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JesseJanuary 8th, 2012 by Jesse

The recent information pulled from the Hyrule Hystoria book has been killing old theories, creating new ones, and leaving fans craving for more. Though with it only being released in Japanese and no official translation yet, we are stuck trying to decipher each individual page as well as we can. Our great friends GlitterBerri and Beno are working hard to bring translations to us as quickly as possible.

If you have been following along with our Hyrule Hystoria posts then you are well aware of all the amazing details and surprises hidden within this book. If you haven’t than you should head over to GlitterBerri’s site and catch up on what you have been missing out on. With each passing day we are getting more of the pages translated and posted online. Furthermore, Beno is now editing the actual scanned pages, inserting the Japanese translations. Basically, you can now read some pages of the book as if it were released in English. Note, these are still just translations, but you can check them out over at I’ve included two sample pages after the jump. Keep reading to see what details we have recently uncovered so far from this incredible book.

•The Hero, Returned to His Time

Princess Zelda seals away Ganon with the help of the Hero of Time, Link, and the sages, and returns Link to his original era. She replaces the Master Sword in its pedestal and firmly closes the Door of Time so that the Sacred Realm can be opened no more.
The way through time is sealed, and, somewhere in the world, the Triforce of Courage continues its sleep.

•Hyrule’s Purification

The black clouds that hang over Hyrule part, and light begins to return to the world. However, enough time passes that the service of the Hero of Time fades into legend, and Hyrule is attacked by demonic forces once more.

•The Hero of Time’s Return Home

Upon returning to his original era, Link replaces the Master Sword in its pedestal and returns his beloved horse, Epona, to the ranch.

•The Tale of the Hero of Time is Passed Down as Legend

The legend of the Hero of Time and the kingdom where the power of the gods sleeps is passed down through the ages, even after Hyrule Kingdom is gone. Even details such as the green garb the hero wore and the fact that he left is left behind in scrolls and becomes legend in far-off eras.

Above I have listed just a few details of the many pages that have been translated from Hyrule Historia. If you’re interested in reading more of it for yourself than follow the link to GlitterBerri’s site. If you’re interested in helping us with the translations than feel free to send an email to [email protected]

The original scans were done by Melora of History of Hyrule, but are presently available at Zelda Europe. You can also download the bulk of the book all at once in PDF format over at Mega Upload.

Source: Hyrule Historia Translations

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  • Zeldawalkthrough358

    YAY! Thank You!

  • Lucas A Wagner

    cool cant wait for the whole thing to be translated in english

  • Anonymous

    Yes!!! is there an estimate on when the whole book will be translated? 

    • GlitterBerri

      Nope, just as fast as people submit translated scans.

      • Anonymous

        cool, sorry i cant help…..dont know a word of japanese, but good luck!

  • Walter Bomba

    I hope that they release an English version in North America eventually, it would be great to have a physical copy of this.

  • Anonymous

    I really like what they’ve done to make those pages look like actual pages from the book. It looks like the official thing!


    Hail to the King, Baby!

  • bringtinglecharts

    Thanks to all who work hard to translate :)

  • LinksDestiny

    Im going to have to head over to GlitterBerri to see what Ive been missing out on.

    • LinksDestiny

      This is off topic, but does anyone know how to put a description by your username?

      I cant figure it out.

      NVM, I got it.

      • David Van Komen

        Looks like you did. ;)

  • Thareous

    Well, since GlitterBerri’s email is provided, I shall now proceed to spam her inbox with notes of gratitude on my behalf. 8]

  • Anonymous

    *___* This is awesome, thanks for the heads up Jesse!

  • zelda_geek

    I. Love. You.

  • The Triforce

    Something amazing happened to me today. I was at church when I jeard a beautiful piano version of the main theme for zelda! I thought I was the only person who knew about zelda in church! The sound was so gorgues and most of all, magical!

    • untitled108

      Zelda is my religion. ALL HAIL HYLIA!

    • LinksDestiny

      Lucky you. Zelda is about as foreign in our church as talking in Greek. :(

  • Ben

    Hooray for GlitterBerri and Beno! I think we should buy them a car or something :D

  • You-Know-Who

    I notice 2 mistakes, it says babe instead of baby and it stated that Link returned Epona when he came back to the past.
    Interesting to know that Zelda gave him the ocarina and told him to leave to protect the triforce, I always thought he was there when they turned Ganondorf in to the king for execution.
    But if Link took the triforce of courage with him to the past, what happen to the one in the future? Did it leave him and the triforce of the past gave courage to him, or did it disappear? I’m confused…

    • zelda_geek

      Babe is another word for baby.

