Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Nightmares Comic

AllyFebruary 24th, 2012 by Ally

Oh, Gold Skulltulas… They’re so much fun to collect. Who doesn’t love running around Hyrule in Ocarina of Time gathering all the Gold Skulltula tokens that they can just for the fun of it? Well, plenty of people dislike it, myself included. If Link could do things for himself, perhaps he would feel the same way. It’s possible that he doesn’t like collecting the tokens, but doesn’t have a choice but to obey because his movements are made for him. At least his efforts don’t go unrewarded. Link does get some pretty snazzy items if he gathers the tokens for the rich family. Have you ever wondered what would happen if he decided that it wasn’t worth his time to break the curse on each member of the wealthy family? Owen Parsons posted a comic to Dorkly showing a possible outcome if this ever happened. Check out the comic after the jump.

Oh, Link’s facial expressions… They make me laugh every time. Though I can’t say I blame him for burning the house down. If I came across a spider that big, friendly or no, its life would most definitely be in danger. I do have to give him some credit though. Link keeps his cool while he’s inside the house (for the most part). If I were in his situation, I would probably whip out my sword and beat him to a pulp. It’s a pretty funny comic, and the fire at the end is a nice touch. So what if gas cans aren’t readily available to Link? It made for a good ending.

Did you enjoy the comic? What was your favorite part? Do you find it fun collecting Gold Skulltula tokens? Post a comment and let us know.

Source: Dorkly

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jahchild101 Seth Taylor Moore

    Considering I just freed the first Skulltula child today in Ocarina of Time 3D, this was a very good comic to read.

  • Tomlink

    I played ocrina of time 3D on my bus with my friend he got a cheat app on his andriod witch told me were everything was. i maneged to collect all 100 but I hated rentering dungeons to go back and find gold skultulas. i had 99 and was stuck in the bottom of the well for hours trying to find that last skultula.

  • TwilightMistress

    Oh man… That’s so funny. Link’s face. Ha! I always hated those skultula. I’m pretty sure out of the many times I’ve played O.o.T the most I ever killed was 30. I like this option much better… though it’s a bit cruel. 

  • http://twitter.com/Evilkittyfire KittyCatGirl

    Turn into young Link. Go to the house of the rich family and put on the mask of truth. Talk to the skulltula in the middle. He will make a sound. you will actually hear the sound. It is funny! he is like, aaahhh. XD

  • John

    last box best face ever!!!!

  • Todd1997mask

    me and cousin whould hit the guy in the middle with the Biggorrn sowd and then dash behind him and attack he whould get ticked off and attack us next time we came in.

  • Neutopia

    That was definitely a funny comic aha.  xD
    And yeah, I love fetch quests like that, I wish they had 100 Gold Skulltulas to collect in every game.

  • Pietjepuk

    hahahahahaha the final picture was funny

  • link mittchell

    id probally freak o0ut i love the faces he makes

  • zeldajoker

    Spectacular that’s how you should have been able to kill them in the game searching for all those skulltulas was annoying 50 was enough 100 was insane and if they were in every game I would never finish a zelda game 100% and does anyone remember what you got for killing all of them?

  • http://www.bed-adjustable.co.uk/waterbeds/ Waterbeds

    Link’s eyes at the end… they’re huge.The skullulta guy scared me. His arm’s sticking out… Ugh.

  • http://www.sbobet.com/ Asian Handicap Betting

    ROFL this is so funny lol