha.

  • Charlie


  • Charlie

    *Two guys watching this trailer*
    *trailer finishes*
    Guy#1: HOLY CRAP!
    Guy#2: I JUST SH** MY PANTS

  • Charlie


  • Robbie Parrish

    This makes the game look even more Awesome! and that is saying something!