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Mases HagopianJanuary 11th, 2012 by Mases Hagopian is a website that has one shirt available everyday for a 24 hour period of time. Each day they change the available shirt and they all can be purchased for the base price of $10. Today’s featured shirt is one from the Legend of Zelda series titled Keep Hyrule Green. The shirt design, along with virtually every shirt over at Shirt Punch is designed by an artist and is not associated with Nintendo at all. It’s a pretty cool shirt and I already purchased one myself. At the price of $10 plus shipping, I’d say it’s certainly worth it. However, there is only 9 hours remaining for this shirt sale! Make the jump to see more images of it, and then head on over to to purchase the shirt.

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  • Anthony Msallem

    I NEED

  • Jonny

    That is an absolutely lovely T-shirt! Might need to get it ;)

  • ZelderElder

    WAAAAAAAAAAT! THIS is why I love the internet! You can get better merch than nintendo produces for $10! However, get on this guys, there’s only like 8 hours left and then they retire it! 

  • LinksDestiny

    Pretty nifty shirt there. I might just buy one…


    Certainly a darker tone for an overall light game. 

  • Anonymous

    I like what they did with the Triforce to make it a recycling symbol.

  • Thareous

    Cool shirt, improper models. =/

  • Walter Bomba

    That shirt is really awesome, great models too.  :P

  • DarthJader


  • MajoraMan

    OH MY GOD!!!!! I go there at 11:40 at night… and I was like woah nice shirt….  and I was like lets buy it, “hey mom let me see your credit card for a sec…” anyway I start buying it and then I see this timer in the corner thats like 8 min and 10 seconds left…. I flip back to the zelda dungeon article and it says 24HOURS! and I am like oh my god! I send the billing application or whatedver… and it doesnt work… I try again… doesnt work… 4 minutes… my mo mcomes over and tries to help… DOESNT FREAKING WORK… 3 seconds.. ONE MORE TIME… nothing…. then I pu in my paypal… and it sends me to a link for a shirt about napoleonic wars…. GOSH DARN IT!

  • Mattie Kennedy

    well it looks like that is a west coast 12pm because im in central at 11:30 and the shirt is gone.  looks like a great site tho with the promise of more zelda shirts.  i looked at the gallery of past shirts and there are other zelda ones.  as well as my other obsession: Dr. Who.  thanks for the link!

    • Biodomer

      Dr. Who design on sale today

  • Shrumsicle

    i bought this and i also bought the lon lon milk one from a while ago…. It hasn’t come yet =/

  • Ezluke

    I hate these “24 hour” shirt sites. I want this so much but I didn’t see it the single day it was posted! D:< T_T