    • Sam

      Well in that timeline it didn’t activate in Ganondorf until his execution, so I think the one in the adult timeline was left behind and split into the 8 pieces collected in the Wind Waker.

  • Anonymous

    My hunger won’t be satisfied until I can read it all! But nice work with the translating, too!

  • bob

    O lord, I WANT THIS BOOK

  • JcLee

    On the bottom of the last image: “In the forest there was a way to the parallel universe of Termina.”

    I am furious, outraged, and sick with anger. I’m holding back that this is just a mistranslation, as I have long believed the nature of Termina was just a seperate nation in the same world of Hyrule. Frowns all around.

    • insertwittyusernamehere

      If I remember correctly, it’s stated to be a parallel universe in the original game manual. 

    • Anonymous

      I’ll have to double check my game manual to be certain (it’s been a long while since I played Majora’s Mask) but I believe Termina was revealed to be an alternate world from the very beginning.

    • Anonymous

      Filled with people who look the exact same as people from Hyrule? And your saying that they’re NOT alternate-dimension counterparts? Just regular people? I don’t think so.

  • insertwittyusernamehere

    I love that there’s a translation for the book and all, but Papyrus? Seriously? What’s wrong with a nice clean sans-serif font? Papyrus is way overused, and kind of ugly, honestly the only time it should be used is for grade school reports on ancient Egypt. Other than my little typography nit-pick it’s a really nice translation.

    • Anonymous

      Personnaly, I find the font very fitting for the information that it is trying to convey.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah it fits well here.

  • Dude!

    How can both Link and Zelda put the Master Sword into the Pedestal of time? Did it split in half?

    • Anonymous

      Split into 46 pieces. 46 splits to the timeline. Gives them plenty of room to make games that can fit into those 46 timelines.

  • Matt

    I had no idea that Skull Kids were actually human childen who got lost in the forest! Kind of makes you wonder what the Stalchilds are, though.

    • Eliot


  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love this info. I lap this up like a kitten does with milk from a saucer.

  • Anonymous

    Even if it’s information I already know, the format is so inviting and beautiful. But I would love if this book made it over to to U.S. in english. Scans are one thing, but nothing compares to a book.

  • Anonymous

    WOW these scans are gorgeous! I just zoomed in on the Oot map and damn the detail is great. Makes me wonder what secrets that grove of trees behind Hyrule castle hides.

  • TriforceofLINK

    Ok. Bear with me here, and I know I might sound a little…well… Weird, but what if you can ONLY get the hyrule historia book when you got to one of the symphony of the goddess concerts? It’s like a little walk-in gift. And then, after month or something after all the concerts have been completed, the begin to sell it in stores? That’s what I hope happens, since I’m going to the concert…

  • Anonymous

    I hope this book comes out in North America. I must have it. ._.

  • Anonymous

    Huh…Interesting that you didn’t translate the names by the enemies. Were you confused because the japanese name for Skullkid is “Stalkid”?

  • Erahts

    Well, this doesn’t help with my timeline confusions one bit. Then again, I’m not sure it’s not impossible to explain how Ganondorf has the triforce after Link goes back in time and then Ganondorf doesn’t get the triforce but he’s sealed away anyway by sages that weren’t awakened yet like they were during adult Link’s time and then centuries later future Links kill Ganon several times. Makes.. no sense……ever!

  • Noah Shrader

    Hey guys, glad to hear some of you like my work on I just created the ability to download the complete set as a zip file, so as I continue to update the pages, you can just snag em off in one click and replace the set you have. Looking forward to getting all this together. Working every second I can get to make this happen soon!

  • ArualMR

    Wow, I love this!

  • Bullen2


  • Kikirini

    Much love to the people who are photoshopping the pages to look like they’re straight from the book. Makes reading it much better :D

    I still do hope it comes to other regions, though. :D

  • Joethetimelord

    Well, that confirms Termina not being a bizarre coma dream.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I interpreted these translations wrong, but it seems to me that Nintendo are hinting at a direct sequal to Majora’s Mask.

  • Hero of Wheels

    Oh boy… I hope that’s a mistranslation. They call the Manji Labyrinth from LoZ the Swastika Labyrinth. I really hope that’s a mistake.

  • Guest

    I found the original book scanned in HQ in PDF here: , seems that the images where saved from before the site went offline :)

  • Polish translation

    I can do Polish translation if you want!!!

  • Presidentmaxhayden

    How can i learn everything about the legend of zelda? pleaseeeeeeeeeee helllllpppp

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