Leaked 3DS Zelda games Confirmed to be Fake

ConnorJanuary 16th, 2012 by Connor

Today, a rumor surfaced about two potential Zelda games for the 3DS titled The Legend of Zelda: Fire Prophecy and Ice Prophecy. When people noticed that the image came from 4Chan, people automatically assumed it was fake, due to 4Chan’s reputation. On the other hand, people thought this was actually real or were not sure if it was fake because of how official the logos looked. After examining the image again, freelance game translator GlitterBerri who can read and write Japanese fluently, confirmed that the rumor was indeed fake. You can find out how the titles are fake after the jump.

The problems with the titles are…
-Using を instead of の, which renders it completely nonsensical
-Writing “fire” in kanji and “ice” in katakana makes the titles inconsistent. They should either write both in katakana or both in kanji.

For someone who doesn’t know a thing about Japanese writing, I was convinced that these were proper titles, but even then I had my doubts. I have to admit, this is some pretty good artwork, but it’s a shame someone had to go around saying it was official work from Nintendo.

Don’t forget to post your comments below. Do you think these could of been good titles? Got any other ideas for a Zelda 3DS title?

Thank you GlitterBerri.com for helping us clarify the translation.

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  • LinkFan

    I don’t believe anything that comes from 4chan, they just make things up

  • Hisoka

    Well, I would actually like 2 Zelda handheld titles at once- similar to what was done with Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. 
    I know some people who have not played these games wouldn’t like this idea, and would be ignorant to how amazing it could be if done properly, with a good amount of content per game (as with the Oracle games).
    IMHO, each of the Oracle games were on par with Link’s Awakening. All of the gameboy titles (including Minish Cap) are actually my favourite handheld Zelda games- Oracle of Seasons is probably my favourite out of all of them. (Ocarina of Time 3D doesn’t count seeing as it was originally for home console). For me, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks don’t hold a candle to any of the gameboy games.

  • TheLegendofAdele

    I Set fire er er, to the Raiinn!!

  • Anonymous

    to bad this was fake i thought i would be awesome to have these games

  • Walter Bomba

    Too bad this wasn’t true, two games at once would be amazing, I’m sure
    I’ll be excited for whatever they do come out with eventually though
    anyways.  :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1534398724 Dustin Martinez

    I’m so sad these are fake! It reminded me of the oracle games!!!

  • mat

    i want 2d zelda games like with minish cap

  • MrConfused

    I just wish Nintendo would STICK with a graphics engine like how they improved lighting and distance details in Majoras Mask vs Ocarina of Time even though it’s all the same engine.

    Hell Banjo Tooie by Rare Ware had absolutely amazing draw distances when using the zoom lens yet that game DID NOT require use of expansion pack though it should have for more extra features.

    No offense to those who like it for whatever odd reason.
    Skyward Sword looks to me like The Legend of Zelda and the Curse of The Sycophant as they can’t seem to decide what route they want to go.

    Wind Waker was VERY beautiful with so many little details added like Link coming out of water dripping wet for a while and his eyes moving when you are near a treasure chest to give you a clue.
    I enjoyed disarming the various creatures and using their own weapon. :)

    I often wonder if the N-team argues a lot and Skyword sword was the result of not coming to an agreement about style and direction.

  • MrConfused

    Nintendo staff. If any of you are reading this please stick to one graphics engine to improve on and so it will allow faster releases instead of wearing out the art crew.

  • http://twitter.com/lokimole loki mole

    Is this going to be like oracle of ages and oracle of seasons?

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  • Idjd