Ocarina of Time 3D: Now Just $29.99 at Amazon

Mases HagopianFebruary 25th, 2012 by Mases Hagopian

Considering this is a Legend of Zelda fan website, I cannot imagine many Nintendo 3DS owners that view this website and do not already own Ocarina of Time. If you are part of this extreme minority, then there is now reason for you to get out of the minority. Ocarina of Time 3D is currently on sale over at Amazon, selling at the price point of $29.99. This is $10 off the usual price of $39.99. Additionally, the item is eligible for free shipping via Amazon Prime! If you don’t have Ocarina of Time 3D yet, I’d jump at this offer right away.

While this is an online deal, I do not expect any price drop from Ocarina of Time 3D in any retail stores anytime soon. The Nintendo 3DS is still in its early life cycle, having not even reached the one year mark in the United States. For every new owner who picks up a Nintendo 3DS, Ocarina of Time 3D is going to be high on their listing of games to get. It will warrant the full $39.99 price point, so Nintendo shouldn’t feel any pressure to lower the price. Perhaps after a new Zelda title releases for the Nintendo 3DS we’ll see a price drop in retail stores, but I still foresee the full $39.99 price point being there throughout the entirety of 2012. I view it similar to how Twilight Princess was treated for the Nintendo Wii. That game was on the shelves for several years before it became a Nintendo Select title and I anticipate the same thing will happen with Ocarina of Time 3D. There just isn’t a need to drop a price on a prime time game so early in a consoles life cycle.

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  • Tigersnake

    Never noticed how bad those textures are. o.o

  • Vink

    First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nah jks, sweet great discount though, too bad I already have the game, would make a great gift though XD.

  • LinksDestiny

    Why do I feel like this article is meant to be aimed directly at me? Seriously, not 1 hour ago I was contemplating on whether I should buy OoT 3D or just wait for the new game for the 3DS. Coincidence? Suspicions, suspicions…

    • JuicieJ

      I think this is a sign that God’s telling you to get it. XD

      • LinksDestiny

        Ikr? I was thinking the exact same thing. XD

        • Untitled108

          So get it.

          • LinksDestiny

            Ah yes, but you must understand that money does not grow on trees, or, in this case, money does not come from chopping grass.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/robotortoise Robotortoise

    Hm….maybe they’re getting a new version and want to liquidate their old stock?

    • Teh Xbox

      Or maybe Haloz university R bhetterz

      • Teh other Guy.

        Or mahbee itz yoo! Thair dooing it foar yoo, Teh Xbox!

      • Teh WiiU

        Or maybe WiiU haz bhetter graffikz den suxBox 180!

    • JuicieJ

      Or! Maybe it’s marketing stunt. You know… to get more money?

  • Jono

    Hopefully once I get a 3DS, it will have dropped to $20. I’d like the master quest mode, but it isn’t worth forty bucks.

    • Anonymous

      pffft its not going to drop to 20 bucks for a lllllooooooooooong time

  • Anonymous

    Gahhh I JUST BOUGHT IT :(

    • JuicieJ

      *Memories of getting Double Dash just before it became a free offer with the purchase of a GCN come rushing back to JuicieJ’s mind*

      • Alpha Arrow

        I got my gamecube with a free copy of Mario Party 7.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t need buy this.

    I got it for free with my Legend of Zelda edition 3DS. ;)

    • JuicieJ

      You… GAH! WHY didn’t they have that offer upon the game’s release?!? D:<

  • Twilightgirl

    i bought it last year and STILL havent finished da flippin game im STUCK AT DA WATER TEMPLE oops spoiler. D: sorry……

    • Twilightgirl

      that is if u havent even played da game b4

    • JuicieJ

      The original game’s been out for over 13 years. I wouldn’t call the Water Temple (and the old-time fans’ memories of it being a nightmare) a spoiler by any stretch of the imagination.

      • BedrockWarrior

        I dont even thimk the water temple is the hardest it is just annoying. The Fire temple is the hardest in Oot

        • Anonymous

          LIES the water temple is the hardest temple in oot!!!! 
          The fire temple is easy peasy.

          • pikachu.

            yeah i had an easy time with the fire temple. volvigia can be hard the first time though.

    • Alpha Arrow

      I actually think the water temple is easy…

    • Zman

      Well I remember playing ocarina of time 13 years ago yes i do remember the water temple crushing my likes for the game

  • coolgirlluvsupre

    Damn I payed like $60 or $70 for this… I could’ve got it for $30!? That’s Perth for you… cheap assholes

    • JuicieJ

      Never buy a game for that price unless it’s a new release fresh on the shelves.

  • JuicieJ


  • Anonymous

    I like the fact that Twilight Princess (Priceless) stayed at $99.95 in Ebgames for about 5 years in Australia, NT. It comes to show that Zelda is as priceless as the Triforce unlike cod black ops which dropped down to $30-$60 in a Year+. That’s for you Teh Xbox!

  • Anonymous



    Great price for an excellent game.  Don’t be fooled-OoT 3D is no simple remake graphics overhaul, Sheikah hint system. boss battle mode, gyro controls, and more!  Here’s for MM 3D in the near future! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/jahchild101 Seth Taylor Moore

       The graphics overhaul alone is enough to make this game worth every penny. While playing it, I looked up a guide online for the mask sidequest, and Castle Town looks so ugly and bland. I can’t believe they are the same game.

    • Alpha Arrow

      Wow… You end off a short inspirational speech… With a hope… FOR CRAP!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jahchild101 Seth Taylor Moore

    Eh, I just bought the game “nearly new” off Amazon last week for the same price. It had a save file on it, but everything was completely in tact and in good shape.

  • Andrew V

    I got my on amazon for 29.99 on august after the game was released, but then the price raised to $36 afterwards. Good thing its cheap again

  • HylianGlaceon

    $30 for a remake is still high to me. I’ll consider someday when it’s like $10, otherwise I’m fine without it. I don’t really feel the graphics and the other small things they added are worth it..

    • Alpha Arrow

      But ya wanna know what is worth it?… IT’S OCARINA OF TIME!!

  • Gofuckyourself

    get your penis out of shigeru miyamotos asshole already

  • Jxudo

    I can get it at my local used game store for 25.

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  • Neutopia

    That was certainly fast, it’s definitely worth more then $39.99 even aha, so anything under a $100 is a deal to me.  :P

  • Daniel Marin

    Skyward Sword Gold Remote Bundle In Amazon: 158$!!!!!! What The Heck!!! (Guru Guru In OoT)

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