Skyward Sword Prequel Manga: 5 More Pages Translated

Mases HagopianJanuary 3rd, 2012 by Mases Hagopian

Our friends over at Glitter Berri have posted the next five pages in the Skyward Sword Prequel Manga. This now brings the total to 15 pages of the Manga. The entire book runs at 34 pages so almost half of them have been fully translated. The prequel manga is included with the recently released Hyrule Historia book, which I’m still anxiously waiting to get my hands on.

Glitter Berri and Beno have been working hard to get it translated and edited in a timely fashion. At the pace things are going at, the whole thing should be translated within just a couple of days so stay tuned. You can make the jump to see a couple of the new translations, but head on over to Glitter Berri to see all 15 of the pages.

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  • Telisha

    I can`t wait for the rest to be translated! This looks amazing!

  • crazyfreak

    LinkxHylia ftw.

    • Dragon Ball Zelda

      Hylia is a goddess.

      • derp




  • hagu

    • unknownman


  • Thareous

    Reading this in increments is making me anxious. I can't wait until the entire thing's done!

  • cyg

    ??? O_o The Master Sword is crafted and reduced to the Goddesses' Sword, then made again into the Master Sword in SS? O_o Freaky, but I'm guessing this isn't part of the actual Zelda canon…

    • cyg

      Wait, there is a Link before SS Link??! Then what was the point of saying that all Links wear a green tunic because SS Link's knight outfit was green?

      • Kurtis

        The green tunic is worn by the knights in legacy from the pre SS Link as a reminder of how he saved his people with the master sword.

        My guess for the master sword thing is that over time the power left by Hylia in the sword faded away to become the godess sword, and SS Link's job was to bring the Godess Sword It's power back. But in all honesty I have no idea bout' this one…

        • ojama-blue

          I thought Geapora said that the green knight uniform was that years colors, thats why Pipit is yellow and that annoying guy that catches you when you fall off wheres blue and that less annoying girl wheres red( i believe she red but i havent seen her that much)

        • cyg

          Actually, the green tunic in SS is never symbolized anything from the past. It just so happened that that was the color of that certain year Link graduates, and all Links of the future wear the green tunic in his honour. That's why it's weird how there's a green-clad Link before SS Link…

  • Vaati Reborn

    I don't lie how the manga screws up the actual story. I mean, doesn't he need the goddess sword before the master sword? The artwork's amazing though…


    This is becoming a bit too weird for me…

  • ibeZeldaderpin

    so im guessing it's more about the origin of Skyloft at first right?

  • Subzero-Netherlands

    this is awsome!!

  • flandre3

    Being a huge zelda fan (even though I've only played TP, ST, and now playing SS) and a huge manga/anime fan, this is awesome! I can't wait to see the next set of translations.

    • Dragon Ball Zelda

      Please dom't call yourself a "huge" Zelda fan if you've only played three games. I've played all but two and finished nine.

      • Kaepora

        She/he could still be a much greater fan than you, silly. Right now you're just coming off as a dumbass rather than a real fan, if you really think that matters more than the feelings for the series.

  • SkywardHero

    Wait… why does this Link have the Master Sword before the other, younger, Link has forged it? O_o
    I'm so confused.
    But, besides my confusion, this is an amazing manga! Love it!


    • Joha

      SS link didn't exactly forge it the website has other pages translated and it kinda explains it. The master sword here broke apparently while fighting so it was reforged in SS

    • VanitasXII

      The True Master Sword is the blade's very first form [it came from the "goddesses"]. It was powered down to the Goddess Sword (it rested in Skyloft, never to be used again unless needed by a hero with unbreakable spirit), and we re-temper it in Skyward Sword.

    • BlackRaven

      This isn't canon, just like all Zelda manga.

  • RinkuSentai4

    This is kinda unrelated, but I really want to see all sages in more games. how would saria, darunia, ruto, nabooru, and impa look in twilight princess or skyward sword? how about windwaker games? i thought it would be neat. in

  • Luigicheesecake

    Wait too Link's -_-! Miamoto has something to do with this.

  • Golden-Flute

    It's pretty easy to tell how badass this will be. Can't wait to see it all!

  • no comment

    It's a shame that's it's only 34 pages…

  • The Triforce

    So intense!

  • robotortoise

    I'm gonna hold off on reading this, as I'm hoping it will be "officially" localized.

    But it looks awesome!

    And, um…. was this the "Skyward Sword manga" that was said to be working on by Akira Himekawa?

    I hope not. I was hoping for a "full" manga comic…. although this is awesome, too!

  • http:/// awsomeMrlink

    I hope I can understand it once more of it is translated,

  • PikaLink

    When the whole thing is translated, can you post it all in one post?

  • VanitasXII

    I just don't understand why they would imprison a HERO? Link, no less! This prequel deserves a game, I'd love to see the beginning in action!

