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NoahFebruary 15th, 2012 by Noah

LegendZelda.Net has just published a new article that takes a look at the future of the Legend of Zelda series on the Nintendo Wii U. According to them there are three things that Nintendo can do to make sure that Zelda Wii U will continue to innovate and advance the Legend of Zelda franchise.

The article, entitled, Three Things We Want in Zelda Wii U lists and discusses three points that would make the game great. Those points include an HD style graphics that will advance the game-play and add to the fantasy elements, Downloadable content, and for Nintendo to continue the series progression that they started with Skyward Sword. You can see a glimpse of the article below, but head on over to LegendZelda.net to check out the whole thing.

Typically speaking Zelda games have a very long development cycle which leaves a large gap in series releases. This problem could be fixed by offering simple extensions to the games via downloadable content. The lore and history of Hyrule itself offers up tons of side-quest possibilities alone. Developers could add on new game modes, new areas to explore, extra dungeons, extra content similar to what we saw with the Oracles (via game linking), and much more. To get an idea for what I mean just look at the Fallout series. For a fairly low price, gamers are able to acquire several more hours worth of game-play brought via new quests and areas to explore.

Do you agree with these points? Why not head over to their article and let them know what you think and what you would like to see in Zelda for the Wii U?

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  • Anti-Microsoftist

    Does anyone else remember Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Sky? They had that game feature where you could unlock mini-stories about each character and play as that character, whilst learning a bit of their backstory – I think it was called a special episode, or something similar. I think this could work well with the Zelda series, since all of the characters are so well developed – this could develop them even more. Each ‘special episode’ could be released as DLC for Zelda Wii U.

    • Anonymous

      yeah but if you look into Majora’s Mask there were side quest’s that developed each characters personality. you had already heard about their backround before the sidequest but after you learned more. now in zelda wii u we have to PAY for these extra sidequest’s? thats bull crap to me.

  • pjsmoulder

    if you go to the image gallery for link’s awakening, go to the beta shots folder, there’s a shot of an early version of the map. it shows what appears to be a overworld identical to link to the past’s.

    while it’s likely this was just for test purposes, i like to believe that they planned the sequel to be played out in the very same world as LTTP. which would have been the first and only time they’d have done that. it also would have been awesome.

    imagine visiting all the familiar locations in a brand new adventure. better than a master quest.

  • The_Twilight_Princess

    I have no idea what this guy was on, but please keep it away from me. When I pay 50+ $ for a game, I expect it to be a finished product, not half-baked

    • Ryan Farmer

      Same here. I don’t want Nintendo saving dungeons and weapons for downloading later on, just to make a profit. As long as they make plenty of fun side quests to begin with to keep the replay value in tact, there is no need for DLC in Zelda.

  • RoBirk29384

    Zelda needs to be pushed into the current generation. Voice overs are a stretch, because certain retro qualities, honestly, should be preserved, so I’m glad to see that off the list. If done right, it would add much to the way we experience the story and the characters, but if done incorrectly, it could break the game (Remember Metroid: Other M?). So Nintendo would have to be careful about any decision to include voice work.

    DLC would add much to the replayability of Zelda, and to keep current iterations of the franchise alive by small DLC dev teams while the core team focuses on new games. As long as the games are finished, and DLC is developed post-launch, I approve of adding new experiences to existing installments.

    Graphics is a no-brainer, and Nintendo knows it, as they have already stated that the graphical prowess of the Legend of Zelda in the future on the Wii u is of utmost importance, as it would allow the player to delve deeper into a believable, fantastical world. Colliding particles, realistic lighting, epic skyboxes, and HD textures would be a welcome inclusion.

    And please, please, include a real time day/night system. The whole going to sleep to wake up at night thing was more frustrating than intuitive in Skyward Sword.

  • http://twitter.com/Kikirini Kikirini

    Hrm. He brings up some good points. I wouldn’t mind DLC, but I HATE paying for it. Especially if it’s an important cutscene or a plot-relevant sidequest… I feel like those things should be included in the game from the get-go. Asking for more money for it just makes me want to punch people.

    All that said, extra sidequests would make me happy, and while I’d be unhappy, I’d still shell out the money for it…

  • General_Darknut

    i like the idea about special episodes for other characters… imagine DLC where u play as Impa from skyward sword and u did all the dungeons whilst having to keep zelda alive and the link follows behind you… that would be interesting :P

  • Anonymous

    nintendo should not start selling dlC’s NO!! I want a complete game!!!

    • Anonymous

      omfg did you not just read what General_Darknut just posted?

  • General_Darknut

    what the hell is everyones problem? u think they’re not gonna make a complete game jesus they aren’t stupid.. DLC’s are supposed to be EXTRA CONTENT not content u’d expect in the game but u have to pay for it =/

  • Red-tunic link

    Well with new discs going to hold allot of memory (I think either 50 or 25mb or whatever their the same as Blu-ray discs from what I’ve heard.) Thy could last much longer.

    • unbeknownst

      not mb Gb

  • Red-tunic link

    I wonder what the next art style would be….I would like it if they were a mixture of Oot 3D and TP or SS.

  • Linkfan98

    I want a Wii U

    • Anonymous

      they may have a name change have you heard? they thought that the name “wii” u would make people think of an upgraded version of the wii when its an entirly new system. the reason is that the 3ds lost sales because people thought that it was only a slightly upgraded version of the dsi/dsiXL when it had WAY more content than the dsi/dsiXL.

  • fused_shadows

    I would love a Zelda in full HD graphics. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love SS’s graphics, in my opinion best graphis in the entire series. However, I think that with the Wii U they have the ability to create HD graphics. They should give them a try, it would be cool to see a realistic Link.

  • PikaLink

    Maybe a couple dlc things, but not related to the game’s story…maybe a couple new areas where you can learn some of the history of the land. That stuff is fine. Just…release a complete game. dlc is extra stuff

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  • James

    No DLC for Zelda games. When I buy a game I like to get everything, not only 80% and then have to also buy extra stuff on top. Sod it. There’s only ever been one game I’ve bought DLC for, and while the DLCwas good I can’t help but feel it should have been included at launch with the game.

  • General_Darknut

    Once again someone does not get the concept of DLC -_- getting tired of explaining this. right lets put it this way. Bethesda made Oblivion, which was a 100% COMPLETE game. then they released shivering isles which added 10% to the original game. NINTENDO ARE NOT GONNA HALF BAKE A ZELDA GAME U IDIOTS! if they were to make a zelda game it would be 100% then the DLC would make it 110%. if your that bothered about parting with your rupees for a relatively priced update for your game then you are all losers

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  • Neutopia

    I guess I don’t complain as much as the average person because I enjoy almost everything in the Legend Of Zelda series, I don’t think it needs downloadable content and mind blowingly realistic graphics to be thought of as neccessities.

  • NateDog

    People down at Legend Zelda.Net must have some mental issues.

  • Anonymous

    Talk in third person much?