Adorable Kikwi Plush

AllyJanuary 29th, 2012 by Ally

There’s something random in Zelda games for everyone, whether it be a saying repeated throughout the series or an annoyingly adorable creature that makes “kwiii!” noises. It appears that there are Kikwi fans out there and they are making their mark on the Zelda-loving population. White-bunnies on Reddit has created a Kikwi-lover’s dream… A Kikwi plush. It’s actually sort of cute, coming from someone who didn’t particularly like them in Skyward Sword. The plush itself is fuzzy (or at least appears to be) and looks very much like the characters in the game. Want to see white-bunnies’s creation? Make the jump and check it out for yourself.

Isn’t it cute? Seems to me like white-bunnies is crafty and has a lot of patience, because there aren’t many people out there who would even bother attempting a project like this. I think my favorite parts of the kweation are the button eyes. They give the plush very Kikwi-ish feel, in my opinion. The eyes on Kikwis are, to me, what sets them apart from penguins, and I think they suit the plush very well. But then again, that’s still my opinion, and I know there are people out there who would disagree with me. All in all, it is a charming addition to the Zelda community.

How do you like it? What do you think is next? Stuffed loftwings? Mogma toys? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Imgur

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  • JuicieJ

    IT’S MACHI!!! =D

  • Guest

    Aw, that’s cute! I like the button eyes too, although I think they may be a bit too big in comparison to the in-game Kikwis.

  • Sean

    Oh. My. God.


  • Anonymous

    Next to the Fish! Great hiding spot!

  • Guest


  • Anonymous

    Kikwi: Q Q Q Q!

    I WANT!

  • Michelle Simpson

    I want one!

  • Zeldalover93

    Awwwww. So cute! :3

  • ~Aku

    SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE!!! >w<

    • Rexyfireman

      Nice breasts

      • Dragon Ball Zelda

        I knew someone was going to say that. I thought that too.

  • machi

    kwee! don’t eat me!

  • Bucha

    but I am the cutest of all kikwi! no kikwi is cuter or better in any way then me!

  • fused_shadows

    Wow. That is an incredible piece.

  • Ashley

    Want! I thought they were cute from the first moment I saw them…although searching for them was not that fun >.<

  • Rosco

    its so fluffy 

  • BunnieBard

    …there already is a stuffed Loftwing! I made a Loftwing plush like the knit ones Karane has in her room.

    • Anonymous

      OH!  I like your Loftwing!  It looks so cute, just like the ones in Karane’s room!

  • MrIzaka

    I want an ancient robot!

  • Anonymous


  • awsomeMrlink

    Ally, HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE KIKWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Looks like I’m in the minority here. (:

  • Azariah


    Anyways I want one for the Ancient Robots.

    • Anonymous

      Haha. I didn’t like the Kikwis because they were really annoying to me. But they are cute. If it helps. ;D

  • Sami

    I would hug that to bits.

  • Samgardner94

    did anyone else want her to move it down a bit in the first picture

  • Hannah

    Honestly the eyes creep me out (I’m afraid of button eyes ever after I read ‘Coraline’ in 4th grade) but it’s SOOOO KUYOOOOOTEEEEE!!!



  • Walter Bomba

    That is very cute aha, I would definitely purchase something like this.  :P

  • Twilight Princess

    I need a stuffed Ancient Robot. 

  • Charlotte

    Want. So bad.
    It’d be awesome if when you squeeze it, it goes, “Kwiiii!” and “Quuuu!” <3

    • Princess Zelda

      I agree.

  • Princess Zelda

    I wan it SOOOOOOOO much! It is cute!

  • Anonymous

    I can verify with only 40% accuracy that this plush is a plant

  • MeganHatesMatt


  • Robotortoise

    Someone stuff it in a bush and post a photo of it!

  • monkeyfightsqua

    i left zelda dungeon fourms and went to zelda universe fourms

  • Crazymidgeman

    that’s so cool! wish I could make one!

  • Linkfan112

    KYUUUUUU! I want one! It’s so fuzzy!

  • Mr. Resetti

    EPIC!!!. Where can I buy one?

  • Kikwidude

    I NEEEEEEEED OOOONNEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omega

    It’s completely awesome.

  • Omega

    I’d like a mogma, they’re lol

  • CrimsonLoftwing


  • pjsmoulder

    i clicked on the link because i couldn’t remember who ‘the kikwi’ were. when i saw the picture, i was like ‘oh…them’.

  • Garo Master

    I swear, that thing is out to get me. It’s creepier than that Sin & Punishment 2 doll at the data screen!

  • MistyMonster

    4 words – Where can I buy?