  • Isaac

    He shouldn't be link i mean hes the hero who helped the original hylia, not zelda

  • ibeZeldaderpin

    frick -_- Legend of Zelda needs an anime…….


    MANGA how dare u, making a comic of one of teh best video games ever.
    LoZ is supposed to be a game not a comic -_-

    • bullen2


    • Shadow Link

      WHAT DO YOU MEAN "how dare u"?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!??!!?!!?

  • L Lawliet

    Hmmm…it really does seem as if this prequel story throws the continuity of the game's plot/details into question, even if the manga isn't canonical.

    Perhaps a THIRD Link journeyed to this era in a time traveling DeLorean and intentionally (or unintentionally) screwed everything up.

  • Chris073

    I really love the artwork, but I find it a bit too messy

  • ArualMR

    I love this, thanks for the translations :)

  • polish translators

    I can help with Polish translation!

  • LLAMAS!!!

    hmmmm…. well, something occurred to me, japan has some messed up minds for zelda. vid. games these days. tsk tsk tsk.

  • Shadow Link

    what DO you mean?

  • Hyrule's Hero

    This is awesome even though it really makes no sense and kind of ruins all of the firsts in Skyward Sword. Like how if this was canon then the master sword alreadyy existed before SS Link forged it (which doesn't make sense) Also now Demise's curse does't work either since Link was aparently being reincarnated before he was beaten. The origin of the hero's clothes (being Link's knight outfit) don't work either. I'm glad this isn't canon is all I'm saying, it makes a mess of SS storyline.

  • Pesky Octorok

    I’m sorry but that was just plain dumb

  • Walter Bomba

    Hopefully the full physical copy will be released in North America by the end of the year. I need it for my collection aha.  :P

  • Guest

    has any 1 noticed that this link in the preaqueal manga really resmbles the link from ocarina of time (since he dosnt have chainmail). And the master sword in he preaquel manga also appears the same as it did in ocarina of time.

    P.S I’m not saying that there’s a connection between this and ocarina, i’m jus pointing out that there are similarities.

  • Ferichan

    Well, the greek gods had no problems mingling with humans LOL 8DDDDD;

  • Skywardswordftw

    Well the green-clad link your talking about is maybe Twilight Princess Link. TP Link for Short.. I even am close to beating SS and i already beat TP o – o;;

  • Fillinthe__

    It’s so true. Everyone uses Link. > __> He should stop being such a “push-over”.

  • tenshi

    “I’ll always stand with my friends!”… that sounds awfully like “I fight for my friends.”

  • Christy111

    How does this make since at all with the story?! Link was NEVER chained, or the Crimson Loftwing wasn’t a jerk. I’m sorry but, I just can’t believe that Akira Himekawa made this…..

    • Julielicks122

      The manga was supposed to different from the story you idiot. -_-

  • Bebe

    Now this has to be the coolest Link ever :3
    I’m just gonna say, I think what Akira did is she explained the legend before Skyloft was made, and added a Link before then. I don’t really like that Akira put a Link in the before story, but it’s cool, I suppose it makes things more interesting… I wish there was a Twilight Princess manga. That would be the best, I love the TP storyline.

    • Bebe

      WAIT, is Akira a female? It seems like a girl name but I think it might be a boy name….
      Idk D: I keep forgeting to look it up =V.V=

      • Sonic

        Unisex. :)

  • Bebe

    Really? Hmm…. Honestly, I think this is some of the best manga art out there. I do feel like there is something missing, but I guess it’s just details like the type of clothes and the outrageous hairstyles. And I think the Akira’s art is really confident and the ink seems really fluid :O If that makes sense. But yeah, this is just one of my favorite artists XD

  • Trollface1234

    I hate the Zelda manga. It has nothing to do with the game so why is it the same name. All they’re books suck!!!!!! Trollin trolololol

  • Trollface1234

    Im a die hard zelda fan. They should jus stop making Zelda mangas. It sux diiiiiiiick!!!!!!!!

    • Hylia

      You don’t have to read them >.> And even though it has it’s own story it still has plenty to do with the game. If it were exactly like the game then you would just be reading a bunch of crap where Link is yelling and grunting all the time while solving puzzles in the water temple. Not only that but this is a prequel. I wish some people would realize that.

  • Millennial Dan

    Anyone who whines about this comic needs to get a grip. It’s not about the events of Skyward Sword, it is set ages before that. That’s what it means to be a prequel. And anyone who says that it somehow contradicts the game (SS), need I remind you that the games often disagree with EACH OTHER. That’s the nature of the series, they’re a collection of legends with imperfect continuity. Man up and enjoy the awesome manga.

  • Zelda Miyamoto

    you,like a lot of other think a great fan is only one who played a lot of games but thts totaly stupid.i know why cuz i’m a newcomer too,i know almost everything about loz,have played more than 2000 hours ‘n love it more than everything on the wold and i’m a fan since a mere year,as a huge fan i’m really glad that there are new fans like me,as you are a huge fan you too should be also glad about it.